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Sep 1, 2017 · Remembering KateMN - losing a virtual friend hurts too in MAC & Bronchiectasis

I will be thinking of Katherine and her family as they celebrate her life tomorrow.
May God bless them ,
RIP Katherine,


Aug 29, 2017 · Possible causes of MAC/MAI Re-Infections in MAC & Bronchiectasis

All the best to you Terri, get well fast !!
PS: No more vacuum cleaner for you ..try another sport 🙂

Aug 23, 2017 · How is everybody doing? in MAC & Bronchiectasis

Hi Terry,

Sorry, I had to stay quiet for a week.
I think that there was a mixture of bad luck and later on, stupidity on my part when I went for the Bronchoscopy.
I was very nervous and told them that I have a very strong gagging reflex but nevertheless I wasn’t sedated enough and was conscious for way too long. I could hear myself panting and making and almost growling sound, I sounded like a dog in distress ,finally, lights out. I will never forget that experience.

When I went home I felt very tired so I told my friend to go and enjoy the day after thanking her.
Later on I got up and ate an omelette and shortly after that my system when into some kind of shock like state. I was so cold mi teeth were shaking. The end of my fingers tip were wrinkled like I had spent a long time in cold water, I was so weak ,had a hard time getting a hot water bottle and hot tea. I put 3 blankets on top of me and stayed there shaking for a few hours,
I did not wasn’t to call 911 but I unlocked the front door and carried a telephone with me for a while. Later on I started to get very hot so I might have had a fever, did not have the strength to look for a thermometer.
Luckily with rest ,the symptoms settled down hours later.
It was my fault ,the instructions did say to keep someone for 24 hours but I read that later when it was over.

I felt very weak for quite a few days and did spit out blood up to yesterday which I know is normal. I think that my nervous system was more affected as I suffer from anxiety and I imagine that it didn’t help things.
I seem to be OK today, thank God.
I will not have my results until September 11th as my specialist is on vacation, the test was done by someone else who mentioned that they would check my larynx as I have lost my voice since 8 months now.

When I go for my results appointment, a nurse friend of mine will come along to help ask questions. Thank God for good friends!

Thank you Terry for asking, hopefully I’m won’t be scarring anymore away from this test , I’m sure that there are easier experiences
than mine .


Aug 13, 2017 · Remembering KateMN - losing a virtual friend hurts too in MAC & Bronchiectasis

Terri, God bless all of you Mentors.
Although I interacted only a few times with Katherine,these contacts where very meaningful and she pushed me to act to get going with these tests .
Although I was new,I also grieve for her with tears for a wonderful person that I never met.

Hugs to you all, Andree

Aug 12, 2017 · Remembering KateMN - losing a virtual friend hurts too in MAC & Bronchiectasis

Have just learned this morning of Katherine’s passing, I am speechless,chocked and so sad . I am new here but had the privilege to interact with her, she gave me information,all kinds but mostly courage to deal with my new reality.

It is because of her that I am scheduled for a Bronchoscopy next Tuesday otherwise I would have gone through the cracks of the medical system. The respiratory specialist was giving me a follow up appointment for next January when I knew Katherine was insisting for me to get this test…I put my foot down because of her.

I grieve with you all, I also believed that she was” taking a break” but could feel the seriousness of that statement but I never believed that she she was leaving us .

I want to offer my deepest sympathies to her family and also all the ladies here who knew her for a long time though this site.
She will be missed terribly, may God bless her , RIP Katherine you beautiful kind lady and mentor to us all.

Andrée Lalonde

Aug 9, 2017 · Dealing with grief and MAC illness in MAC & Bronchiectasis

Just want to tell you Robyn that I completely sympathize with you, having been there. My partner passed away from Leukaemia after a brave fight of four years. He has been gone for eight years now and as I look back I see that he had so much more courage than I did , I am glad that his suffering is over but I miss him every day.
You and your husband are both in my prayers.


Aug 5, 2017 · How is everybody doing? in MAC & Bronchiectasis

Hi Terri, I am in your club Terri, asthma and COPD with bronchiectasis. Never heard that term “co-morbid disease” sounds depressing, anybody know the life span for people like us?
I want to thank again dear Katherine for all her great information. Thanks to her I got CT Scan and will be getting a Bronchoscopy on August 15th. Not looking forward to this but will be glad to find out what kind of bacterias that are still lurking in my lungs.

I also have started a twice weekly class called “Community Respiratory Program (Pulmonnarry Rehabilitation) its sponsored by The Vancouver Coastal Health Program.
Free with your Doctors prescription. This class explains everything pertaining to all these diseases and also have an excercise coach along with treadmill and bicycles.
Since I no longer go to the public pool for my aquatic excercice, I will have to change my habits and do only non water work outs like yoga etc.

I am doing all this but I must say with great difficulty because of the lack of energy and contrary to all of you , I’m always hungry and have gained weight and I’m most of the time
cold, so go figure….
Anyway enough about me , thanks for listening and all the best to Katherine .



All the best to Katherine and her husband thinking of you and want to thank you for your great advice. Because of you, I got more assertive and called my respiratory Dr and requested further testing since I can’t bring up sputum and they are scheduling me for another CT Scan following with a Bronchoscopy. I wouldn’t have asked for it without your advice, so thank you and get better fast because you are one heck of a smart angel!
I will pray for you.

Terri, thank you so much for taking over you also are a very caring Mentor.

Hugs to you all, Andrée