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Jun 23, 2017 · Chronic pain and trying to find the cause, going mad in Chronic Pain

So, sorry. I have many diagnosis. Getting an answer may not help. Some doctors just don’t know. Even when they do. Treatment is not helpful. But, in your case. You may get lucky. I suffer all over everyday for decades. I love my doctor. But, Yoga, Church, Therapy isn’t enough. Sever Fibromyalsia, Crohns, Ostomy, Reflux, Gastritis, IBS, Myo Facial Pain, TMJ, Bursitis, Ulcers for decades. Can’t tolerate medicines. I take small doses of pain killers. I have no emotional support. All my sons on Autistic Spectrum. Stress makes things worse. But, I live a Dr. Phil espisode. Advice please. Thanks