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Dec 3, 2019 · Autoimmune Hepatitis & CBD in Autoimmune Diseases

@jromanmi l have the same AE an HE l had people tell me about cbd matter of fact my accountant at the time was selling it. But l wasn't going to try anything l wasn't informed about. Then twice l was watching Dr. Oz and they went out to cbd shops and found out 75% don't even have the ingredients listed and also THRis in some on them. And of course non is FDA approved. And l not sure of FDA approval either because of all the opiods and recall meds. Just last week l got a letter about recalled zantac and we heard that in the news months ago. And l just getting the letter last week. Have you tried any probiotics? And also have your vitamin D levels checked for some reason lots of people are low in vitamin D. GOD BLESS.

Dec 1, 2019 · Autoimmune rash in Autoimmune Diseases

@killme1980 Yes last month l had a rash and itching l went to my internist and she didn't know what it was. l was concerned because l thought it was shingles. Since l had it when l first got married in 1978 but it was under my eyes. So my doctor wanted to send me to the dermatologist. And the rash was all around my neck, arms, back, legs. I had my own dermatologist so when l went to her by than it was healing so it could have been a medication or something going on in the hospital because l was a patient in the ER for a couple a day until a bed came open. But she recommended an over the counter lotion because with autoimmune disease you seem to be highly allergic to things. Good Luck and God bless

Nov 13, 2019 · Autoimmune encephalopathy anyone? in Autoimmune Diseases

@tanpa1 l was also diagnosed with HE and AE. And where l live they don't know the symptoms. Since 1997 when l was diagnosed with viral encephalitis l have been put in a psych ward 5 times because of confusion. The first time l was put in l did want to commit suicide because l had 5 children my oldest just graduated from H.S. And we had just moved to a new house, l had a new job and l just purchased a new car. The first new car l had ever brought myself. And now l was faced with a brain injury. And so l than l began praying and l feared God more than man. And l knew if l wanted to go to heaven l better get it together..So l prayed the Lord would take that thinking away from me. And l never thought about suicide again. But the doctors don't understand that you will get confused, and your ammonia levels fluctuate. And it also could be dehydration, your diet and yes it can sometimes be stress. And l have had alot of stress that my family was putting on me because my sister has dementia. And her family isn't taking care of her. And her children wants my family to do the work while they spend her money. Then l had two deaths last year. My mother passed and my nephew. But l wasn't stressed about that because my mother out lived all our family members prior. She was 95yrs old. I miss her but l know if l live right l will see her again. And everything was taken away l.lost my job because of my disability which l now know thatcshiuld have happened. But l went back to school and got my associate's degree. And this year l am starting my business and l will be returning back to school. So living with a major illness is hard but it can also be a blessing. Because you see things differently. And you Thank God for every obstacle you go through and l pray that l can help someone else and have compassion for others. Because some people may have a different turnout. So l just pray for others. And l pray that all doctors will be able to learn the symptoms of this illness so everyone gets a chance to have a full recovery. And last Saturday l was just released again from the physic ward. And they doctor has mistaken my identity with another patient with the same name. And while l was in the physic ward l saw the other patient with my name. And she was angry, throwing things , cursing and l was singing Father Abraham and Joyful, Joyful and quoting scripture. So l would say l was healed and the hospital, doctors made a mistake. So l have to get this straighten out with my insurance, medical records and so forth. Now that's what l call stressful. I worked in a hospital for 9yrs so l know protocol. And l take lactulose and rifaximin. And l will be going to the mayo clinic in December because my rheumatologist told me that the doctors here are not trained to help me here. I have to go back to the mayo clinic for my AE. So l Thank God we still have doctors who care. And l had emergency heart ablation surgery. And l haven't had any falls for 6months. And l am walking faster than before. My husband tells me to slow down. Praying for you.

Nov 12, 2019 · Autoimmune encephalopathy anyone? in Autoimmune Diseases

This past week l was admitted to the psych ward and l know it was because of my confusions. But the doctors here are missing everything. They said l have dementia but they didn't do a PET test and l had that done at the mayo clinic in 2017 and it was normal. And my memory has only gotten better. I remember going through a test and the doctor was so surprised of my memory he through the test paper in the air. In the room l was being tested in. I know my state is trying to say they found the treatment to AE and HE but they didn't only God has and he has guided me where to seek help at the Mayo clinic. And l could have went to another place but he guided me to Rochester Minnesota. And yes l have a good team here but that was only for my heart. But as far as AE and HE, Oklahoma is at the bottom for knowing how to treat this illness. I just so blessed l will be returning to the mayo clinic next month. But to be diagnosed with dementia and not having a PET is really just a guess and not for the guessing business. If you don't know it don't say it. And also put negative diagnoses on clients charts because it confuses everybody. But l was in the psych ward for 8 days giving God all the Praise. Singing and quoating scriptures and that use to be a problem but when Jesus is in your heart fear goes away. And everyone see what God is doing in your life. I am praying for everyone who is going through this because it not a party it's a struggle but Thank God he frees us of all FEAR. And we are more than a Conqueror.

