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Dec 11, 2017 · B-6 vitamin danger! in Neuropathy

Here is the quote (one of many) I found on the internet in a Google search a month ago: ” People almost never get too much vitamin B6 from food. But taking high levels of vitamin B6 from supplements for a year or longer can cause severe nerve damage, leading people to lose control of their bodily movements.Feb 17, 2016″
I checked the multivitamin capsule I was taking each morning and discovered it contained 200% ADA of B6. This on top of a vegetarian diet already rich in B vitamins. My numbness in the legs and the uncontrollable muscle spasms in arms and legs had gotten worse after I started taking them. I stopped the vitamin capsules, went on a gluten free diet, and increased exercise to 5 days a week. I met with the Neurologist at Mayo who was not surprised that a lot of my problem had been identified.

Dec 11, 2017 · B-6 vitamin danger! in Neuropathy

With the assistance of a neurologist at Mayo Clinic, I have almost completely eliminated the uncontrolled muscle spasms now. First and foremost: beware of taking multi-vitamin capsules that have B6 listed. B-6 overdosage (which is contained in every multivitamin I found in stores and on the internet) can cause loss of muscle control and spasms in some people. So can gluten found in many foods so now I am also gluten free. I now work out with a personal trainer 3 days a week and do water aerobics another 2 days. Got off gabapentin and also clonazepam. Using CBD oil capsules each morning (no more opioids or chemicals) and using a CBD topical ointment to rub on my leg muscles each night. He says I don’t need him anymore! And I don’t. No more shaking or muscle cramps or pain. Still a little numbness but that is receding also.

Oct 5, 2017 · Gluten induced neuropathy in Neuropathy

no definitely not a diabetic but I discussed this with my husband and we discovered that my problems started when we got a new bread machine and started making fresh bread everyday and eating a LOT of it, usually with eggs and dairy.

Oct 5, 2017 · Gluten induced neuropathy in Neuropathy

I started a gluten free diet a week ago and most of the feeling has returned to my right foot and leg, plus now I can feel hot and cold in my left foot and the numbness is retreating, too. I didn’t link this as cause and effect until I discovered that gluten can cause PLS and peripheral neuropathy as well as a lot of other dreadful symptoms. Have any of the rest of you experimented with a gluten free diet and gotten positive results with your peripheral neuropathy ?

Aug 8, 2017 · Anyone here dealing with peripheral neuropathy? in Neuropathy

RE:  Your question about Charlotte's Web on the internet:   I have been getting similar medications from another internet source and it has been a miracle.   I have been on CBD capsules and edibles for two months now and the results have been amazing.  Instead of living in level 5 – 6 pain around the clock (the dull ache inside the bones as well as the occasional sharp stabbing pains in the muscles and muscle cramps and spasms), I now down to a fairly stable level 2.  The pain is so much milder now that I can push it out of my mind and keep going with the good things in life.  My good results come from using a high CBD level medication with little or no hallucinogenic side effects.  It makes me so sad to see one posting after another talking about the problems with taking the prescription pain killers.  I, too, was hesitant to try something other than a doctor's prescription to a big pharma produced pill – and at the age of 79 it was quite a daring adventure for me.  But I was in such agony most of the time, it was find a solution or just lose the will to keep trying to stay alive. It was my two sons (both middle-aged men, highly successful, and well-regarded in the communities where they live) who convinced me to try based on their own positive experiences coping for years with school sports injuries using holistic medications.

Jul 27, 2017 · Living with Neuropathy - Welcome to the group in Neuropathy

Mine too.  And CBD oils, ointments, and capsules are not hallucinogenic.  I am so glad I was able to get away from the opioid pills.

Jul 27, 2017 · Living with Neuropathy - Welcome to the group in Neuropathy

I also tried gabapentin and lyrica (both of them useless and with too many side effects and then had doctors (post op) and hospital staff insisting on heavy opioids. I am convinced that these lab-made chemical medications did me no good at all. Now I rely on things like Penetrex, Hemp oil, CBD ointment, and other ‘natural’ remedies and the pain in my feet and legs is gone and so are all those side-effects. I still have the numbness and cannot feel heat or cold and have difficulty maintaining balance, but the deep ache, the sudden stabbing pains, and the pins and needles have either been muted to the point they can be ignored or are gone completely. I am fed up with the medical profession pushing big pharma on us.

Jul 26, 2017 · Kappa Light Chains and PN in Neuropathy

The latest (of 5) neurologists took a long shot and tested me for amyloidosis as the source of my peripheral neuropathy.  Tested for it twice, 3 months apart, and came back positive for kappa light chains free serum which is usually an indicator of multiple myeloma or amyloidosis as the cause of peripheral neuropathy.  It is unusual for doctors to think of testing for this that it usually goes undiagnosed until too far progressed for treatment to be effective.  I am on my way  now to the hematologist at Mayo Clinic for the tests that will need to be done next (fat pad biopsy and possible bone marrow).  If those tests also come back positive for amyloid deposits, it will then be discussed if I can be selected for the stem cell and chemo treatment to stop the progression of the disease.