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2 days ago · Ambiguous Loss in Caregivers

@mnitchke Is there a reason you have to expose yourself and your wife to this intolerable community eating circus? Would it be possible to prepare a “picnic” to be taken with you? Could you have the meal in an outside area, her room or other semi-private area?

Mon, Aug 7 11:15pm · Hearing Loss

We thought that my husband’s hearing loss was chemo/radiation related. I’d been encouraging a hearing test for months. Finally, 2 weeks ago , he agreed to go to an ENT. Turns out that since his primary care physician retired 3 years ago, no one had cleaned his ears. The wax was so hard we had to put drops in twice a day for the last two weeks. Today it was removed. Now he is telling me I don’t have to yell!

As laughable as it is, it had caused a lot of unnecessary friction, with him constantly turning tv/radio up to “scream” and hurting MY ears. If you are caring for someone with hearing loss, HAVE THEM CHECKED!

Fri, Jul 21 10:14pm · Diagnosed with sarcoma? Let's share in Cancer

If you decide to go the Mayo route, you should ask one of your local doctors to call and make the arrangements. My husband was under the care of a local Mohs surgeon for Squamous Cell Carcinoma – Spindle Cell. When the local dr decided that it was beyond the scope of local medicine he called Mayo. We live 6 hours away. When we arrived, we had an appt with a Dermatologist, Radiation Oncologist, Chemo Oncolgist, General Surgeon and Plastic Surgeon – all at once – in the same room. While Mayo is certainly accommodating, without the local doctor’s liaison, I don’t think we could have done that on our own.

Mon, Jul 17 9:16pm · State Department Visits - changing meds in Caregivers

What state are you in?

Mon, Jul 17 6:14pm · State Department Visits - changing meds in Caregivers

Hello @kateia, as I am a “disrupter'” I would be on the phone with the doctor to find out who these bureucrats are and what authority they have to change medication.

Sun, Jul 2 4:54pm · Anyone out there with Thymoma/Thymic Carcinoma in Cancer

My husband has been fighting Squamous Cell Carcinoma since 2014. We have relocated to Jacksonville twice for treatments. One thing we learned is never, ever let scheduling make appts for you. Call the doctor’s office directly and make an appt. Don’t wait, as it could have fallen through the cracks. I have nothing but the highest praise for Mayo, but you must be proactive.

Sat, Jun 17 11:21am · Immunotherapy in Cancer

Found out Thursday that it will be Keytruda starting 6/20/2017. Wondering about @sylviapf ‘s husband’s experience?