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Mon, Jun 19 12:29am · Immunotherapy

My husband has squamous cell carcinoma (spindle cell) which originated on his scalp. He has had numerous surgeries and radiations on his head. He began Erbitux in October. The latest PET scan shows NO cancer on his head, but three areas of concern in his torso. Mayo doctor mentioned in [...]

Mon, Jun 19 12:01am · Concurrent Keytruda infusions and home hemo dialysis

Does anyone have experience with Keytruda in hemodialysis patients? [...]

Sat, Jun 17 11:21am

Found out Thursday that it will be Keytruda starting 6/20/2017. Wondering about @sylviapf 's husband's experience? [...]

Sat, Jun 3 1:32pm

The training was provided at the local Fresenius Dialysis Center by a RN. 4 days week/ 4 hours a day. He received the dialysis as we were training, so it was definitely "hands on" training. The dialysis center has an RN on call 24/7; the NxStage equipment people also provide [...]

Sat, Jun 3 12:14am

Long story short ... my husband had a kidney transplant in 2012, donated by our brother-in-law (no relation). As a result of the immuno suppression (prograf) after the transplant, he developed squamous cell carcinoma (spindle cell) on his scalp. Local dermatologist and Mohs surgeon arranged for us to go to [...]

Thu, Jun 1 10:23pm

Why are you not drinking water? [...]

Thu, Jun 1 10:07pm

Biotene and others are sold over the counter at drug stores in the U.S. Look in your store with the toothpastes, mouthwashes, etc. You can also purchase through Look for "dry mouth products." My husband uses Biotene gel and the baking soda/salt rinse (.25 teaspoon each in 1 [...]