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12 hours ago · A miracle in Brain & Nervous System

On Monday l was admitted in the hospital to be tested to see if l was having seizures. Then all of a sudden my heart went into tachycardia. My heart rate went up to 185 beats a minute. They nurses saw it moving up but when it reached that high my cardiologist came. So there were 4 nurses a crash cart and my doctor. He a good doctor l just so blessed. So he tried to get me to take slow deep breaths. Then he told me l going to give you a med then l will stop your heart and then restart it by shocking you. And l just praying silently not showing fear. And God blessed l went right back into normal rhythm. He couldn't believe it. Then it happened the next day so the doctor said we will have to do something.So on Thursday he was trying to get someone to do a heart ablation surgery. And on ,Thursday the doctor he really liked who does it had a cancellation. I had my surgery on Friday. And he told me all these years when everyone wasn't telling you that you had a mental problem it was always your heart. You were born with this and the doctors who ran your cath test should have seen that it was your heart. I so blessed that God put these doctors in my pass. Now he wants them to take care of my liver. Thank you Jesus there are still good doctors who care.

5 days ago · MRI is normal but having seizures everyday! in Epilepsy & Seizures

Today l was admitted in the hospital, my new neurologist wanted to know if l was having seizures and what kind. It has been a long journey but God was there every step of the way. So l called last week to see what time was my admission and what l needed to do. I received no calls so l said l will call the scheduler. She called me on Friday and said she doesn't have a bed for me and this was to be done last month when l saw the doctor. I worked in the hospital before and l know the procedure. So she calls me today and told me the doctor wasn't happy with what happened and wanted me to come today as scheduled and go through the er because she assumed l only had Medicare. And my husband is still working everyday to make sure we have the best insurance. Thank you Jesus for my husband. So l went through the er and l know if they do anything order test, start iv you have a bill from the er because the er doctor would have seen you and any test he order because the admitting doctor didn't. FYI. I worked in er. So neurologist came in and told me to please forgive him and what went wrong because he has 2 patients with the same name and l was the one. Well l forgive him because it not his fault he has staff that takes care of his patients and again l am a new patient. I only saw this doctor twice in the office. And he's very respectful, listens and caring. So l can only forgive him but the think l do like about him is he came in and said he was Sorry. You go high on my list doctor. 100%. I told them about my visit at the mayo clinic and the nurse here are saying we can go there and get a job. I here because my private care doctor retired and his replacement doctor would sign my papers to drive so they have to see if l am having seizures. I told them after my TBI l was diagnosed with seizures and now l have liver disease. And so you can have seizures with that also. But l have been on seizure meds since 1998 until just recently. Since l not suppose to take Lamictal. And l got a notification from Goodrx. Also my insurance always sends me warning of meds. I have over 400 on file. So l will show him. Then wanted to give me melatonin to relax l said no. I have my cpac machine. I have to stay up until 2am so they can record any seizures. I really like what they are doing. I ate late because we had tornado storms in my state and school was out, restaurants closing and things were shutting down. Thank God the hospital are open.i asked my doctor did you talk to my mayo doctor because anything going wrong with my liver l going back. Thank you Mayo you are number 1 in my book. And the nurses here know what l going through because the one l been talking to have autoimmune disease or a relative with liver disease. And one nurse told me there are 40 different types of seizures. Well l only know of the normal ones so l don't know where she got the rest. But l told her it hard to tell if it liver, stroke, seizure are heart because symptoms are some the same or relate or it can always be an allergic reaction. But l Thank God for family, friends, Pastor and church family all standing there with me and the doctors but the first Thank you always go to Jesus because without him l wouldn't be here. God Bless all of you and l pray you all get the answers you are searching for and the healing that only he can give. You see l started off with there was a mixup.

Tue, May 14 5:12am · MRI is normal but having seizures everyday! in Epilepsy & Seizures

@crstyday40 Hi Crystal l was reading your post. My heart goes out to you but don't give up. I had a TBI in 1997. After being in the hospital l followed up the neurologist that first admitted me and l had to change him. Then my second one was great and he diagnosed as having seizures in 1998. I was taking seizure medicine no problem. Then he changed over to treating MS patients. So l lost my favorite neurologist. In 2014 l got real sick and was admitted to the hospital and now l had a new neurologist and he said l didn't have seizures l was stressed, anxiety and l was faking falling out. No it was my liver. I had AE by some HE by my liver doctor which is true l have 5 shunts to prove that. Now l going to a new neurologist after sending a letter to my private care doctor after he retired that l went to the Mayo clinic. Because l have a problem with one shunt and my ammonia levels go up. So the new neurologist l like him and now on Monday l am being admitted for a week so they can see if l am having seizures and what kind. But l been reading so much medical material, I have a neice who teaches at Duke, and another doctor in the family. And your test can come back normal but you can still have seizures. And sometimes you have to have test run longer. My new neurologist said doing a eeg for 1hr can't always rule out a seizure. And so sometimes you have to be admitted. So dont give up. It's hard but just ask God to help you find either the right doctors or the one you have just ask if he will test you longer. And just do something you enjoy. I telling lots of people who are waiting. I like working with my hands so l have been able to do some gardening. When l am doing alot of things for others l get tired but l enjoy that, so l do and rest. I praying for you. And l do alot of journaling of my day so when l see the doctor l can show him or her my day.