Oct 29, 2019 · Autoimmune encephalopathy anyone? in Autoimmune Diseases

@tapan1 l also been diagnosed with HE. It was first viral encephalitis in 1997. And it was very hard and scary. I was at work a normal day and than next thing l know l was sick. My fever was 104 and l went to the doctor he said it was the flu and sent me home. I knew that didn't seem right an adult with a 104 temp, you just don't send home. But it was a new general practice doctor. Then the next day my husband said he took me back. I was not with it. And the straight thing is when you are confused and you can't remember. But Thank God my family took me to the hospital l worked at. Because they wouldn't send me home. They knew the type of person l was. Very happy and very upbeat so this was out of the ordinary. So the hurried and called the neurologist in. I was placed in ICU. For how long don't know. They said lots of people came and several pastors from the church. There was 2 senior pastors who came. One was like a dad to me. And he told the medical staff l will be out the next day. And Praise God that was tha answer to Pray. I was out. And people came to visit and my family but l don't remember any of it because it like l was in a subconscious state. They send me to another hospital for rehab but l don't even remember being transferred. My family told me they got me upto to walk around but l don't remember that either. It was around the time Princess Diana died because l remember crying. But l did very well in rehab. And in 2017 God gave me my memory back. And l was in so many meds. Now Praise God l no longer on antidepressants, seizure meds, some pain killers. I use to fall all the time. And l haven't fell in over 6months. And l couldn't cook or clean but l can do that and l wasn't able to keep my grandkids without someone around and l keep my grandson every week. And also God has blessed me with keeping some grandchildren who adopted me as grandma. And l can drive again so God can do miraculous healing if you only trust him. Be blessed

Sep 4, 2019 · Scoliosis and Chronic back pain in Spine Health

I had scoliosis since l was a child. The doctors use to tell me l have curvature of the spine. l would laugh and say everyone has that so what else is new. And l would get the shots in my back every year. Then finally those weren't helping anymore. So l really didn't want to get back surgery because l use to work in the hospital and the doctors would always say you would have to get it again. And sometimes they didn't even want to do that surgery because it didn't help sometimes made things worst because it was near your spine. So l did my research and then l went to the orthopedic hospital and there doctors are trained and specializes in bones, joints and so forth. When l saw my orthopedic they are wise they will tell you what is wrong and show you your films. And he went over the procedure but he didn't advise either way. That's just because if something went wrong or it didn't work l made that decision. Well l am 4yrs out and everything is okay. l walk all the time my husband and daughter tell me to slow down. And sometimes if l am in a soft bed or l just overdone it like l do sometimes it will bother me but for the most part it doesn't . Like people say they know when the weather is going to be bad there back or knees hurt. Mines don't only if l very exhausted will my back hurt. So my doctor did great matter fact l didn't remember what l did after surgery. My friend said she came to visit me and l asked her did l say anything bad. Well she said no but who knows what l said. But l love to get out and work in my garden and also do things l enjoy. Just got back from vacation and ate lots of great food. Came home washed clothes and stacked dishes and now going to eat take my med and relax. And l even grew an inch after surgery that because of the rod in my back. And when l saw my therapist he said you are looking good you are not sagging. Praise God for All Blessing.

Sep 3, 2019 · Hepatocellular Carcinoma / Liver Cancer in Cancer

Jk are you doing better? Since the transplant have you had anymore problems. A friend of mines had a liver transplant and hes been sick ever since. I have to go to the cancer clinic to see if mines are benign or cancerous but you would think with the labs they should be able to tell thar.

Aug 6, 2019 · Joy in Just Want to Talk

I just got a Praise report. After all the hoopla l have been going through for the past year with my meds, doctors and stress. I am starting to see a change in some of the practices my state is doing. And l know l can personally can't change things but l know who can change all things. And that is Christ. And l have had doctors, people, family and even friends make my journey very difficult. But l Thank God he was there because he spared my LIFE. He said he would never leave me nor forsake me and he sure didn't. And l been seeing so many meticulous miracles. A friend who got a liver in 4days, off of lactulose the worst in life, and rifaximin. My adopted daughter who had a rare blood disorder get on a med that is helping her. I had emergency heart surgery instead of seizures. My memory back after 19yrs and being around people you love. And even after a year of one of the hospital not having a PET machine now has one. And my sister being able to have her test done. And seeing others who have physical disabilities walking. And buy the way not falling for over 2 months. Not even using my lifeline and driving again. It's truly a blessing. And getting off a lot of meds that was interacting and causing me alot of problems. And l am thankful most of all for my second opinion at the Mayo Clinic because it educated me and l was able to help others. And now my own state is advertising the Mayo Clinic for a second opinion. Yes sometimes we are placed on drugs and they are good and sometimes there not but the best advice is we have to listen to one another but only one person can solve all our problems and that's Jesus Christ. I guarantee you no matter what he's the one. When we put our trust in him then all the other things seem less worrisome. And l was on may 20 meds now down to 3 and 2prn. And 2 is for liver disease. But l having the time of my life when l am at rest. And l must get my sleep, eat, and enjoy the beauties of the day. And Pray for others because you never know what happened in the beginning of there lives but you Pray that as they move towards whatever course they go they find someone to tell it's alright Jesus got your back. And help them know the Lord in anyway you can. It might be just a laugh, handshake, cup of tea, or just a talk. We must always see the good even when we feel our worst. GOD Bless!!!