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Wed, Sep 4 6:47pm · Scoliosis and Chronic back pain in Spine Health

I had scoliosis since l was a child. The doctors use to tell me l have curvature of the spine. l would laugh and say everyone has that so what else is new. And l would get the shots in my back every year. Then finally those weren't helping anymore. So l really didn't want to get back surgery because l use to work in the hospital and the doctors would always say you would have to get it again. And sometimes they didn't even want to do that surgery because it didn't help sometimes made things worst because it was near your spine. So l did my research and then l went to the orthopedic hospital and there doctors are trained and specializes in bones, joints and so forth. When l saw my orthopedic they are wise they will tell you what is wrong and show you your films. And he went over the procedure but he didn't advise either way. That's just because if something went wrong or it didn't work l made that decision. Well l am 4yrs out and everything is okay. l walk all the time my husband and daughter tell me to slow down. And sometimes if l am in a soft bed or l just overdone it like l do sometimes it will bother me but for the most part it doesn't . Like people say they know when the weather is going to be bad there back or knees hurt. Mines don't only if l very exhausted will my back hurt. So my doctor did great matter fact l didn't remember what l did after surgery. My friend said she came to visit me and l asked her did l say anything bad. Well she said no but who knows what l said. But l love to get out and work in my garden and also do things l enjoy. Just got back from vacation and ate lots of great food. Came home washed clothes and stacked dishes and now going to eat take my med and relax. And l even grew an inch after surgery that because of the rod in my back. And when l saw my therapist he said you are looking good you are not sagging. Praise God for All Blessing.

Tue, Sep 3 4:54pm · Hepatocellular Carcinoma / Liver Cancer in Cancer

Jk are you doing better? Since the transplant have you had anymore problems. A friend of mines had a liver transplant and hes been sick ever since. I have to go to the cancer clinic to see if mines are benign or cancerous but you would think with the labs they should be able to tell thar.

Tue, Aug 6 12:37pm · Joy in Just Want to Talk

I just got a Praise report. After all the hoopla l have been going through for the past year with my meds, doctors and stress. I am starting to see a change in some of the practices my state is doing. And l know l can personally can't change things but l know who can change all things. And that is Christ. And l have had doctors, people, family and even friends make my journey very difficult. But l Thank God he was there because he spared my LIFE. He said he would never leave me nor forsake me and he sure didn't. And l been seeing so many meticulous miracles. A friend who got a liver in 4days, off of lactulose the worst in life, and rifaximin. My adopted daughter who had a rare blood disorder get on a med that is helping her. I had emergency heart surgery instead of seizures. My memory back after 19yrs and being around people you love. And even after a year of one of the hospital not having a PET machine now has one. And my sister being able to have her test done. And seeing others who have physical disabilities walking. And buy the way not falling for over 2 months. Not even using my lifeline and driving again. It's truly a blessing. And getting off a lot of meds that was interacting and causing me alot of problems. And l am thankful most of all for my second opinion at the Mayo Clinic because it educated me and l was able to help others. And now my own state is advertising the Mayo Clinic for a second opinion. Yes sometimes we are placed on drugs and they are good and sometimes there not but the best advice is we have to listen to one another but only one person can solve all our problems and that's Jesus Christ. I guarantee you no matter what he's the one. When we put our trust in him then all the other things seem less worrisome. And l was on may 20 meds now down to 3 and 2prn. And 2 is for liver disease. But l having the time of my life when l am at rest. And l must get my sleep, eat, and enjoy the beauties of the day. And Pray for others because you never know what happened in the beginning of there lives but you Pray that as they move towards whatever course they go they find someone to tell it's alright Jesus got your back. And help them know the Lord in anyway you can. It might be just a laugh, handshake, cup of tea, or just a talk. We must always see the good even when we feel our worst. GOD Bless!!!

