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Sat, Jan 13 3:00pm · Kidney transplant in Transplants

@oregongirl Once again, seems you don’t have enough information to be concerned about dialysis or transplants or anything else until you find out you need them.

Sat, Jan 13 11:43am · Kidney transplant in Transplants

@oregongirl My husband’s transplant took place on October 23, 2012. We had to stay near Mayo for 30 days for daily labs to tweak the immuno-suppressant drugs. You may not know that if your natural kidneys are not causing pain, they are left alone. The transplant is installed in the groin area right above the fold of your leg (when sitting). There was not a great deal of pain, other than what would be expected from a surgery in that area. He was walking with assistance the next day. We came back home (6 hours away) on the 23rd of November, and he went back to work on November 26.

Sat, Jan 6 12:59am · Living Donor in Transplants

No need to be same blood type. They can cross-match.

Tue, Jan 2 9:25pm · Kidney transplant in Transplants

@oregongirl It is not necessary for a living donor to be related. Our BIL was not. And blood type is a moot point, with cross-matching.

Tue, Jan 2 7:49pm · Kidney transplant in Transplants

@oregongirl My husband was 60. Our BIL was 51.

Tue, Jan 2 12:43am · Kidney transplant in Transplants

@sevkira My husband had a living donor (our brother-in law – unrelated). The transplant was coordinated at just the right time, and my husband never went on dialysis before transplant. It depends on your particular situation.

Dec 31, 2017 · Kidney transplant in Transplants

@oregongirl I certainly didn’t expect this reply. Dialysis can help you live a mostly normal life for a long time. You may be surprised to know (I was) that diabetes is the number one cause of needing dialysis in the U.S.

You probably know people who are on dialysis right now – you just don’t know it.

Peritoneal is a method which can be done by yourself, and it does not require a machine or needles, although it requires several fluid exchanges per day. The fact that you are uncomfortable tells me you need to learn more before making a decision.

Dec 31, 2017 · translocation renal cell carcinoma in Cancer

The at home option gives the flexibility to do the dialysis any time day or night and more than 3 times per week. This evens out the wild swings that people who only receive dialysis 3 times per week endure. What you can or cannot do in your non-dialysis time will only be limited by your other health issues, if any. You are “washing your blood” in these sessions – the same thing a functioning kidney would do.