Fri, May 3 6:40am · Autoimmune diabetes/ AE is there a connection in Autoimmune Diseases

Yesterday my son called me and told me after his visit with his doctor he was diagnosed with autoimmune diabetes disease. He been taking insulin for diabetes for 14yrs. And l been dealing with AE disease by my rheumatologist and HE. So l was explaining to my son l was diagnosed with herpes zoster in 1978 and then viral encephalitis in 1997. Then my middle son was diagnosed with meningitis in 1997 also. But l was always told l didn't have diabetes. My husband family has diabetes so that's where he would have gotten that illness. I explained to him autoimmune means it your body fighting itself. He was telling me he hasn't had feeling in his legs for 2yrs, which can happen with diabetes as well as autoimmune disease. It is neuropathy which l am starting to experience so his doctor was telling him In Virginia they are doing a lot of research on autoimmune diseases. So his doctor is sending his test out to the mayo clinic. Isn't that something, so he said l told my doctor you went to the Mayo clinic. I don't know if anyone has experienced this before.

Wed, May 1 11:28pm · Gastritis problems in Digestive Health

@lemons252 l know the feeling l was diagnosed with gastritis just last week. And put on 3 meds for my stomach, 1 for nausea and vomiting and 1 for pain. And the doctor gave me the list of what l can eat and not eat. I been working on my eating anyway because l was off of the omprezole because of acid reflux. But now it got to the point what do you drink besides water. I was talking to my brother and he said l need to start juicing. But you are suppose to eat small meals and stay hydrated. Eat fruits and vegetables but l have to make sure l have protein. So l use my instant pot, nuwave and microwave. And l try to eat beans not only to eat better but also for my liver. And l have oatmeal in the morning with a little whipping cream mixed in it. Just to get some dairy. And green smoothies are good to get extra fruits and vegetables. Praying that you get some relief.

Wed, May 1 11:17pm · Getting Off of Omeprazole in Digestive Health

@tadahoov l was on omeprazole 40mg for awhile then l got off for about year. At that time l was diagnosed with acid reflux. Last week l had to go to the hospital because my new cardiologist gave me a new high blood pressure med with hctz. I think l am allergic to.it because as soon as l take my heart races but anyway the er doctor put me back on the omprezole and 2 other meds for my stomach and then he tell me l have gastritis. I had an appointment with my doctor yesterday so l don't know if l will have to continue it but l am still trying to eat differently. Which it really is like eating very bland. So l would just watch what you eat and talk to your doctor before you stop.

Sun, Apr 28 8:58pm · Insomnia and depression in Sleep Health

@pjss48 l was reading about your sleep problems. I have them too but l.have sleep apnea have you ever talked to your doctor about that? I had a brain injury then liver disease and autoimmune disease. And then l was told my asthma came back so my husband told my pulmonologist l snore. So l had a sleep study and l use a cpac machine. And l.get a goodnight sleep now sometimes l might not sleep too good but sometimes if l know l have something to do the next day then l can't sleep. But l have been doing that since my brain injury. And l was put on meds but now l Thank God l can't take sleeping pills and antidepressants because of my liver. I just have to retrain my brain the natural way. I think some doctors are finally getting that because it can mess you up. So try some soft music. You can retrain your brain a lot of things. I will be praying for you. I am reading a book about a doctor who talks about our brains and how we can retrain it. She as Christian doctor and has done some extensive work and she talks about how her patients problems and how they have turned there thinking and sleep.habits around. Praying for you to have a good nights rest.

Wed, Apr 24 2:52am · Swelling all over in Digestive Health

Last week my cardiologist put me on a new high blood pressure med. And the doctors don't understand that l am not trying to be condescending but l do know my own body. So l told him l am allergic to so many meds it's just trail and error. So he looked at my chart and asked me the reaction to the allergies. I couldn't give him answers to most of them because either l was unconscious and my family told me my reactions. Or it been such along time l don't remember but l know l had a reaction. So anyway he gave me the medicine with hctz. And l couldn't take meds with that because l would bruise. The pharmacist made me aware of my allergies to hctz. Praise God finally the pharmacy was taking an action but she said it was ok because it was a low dose and if l had a reaction to take benedryl. But she didn't see l can't take that because l am allergic to acetaminophen. But l am noticing my throat is swollen all over and my stomach is bloated and my whole body is inflamed. I don't know if its acid reflux or my liver. And l am having problems swollening. And l know l need a diuretic to drain the fluid retention. Has anyone had this problem? I tried to call my pulmonologist but then l said should l talk to the rheumatologist because l don't currently have a gastroenterologist. I have an appointment in May.