Thu, Aug 1 5:05am · Chronic Use of Tramadol in Adult Pain Medicine

I agree with everyone. When l was first given tramdol l was told by doctors, nurses and other healthcare specialists it wasn't an opiod. And then l did my own research and when l saw some states saying it was l asked again even the pharmacist and again they said no. One day l was watching the doctors on TV and the doctor had just had surgery and he said they put him on tramadol and he talked about how he felt on it and he did his research. And found out lots of people in Virginia who were on it were committing suicide. So again l told my doctors about my finding. Now our state is saying it's an opiod. And they won't prescribe more than 20. We have the highest opiod addiction rate in the US. We rate number 1. And my doctors knew l wouldn't abuse it because l like to know my surroundings. But we even had doctors who over prescribed and they were incarcerated for maybe a day. And just last year this happened and the doctor is practicing at another hospital in the city. So how about that and they want to sue the pharmaceuticals. And no one forces a doctor to prescribe all those opioids. So yes people who really need it can't get it because not only drug dealers but also sometimes doctors. And they had an employee who was acting as a pharmacist and she was prescribing all kinds of opiods but not officially licensed as a pharmacist. So sometimes it greed also and that for law makers, states and so forth. We need more caring and compassionate people who care about others. And l saw that at the mayo clinic. And there are other wonderful hospitals we just have to get the bad out. And l like some of these different hospital because they have doctors from all over the world. And in different countries not all the sick they are taught to care for like they would for themselves. We need to get back to that wake up USA we are suppose to be the number one country in a lot of things but healthcare we are falling flat. Very good article.

Thu, Aug 1 4:32am · Hand tremors in Brain & Nervous System

@basketcase l had hand tremors but it was due to my ammonia levels being high. Or now it could have been from my medication interacting and of course some psych meds and also seizure meds. But l am off of alot of meds and l hadn't had tremors in awhile. I had it so bad one time l couldn't sign admission papers to the hospital so they thought l was having a stroke. I got quick service but then everything checked out. Because it would happen and then later l would go back to normal so it could have been medication. They didnt know but of course you got the mental diagnosed and l was just resting at home before it happened. I am just wired differently so diagnosing me sometimes can be very challenging. Man will finally figure out that there are no 2 bodies alike. I had several doctors see that but the patient does know his or her bodies. We just have to have the doctors understand that. That's why l was so blessed to get my second opinion at the Mayo Clinic because its helping others in my state and l learned so much l am helping others search. And l seeing them getting miracles. Write down you symptoms when it happens and what your doing at that time. Foods you eat and all meds, supplements and when you see your doctor you can explain everything. .y husband use to even take pictures of me when my hand tremors, slurred speech, falling and so forth and we showed it to the doctors. Now you have some doctors who will explore and some who won't then after that just follow your instinct weather to continue with that doctor.You have rights too for good care and someone who respects you. And now l have all good doctors. Praise God!!!

Thu, Aug 1 4:06am · leg neuropathy in Neuropathy

@ron15 l have neuropathy in both legs and my arms sometimes give me trouble. But l do everything normally. I am going to physical therapy after l had my nerve test done at my neurologist office. And sometimes l think if my diet is a little off it might seem worst. I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables. And poultry and fish. I try to limit my pork intake and l really not a red meat person only maybe a hamburger, or meatballs but steaks don't care for them. And stews not really but sometimes l will cook these meats mainly for my husband. And l make some sweets but l went to Costco's and brought some sherbet with greek yogurt. Now l didn't read the label the first time but the second time l did. And they have on it sugar and then added sugar so watch. Because l couldn't buy it again it was loaded with sugar. So l am getting massages, doing exercise, and heat packs, resistance bands. It nice but when l went to my internist l told her sometimes l have head spasms. She didn't understand that but its nerves. And when its inflamed it can affect your who body. Learning something new everyday but my thinking is clear. So l count it All Joy!!! And l can't take any pain med have to many allergies so l just listen to music and enjoy everyday to its fullest. That's all we can do.

Thu, Jul 11 9:38am · Am I having seizures in Epilepsy & Seizures

@mayalluision what you are describing is very serious and you definitely need to be seen. Because l have blacked out and l was told by some l had seizures and some not. And you never want to be somewhere you can't get help. And no matter if one person is not listening you keep talking about your symptoms until you find someone who does. And don't be afraid if anyone thinks you are crazy you are saving your life. And you mean something to your family, friends and people who don't know you. And especially to God. Take care and Get Help and Talk to your Mom.

Thu, Jul 4 12:38am · Magnesium and heart rhythm problems in Heart Rhythm Conditions

@ellamster That is so crazy for a doctor to tell you that you can take all that magnesium. I am sorry there is a limit. Everything has limits. I take magnesium, calcium and zinc. And a probiotic and l took my prescription meds and supplements to my doctor and he signed off on it. But look up the levels of daily intake of magnesium. You can go to AARP or GoodRX. And also on the Mayo Clinic website. I think the have a book on supplements. You can look on there diet plan. And you can also go to a nutritionist. I go to the health food store and l have a nutritionist who tell me with supplements to get. I haven't seen her since my emergency surgery but will see her this weekend. And if you doctor doesn't mind you taking supplements then he might tell what will work. I take iron, fish oil, vitamin d and also milk thistle for my liver. God Bless!!!