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Mar 7, 2019 · Considering a visit to Mayo for throat symptoms (most likely LPR) in Digestive Health

Update. I saw a thoracic Surgion who ran a bunch of test for my LPR symptoms. Barium swallow that showed a 4cm sliding hiatel hernia when laying down, a 24 hour ph test that showed sever reflux with a demeester score of 36.6 when in recumbent state. I was advised by the surgeon to have a Nissan Toupet fondoplication. No surgery yet as I have currently found relief from avoiding dairy, white flower and sugar. I’m on 150mg of Zantac taken once daily as PPI’s do nothing for LPR and I have elevated the head of my bed by 8 inches. From my experience with this illness the barium swallow and 24 hour ph test gave me the answers I needed to diagnose this.

Aug 27, 2017 · Does surgery work for LPR in Digestive Health

Thank you for your response Kanaazpereira, sorry for such a late reply. Yes my E.N.T. Specialist and G.I. are communicating. I’m now with a G.I. That my E.N.T. has referred me to for a second opinion and still waiting for Esophageal Manometry & 24-hour Ambulatory study. Not sure if this will help for LPR? Update to my status. I had a carbon 14 breath test done and tested negative for h Pylori. Saw a Rheymatologist who ruled out Sjorjens for my Xerostomia.
I had a biopsy taken from my soft palate inflamed salivary gland which was also tested for Sjorjens, cancer etc… all came back negative except for unknown mild inflammation. Had an MRI brain scan from a Nuerologyst also came back normal. I am wheezing off the PPI medication and I’m only down to one 40mg Nexium a day. I don’t find the PPI’s are helping much…
If I don’t get a diagnosis soon I will be visiting Mayo Clinic. I live in Canada so I will be paying in cash…

Jun 13, 2017 · Does surgery work for LPR in Digestive Health

Since December 13, 2016. My symptoms started with a soar throat, soar inflamed taste buds on the tip of my tongue and inflamed salivary glands on my soft palate. My tongue, throat and soft palate had a painful burning sensation that was on and off. My General practitioner referred me to an Ear Nose throat specialist who referred me to an oral surgeon who referred me to an oral pathologist for burning mouth syndrome. After wasting 3 months of running around with these Dr’s and being tested for oral thrush, hsv tests, vitamin deficiency tests, auto immune deficiency tests, cultural bacteria tests all which came back normal. I decided to go for a second opinion with another E.N.T. specialist who performed a camera scope and diagnosed me with acid in my throat. I was put on Dexilant and noticed the pain dissipate almost immediately only problem was I couldn’t tolerate the medication. I was then put on Tecta and referred to a G. I. My general Practitioner did some blood work for h pylori and I tested positive. I started to develop tinitus in my left ear. I had a gastroscopy where they found a 2 cm Hiatel Hernial and my lower sphincter was weak. Thats when I was told I have a mild case of gerd, but I don’t suffer from any heart burn. I was put on triple dose of antibiotics for h pylori and continued with the Tecta, domperadone and sucrolafate. I’m getting a little relief from the PPI and meds but I still suffer from bitter reflux taste and burning pain in my throat, soft Palate, the tip of my tongue and dry mouth that comes and goes. I’m in the process of having a 24 hr ph level test done. The G. I. I was seeing says my esophagus biopsy tested clean and he doesn’t believe what is happening in my oral cavity is related to my gut. He stated in order for acid to travel to the throat it has to travel through the esophagus and the esophagus tested clean. Thus he can’t help me anymore. I’m so confused my ENT says I have acid in my throat and the G.I. doesn’t agree.