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4 days ago · Good news in Autoimmune Diseases

Thank you John. You know God is good all the time. Just this week again my doctor prescribed another high blood pressure med and with liver disease some high blood pressure meds and diuretics you can't take. So it is just a blessing to find someone who will help. Hope you are feeling well.

5 days ago · Good news in Autoimmune Diseases

Today l went to the rheumatologist. Now this is my 3rd visit since 2017 after l came back from the mayo clinic. The first time l saw he wanted to know why l was coming to him and when he had my blood drawn my levels were extremely high because he prescribed a med for me. And l had a reaction. Then the 2nd time l fell in his office and today l was his top patient. He tell me l am going to help you. What an answer to prayer. I told him all about my symptoms and he ask me where did you work. I said at a hospital. And then he said are you a nurse? Well l don't have to be a nurse but at that moment I felt like l was the medical doctor because I tell all my doctors what meds l can take and can't. This week l was given a sleeping pill that you are not suppose to take if you have liver disease and l kept telling the doctor my medical condition and he says your psychotic. I am so glad l took my friend with me, she said he acted psychotic. And he broke hippa rules, l wish l would have recorded him. Its amazing. But at this clinic the founder of the clinic stays on these doctors and if you feel you are not being respected the founder will personally come in and talk with you. So he said l had an infection and he had my blood drawn and he said l will talk to your doctor at the mayo clinic and we will decide if you need medicine or what.. And if you need to get to the mayo clinic l will make sure you get there. Today was a great day. Thank you Jesus an answer to prayer. I finding out we have to detoxify our bodies. So l am eating better and drinking water and also make sure your surroundings are clean. I use cleaning products that are so safe they don't have safety caps on it. And you have to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and there are certain types of bath soaks to use. I am going to take a ginger and Epsom salts bath to remove the toxins out of my body since l can't do it on my own. And to everyone watch the meds you are taking. I told my doctors about so many recalls it's crazy. And now our meds are not being tested like it use to be.

Mon, Jan 7 9:24pm · Read the diagnoses in Autoimmune Diseases

Today l got a call from the doctors office and after they admitted me to the psych ward they discover oh it could have been her autoimmune disease. So now they want me to go to a GI consult. Can you figure that? And the er hospital that sent me is where l was first diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. Everytime l have symptoms they have a psychiatrist come to see me. Even when l fall or have a seizure or maybe allergic reaction. So l already saw a new neurologist and no extra test were ordered then last Friday they say you need a MRI and EEG test. I told them no but if the doctors want to pay for it then call me. And now today l get a call about a GI consult. Guess who dropped the ball???? Oh and my liver doctor practice at this hospital. This is the one in my state. Thank God l have one at the mayo clinic. I was to see my liver doctor at home next month but he's fired. He can't even read my diagnosis and it was given to him by many doctors. So l am back to start looking for another doctor.

Sun, Jan 6 6:33pm · No pets on counters, tables, no pet/food touch and wash your hands. in Digestive Health

@sandyabbey that sounds remarkable that a small dog can sense you are in trouble. Did you have you dog trained? I have a 2yr old golden retriever and l was going to have her trained as a service dog but either l am in the hospital or unable to drive or to dizzy to get up but l am ready now. She will go everywhere l go but l want her to be able to press my lifeline and help me get around when l can't. Sometimes when l am real bad and can't walk l have to use a wheelchair. I am suppose to use a walker or a cane but l guess l am hard headed so l do without but l keep it in my car. It's very expensive to get them trained and hard to find someone who will train your animal at a reasonable price.

Sun, Jan 6 6:17pm · Xifaxan in Digestive Health

@johnbishop John my doctor nurse asked me about if l was having trouble getting xifaxan. She was telling me she can get if for me if l needed it. So l don't know what resources they have with the company but they can get it for you. I don't think it a cost but sometimes l am a little scared of things so easy. Maybe it's just me. I was taking milk thistle and when l was in the hospital they didn't give it to me because it herbal but the gastroenterologist l had told me to get it. And it's highly recommended for the liver.

Sat, Jan 5 4:02pm · Brain injury white matter, encephalopathy, and encephalitis in Brain & Nervous System

@johnbishop Happy New Year John. I haven't written in awhile. I had just got out the hospital on the 27th. I was admitted in the hospital and my diagnosis was Acute depression and manic psychosis but l had seen a new neurologist and he didn't say anything was wrong. He didn't even order a eeg or MRI. I was having problems because I was out of xifaxan and l had already seen the doctor at the mayo clinic. He told me to try the xifaxan one more time. I did and everything was fine so l asked him for a refill. I went to my previous doctor that does my colonoscopy and his nurse practitioner ordered an acute hepatitis panel because they had on my chart l had hepatitis c, cirrhosis of the liver and then Autoimmune disease. The panel came back and l dont have hep c and cirrhosis. So as the doctor said l have hepatic encephalopathy. So instead of them just seeing it was my liver and l needed my xifaxan they admitted me to the psych ward. I was just looking on autoimmune encephalitis alliance and they were talking about new research John Hopkins was doing and it has to do with PET test and AE. It was a 10yr study. And l had my PET test done at the mayo clinic but l don't know if they are in the study also. But l will call this week coming up. So now l wasn't going to do nothing but now l must because there are too many people in my state who are in the mental hospital for no reason at all but more testing and doctors who want to help there patients. But otherwise everything is great. God is with me all the time so as it says in psalms 23. Thou l walk in the shadow of death thou art with me. And yes he is all the time.

Fri, Jan 4 6:48pm · Xifaxan in Digestive Health

@drpepper l was put on xifaxan for liver disease and it's really for constipation to help you excrete toxins out of your body especially when you can't do it naturally. The first time l was placed on it l vomited the whole next day. Then l didn't want to take it anymore. I was already on the disgusting lactulose but the doctor told me they work better together. So l gave it another try and l tolerated it fine. I take it twice a day.