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4 days ago · Am I having seizures in Epilepsy & Seizures

@mayalluision what you are describing is very serious and you definitely need to be seen. Because l have blacked out and l was told by some l had seizures and some not. And you never want to be somewhere you can't get help. And no matter if one person is not listening you keep talking about your symptoms until you find someone who does. And don't be afraid if anyone thinks you are crazy you are saving your life. And you mean something to your family, friends and people who don't know you. And especially to God. Take care and Get Help and Talk to your Mom.

Thu, Jul 4 12:38am · Magnesium and heart rhythm problems in Heart Rhythm Conditions

@ellamster That is so crazy for a doctor to tell you that you can take all that magnesium. I am sorry there is a limit. Everything has limits. I take magnesium, calcium and zinc. And a probiotic and l took my prescription meds and supplements to my doctor and he signed off on it. But look up the levels of daily intake of magnesium. You can go to AARP or GoodRX. And also on the Mayo Clinic website. I think the have a book on supplements. You can look on there diet plan. And you can also go to a nutritionist. I go to the health food store and l have a nutritionist who tell me with supplements to get. I haven't seen her since my emergency surgery but will see her this weekend. And if you doctor doesn't mind you taking supplements then he might tell what will work. I take iron, fish oil, vitamin d and also milk thistle for my liver. God Bless!!!

Thu, Jul 4 12:27am · Valsartan in Heart Rhythm Conditions

@nene22 l want to say one thing about the high blood pressure meds be careful. I was on lisinopril at first. Which the doctor at after care said eventually you will have an allergic reaction to it. She wanted to call the ambulance to take me to the hospital. Then l was placed on valsartan and then by mistake they gave me valsartan hctz twice. And l allergic to hctz for liver purposes. Then l was placed on losartan and l told the doctor a month before he told me it was recalled. Then he put me on olmesartan and l asked him can l be allergic to this. He swore to me no. Well l was and they put me on prednisone 50mg for the first time. When l went to another hospital emergency room. The doctor was appalled he couldn't believe they started me that high. And they diagnosed with bronchitis not even pneumonia so l was sick for weeks. So just because you don't get a recall notice, or your pharmacy or doctor doesn't say anything go buy how you feel and do your research. And make sure your doctor is listening to you. Because they really dont look up recalls. Now maybe some doctors are upto date with it. But when l had the pharmacy say they was a recall but they didn't name the drug. They just said check with your pharmacy. And l asked the pharmacist and he said they was no recall. Now that's troublesome. It could have killed me. Although l don't know if some of my problems is due to all those meds. No one wants to say that. It would be honest. So be careful and l never heard of the new med you are on so l can't say anything. If you have AARP you can look it up or GoodRX. Doctors are passing that info out.

Thu, Jul 4 12:08am · Recent Ablation: Wait and See If Working in Heart Rhythm Conditions

@crashnam Hi Larry l had mines on May 24th and l been Praising the Lord ever since. People just don't understand what a miracle that is. It just so Amazing. I was having problems with my heart for years and cardiologist just ignored the fact. I was put on multi recall high blood pressure meds, diuretics and blood thinners. And l was allergic to so many meds that last year the heart hospital here when l was in trouble said we can't give you anything. So l went home and next thing l noticed l was in a psych ward. I saw my notes that wrote about it. But you know God will always send someone to help you and he definitely did. My new cardiologist asked me several times Do l Trust Him. And when l went for a week EEG test l went in to tachycardia twice and he was going to stop my heart. And l was praying at the same time and it went back to normal. I was discharged early from the EEG and had emergency surgery. And my doctor he pulled all kinds of strings. So they said it take 2months before they can say if it was a complete success but l feel great. Mines was SVT heart ablation. And l am seeing so many people getting miracles not with hearts. But l just rejoicing with them. Are you still taking meds for heart rhythm and blood pressure. I am but l am able to do so much. And l am back driving. Enjoy your Blessing.

