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Fri, May 3 11:55pm · Stage 3 CKD in Kidney & Bladder

Depends on what is wrong with your kidneys. Polycystic disease can take years before it shows as a problem in your labs. My husband’s symptom was high blood pressure. A consult wouldn’t hurt.

Fri, May 3 4:51pm · Stage 3 CKD in Kidney & Bladder

The PET scans have been clear since he started on Keytruda in June 2017. If it wasn't for all the damage done by surgeries and radiation before we started a systemic approach, he would be in fairly good shape. However, we tried everything else in an attempt to save the kidney.

In summer 2016, they discontinued the transplant drugs because the immuno-suppression was feeding the cancer. We knew it was only a matter of time before the kidney failed. He began dialysis in March 2017 and the Keytruda finished it off in June. I thank God for the Keytruda. He would be gone otherwise.

Fri, May 3 4:22pm · Stage 3 CKD in Kidney & Bladder

Immunotherapy killed my husband's transplanted kidney. It was a choice between the cancer (the result of immuno-suppression after the transplant) or living on dialysis. Squamous Cell Carcinoma is common in KIDNEY transplant patients – they don't know why. When you get a transplant, you MUST stay out of the sun and see a dermatologist regularly – an informed and tenacious dermatologist. My husband's dermatologist was neither of those things. My husband's form of SCC is spindle cell, and it is as aggressive as melanoma.

I find the complete reversal of dietary guidelines interesting. Before, and for the two years after the transplant, it was water, water, water. Now it is 32 oz per day, and that includes the water in food.

Fri, May 3 11:59am · Stage 3 CKD in Kidney & Bladder

My understanding is that a fistula and a graft are two different things, with the fistula preferred. https://www.azuravascularcare.com/infodialysisaccess/types-of-dialysis-access/

Thu, May 2 12:59pm · Stage 3 CKD in Kidney & Bladder

My husband's tunnel catheter was in his upper right chest, not neck. It had to be kept dry and the dressing changed each time of dialysis, but it was not painful. It is supposed to be a temporary solution when dialysis is needed and there is no fistula. At the time they put it in (March 2017), they did not expect him to live very long. In June of 2017 he was put on Keytruda, which has kept the cancer at bay – it truly is a miracle drug.

His fistula was put in last June. The operation did not take an hour or so, and was outpatient. They did not start using it until November.

Mon, Mar 25 11:55am · My stomach makes me look pregnant. in Women's Health

If you have ascites, it is fluid buildup in your peritoneal cavity. The remedy is to have the fluid removed by a doctor. No amount of dieting is going to help your stomach. Go to a gastrointestinal doctor.

Fri, Feb 22 11:46pm · My stomach makes me look pregnant. in Women's Health

Please see a gastro intestinal doctor. If you have a problem with your liver, you can have fluid build up in your abdomen. It is called ascites.