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May 18, 2017 · Happiness: A One Week Journey in Mental Health

Thanks. You have helped me,too. My meds are finally working properly, but I, too, have not got a handle on my house. I make the bed, I get the wash done, I get the dishwasher loaded and unloaded. I cant get past that, even on a gym or exercycle day…. Once I go out, I come back and just want to crash from tiredness. I spent too much effort while I was out. I am borderline in and lut of anemia due to Ulcerative Colitis. I am just SO disappointed in my inability to do more in the house. At least, my hubby is understanding. He still works at 68- a retirement job that started part time but worked into full time.
Still, I am letting myself down- my standards, my ability to find what I.need, my lack of interest at the moment, all concern me. Is it aging or depression or my chronic medical issues?
Thank you for giving me some thing to think about. It may be time to.hire.someone to clean once a week. i am 61… We will think about that too.

May 18, 2017 · Anxiety attacks in Depression & Anxiety

I understand the fear. This first post. I am new to this site, nut I recognize what you describe.
My panic attacks begin in my dreams and wake me up, feeling at 61 yr old that I am having a heart attack. I have begun to count by 3’s, 7’s etc. As far as I can go for 2 or 3 minutes. It seems to stop the insanity and I can see this as anxiety, not a heart attack. In, my doctor suggested I try this and it has surely helped me. Whenever I feel stress building, I will begin to do this, or quietly.hum a favorite song. Fo me, I feel stronger each.time I “stave” anxiety off.