Wed, Jul 3 11:32pm · Functional Neurological Disorder in Brain & Nervous System

Hi Jennifer l just saw your post but elevated ammonia levels are not always from alcohol. I have elevated ammonia levels and mines is from non-alcoholic liver disease. Mines was from medications. Ones l was allergic to and also recall one and antidepressant. I was placed on 3 recall high blood pressure meds. And when l came to the mayo clinic on my records the doctors always put on that l was previously on depakote. Which l told the doctor l was having reactions too. So it was the medication. But they really don't look at your ammonia levels. They go buy your symptoms. So now l just have to end differently and rest. So it's not always from cirrhosis.

Thu, Jun 27 9:36pm · Video Q&A about Scoliosis in Spine Health

I been diagnosed with scoliosis year ago by my first orthopedic but l didn't really understand it. But later after reading found out l was born with it because l didnt walk right away and had flat feet. Then in 2014 a doctor diagnosed me with MS because l.kept falling but l had and autoimmune disease and HE. I had back surgery and l am not falling. But can MS be misdiagnosed with autoimmune disease. And if an adult has MS is there any brace that can keep them aligned 180°. I have a friend who has Spinal cord injury and he had 30 surgeries and no relief. Is there anything that can help him?

Thu, Jun 27 9:21pm · Functional Neurological Disorder in Brain & Nervous System

Amen!!! Mines was first conversion disorder then at the Mayo by the neurologist FND but you know God was in control and it ended up being HE and just recently l had emergency heart ablation surgery and be misdiagnosed since 2014. Thrown in mental wards given antidepressants and allergic to a hist of meds. And dealing with short med staff, records not getting to doctors, lies, messing with my credit, mistaken identity and l can go on but l have to give it to God because he will take care of everything. So l am seeing that when l see other people going through what l am. And l am seeing miracles people who are getting better and l am rejoicing with them. And now l have a team that cares. So sometimes we have doctors that don't want to go any further and some who like to intimidate and then some who are humble and love helping. And pretty soon everyone will have a psych diagnosis because theres no confirm test to really prove that so that the diagnoses you will see. And so we give more meds and don't solve the problem. Just like Alzheimer's you couldn't definitely rule that until a person was dead but everyone throws out that diagnoses. They did that to my sister before they even did a PET test. That was last year she just got the test last week. They did even have the machine to do it until this year. But we can make that diagnosis, figure that one out. When l came back from the Mayo clinic and gave my doctor my records last year then this year they got the machine. And we had the same doctor but l still don't think she has Alzheimer's l think she has an autoimmune disease because shes deteriorating to fast but l just a sister. Not s professional no but l.have common sense. So l with you FND is not a diagnoses it's a thought!!!

Thu, Jun 27 8:56pm · Neuropathy and other strange symptoms in Brain & Nervous System

Hi John l haven't spoke to you in awhile.. I had to have my eeg test for a week. The neurologist was surprised l didn't have a seizure. Praise God but instead went into tachycardia twice and my new cardiologist they had to call. Next thing l see is 3 nurses a crash cart and my cardiologist. And l started praying. He told me l am going to have to stop your heart. And l said Oh no Jesus not now. So he began to tell what to expect and then what could happen. Well that when l was praying more. Then he was flawed when he saw my heart rate go back to normal. Because he was ready to stop my heart. And l was just Thanking God. It happened the next day so he said l have to do something. I can't let you go home. So l had emergency heart ablation surgery. So when l left the hospital he couldn't wait to see me because it was done at another hospital. And he told me the surgeon is number 1 doing surgeries but not dictation. So l didn't know what kind of ablation surgery he did until l saw him last week. But l have also had numbness, tingling and it feels like a electrical shock on my right side. And numbness left foot but it's the nervous system. So l don't know what they do for it but l probably need to go on a cruise. But there are some supplements l need to get a refill and maybe when l get back on that it will be better. But l just enjoying my life and giving God all the Praise. And see people who God has done miracles in there lives after we are Praying for them. One got a liver transplant, and people who are getting doctors that are helping them. And meds that are in question of causing dementia. And my adopted daughter has a rare blood disease but l was able to tell her about a person who else has it. So we go through ups and downs but if we know who is in control we never stay down long at all. Everyone goes through something sometimes we have more trials in a day that it may seem unbearable but if we know who to put our FAITH in it gets easier everytime one comes. You are the greatest. Have a good evening and Blessing to All. We can Make It!!!