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4 days ago · What can cause ANA titre of 1:2560? in Autoimmune Diseases

I went to see my rheumatologist last month and he's the greatest. He did the routine blood work for my 6month visit. And they called me the next day and said your AHA is higher then before. And the thing is l am very allergic to a lot of meds. So he was going to prescribe me a medicine to suppress my the nerve but l told him he gave it to me before and l.had a reaction. He said what kind l said it had me to use my EpiPen so l didn't get it. And seems like there are many meds for high ANA. So l have to just deal with my problems. I don't know what happens if you can deal with the symptoms. Has anyone had this problem. And l don't know if l can't take some meds because of my liver. Anyone who can enlighten me about this it will be helpful. Thank you

4 days ago · Living with epilepsy - Introduce yourself & meet others in Epilepsy & Seizures

This past week l saw my new neurologist and my new cardiologist. I had very good appointments. After my eeg my neurologist wanted me to be inpatient so he can see if l am having seizures. He told me at first it was going to be 3day but now its 5days. On my first visit l knew l went to his clinic but l don't remember seeing him or talking to him. I told him at my second appointment this and also told him l thought he was short. And that is because he of his name. It's an Indian name. And when l told him that he said l haven't been short for 30yrs and we both laughed. When l am admitted in the hospital l can't leave the room for the entire 5 days because l will have wires in my head so they can see if l am having a seizure. Amy food from outside they have to check it. So this is going to be exciting. When l told my cardiologist my diagnosis he said yes you have seizures. And l.knew this since 1998 after my brain injury, my first neurologist test me and told me l have absent seizures. I have been going through all this testing just to prove some of my neurologist was wrong. Even at the mayo clinic the neurologist didn't believe it but sometimes you can have seizures and your test are normal even the eeg. Thank God l have insurance because l don't know what l would do if l didn't.

5 days ago · Prednisone in Digestive Health

@epvb I was put on prednisone about three weeks ago. I had a reaction to a new high blood pressure med and then they said l had bronchitis. I had difficulty with breathing, saw throat and a headache. The headache finally got better but not the breathing or sore throat. I went to the hospital and the er doctor was shocked. I had 50mg of prednisone for being horse and breathing issues. So he said discontinue the prednisone. I asked him should l take the high blood pressure medication and he said no. I don't want to irritate AE and hepatic encephalopathy. And l got better. And l am still off my high blood medicine even though l wondering why. Because l been taking high blood pressure meds since 1998. And l was having tachycardia from taking the prednisone. And l remember when my son was young and he was always on it. But know one ever tell me the effects it has on you. I just thought he was being bad and like to get in trouble. It was the med because you get hyper. Good luck

5 days ago · Hand tremors in Brain & Nervous System

@basketcase l was reading up one day on tremors and there's alot of illness with tremors. I notice it has to do with the brain. I also have tremors but only when my ammonia levels are elevated. People with seizures, MS, dementia, strokes and it goes on and on. I know when l was going to school for occupational therapy they said you have to have something weigh bearing to keep it from tremoring but you need to talk to your doctor. He might refer you to occupational therapy they have adaptive equipment to help with the tremors because it can be annoying. When my started and l go to the hospital with slurred speech they think l am having a stroke and it's only my ammonia levels
So you see it can be hard to pinpoint the illness and why it's happening. So see if you can get some therapy
Good luck

5 days ago · Functional Neurological Disorder in Brain & Nervous System

@amber3212 The neurologist at the mayo clinic gave me the website for me to read about it. The previous name for it was conversion disorder. It meant being stressed about an illness that a doctor can't locate and illness or disease. And she told me if everything comes back normal she would refer me to behavioral medicine. So they can teach me how to deal with my stress or fears. Well everything didn't come back normal my TIP procedure was done incorrectly and that's why l kept falling, slurred speech disorientation and tremors. It was because my ammonia levels sometimes elevated. It was elevated one time when l was in the doctors office and l.fell after l handed paperwork to the registration clerk. And l busted my lip and l had to go to the hospital. So when l left the mayo clinic the neurologist had to tell me l was misdiagnosed. And she hated that because she was wrong. And she had me scheduled to see 3 psychiatrist and the last day she cancelled the 3rd one. So read about it because you might have it and you might not. Because some illness can have symptoms like FND. Good luck

5 days ago · Need Patient's Experience with Mayo Clinic. Is it worth it? in Visiting Mayo Clinic

@nycdave7 I was reading you post and what you said is a good question. The mayo clinic is exceptional for year l didn't know what was going on with me after a TBI. And my pcp didn't even know and he told me that finally. Then in 2014 after l had my TIP surgery for liver disease. The doctors couldn't figure out why l.was still falling, slurred speech, tremors and disorientation. After going to the Mayo clinic and seeing several doctors and many test. I finally found out they did the TIP surgery wrong. And one of the extra veins in my liver is going a different way either of the normal way. I am still having some problems like slurred speech, falling and disoriented. I went to my new neurologist last month. I knew l went to the hospital but l didn't know what he looked like. I thought he was short and he is tall. And he wanted me admitted to see if l having seizures and they said they told me about this and l can't remember that. And l was arguing with them because they had made the appointment
Then they referred me to a GI doctor and his office said they called me and l told them l didn't need a GI. And l.dont remember that either. And l don't have dementia l had a PET test and a 4hr cognitive test at the mayo clinic and it came back normal but patients with hepatic encephalopathy will have memory problems when their ammonia levels are elevated. But l can do everything like any other person who doesn't have a sickness. I drive, cook, walk, shop, do garden work. And l took a landscape class and l am writing a book about my illness. And soonl.am starting a business helping others with disabilities. And l am reading more book then l every did in my entire life. So l think you will like it and you will get an understanding about your health problems and you will come back with confidence that you can overcome your illness. Good luck and enjoy yourself.

Tue, Mar 5 8:07am · Conversion disorder with pseudoseizures (PNES) in Epilepsy & Seizures

I went to 2 cardiologist last Thursday just to see which one l felt confident with to my surprise l.liked both of them. When was talking to the first one he looked at my records and said l see you have seizures. I told him well in 1998 after my brain injury l was diagnosed with absence seizures by a number 1 neurologist in my state. He asked his name and l.told him and he said if he diagnosed you with seizures then he's correct. That because my previous neurologist took care of his father in law. Then when l went to the second one we discussed my heart and he asked about my meds and the ones l was taking. I told him l use to take seizure meds but l was told l.didnt have seizures instead PNES, convulsions, conversion disorder, depression, anxiety and so forth. He asked me about what type of brain Injury l had. When l told him he said you have seizures but the crazy thing is why l still getting tested and not on meds? Has anyone gone through this before?

Tue, Mar 5 1:52am · Conversion disorder with pseudoseizures (PNES) in Epilepsy & Seizures

I have heard back from one cardiologist this weekend. One of my labs came back elevated and he wanted me to get a stat ct scan. I went on Saturday but they didn't do it. He was very upset and called me today. So l had the test done Monday. Now as far as my test for seizures l haven't received those results yet. I am suppose to see the neurologist next week because he wanted to admit me but not tell me the results of the eeg. So l made it clear to him you tell me the results first. Then we will proceed because l know he's going to take me off of my meds to see which ones are helping and if any are causing problems. And what meds he can give me for seizures that l can take but l really don't understand how difficult it could be to diagnose seizures.