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6 hours ago · Unable to function in Depression & Anxiety

Glad you are able to quilt, read, do hobbies and be part of relationships with your daughters and grandkids despite the struggles, @jasper1967.

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6 hours ago · How to get rid of negative energy? in Depression & Anxiety

Hi, @aliali – It can be hard to have depression, especially if it's not currently under good control. Getting and advanced (I'm assuming you mean bad) headache is also challenging.

I think it may be difficult for members to guess what your friend may have meant. Did you get a chance to ask your friend what he meant by there being a lot of negative energy in your room? If so, what did he say? If not, would you ask him and then update in a post here?

6 hours ago · Kleine-Levin Syndrome in Brain & Nervous System

Hi, @momnxtdr – You may notice I combined your discussion with an existing one titled, "Kleine-Levin Syndrome." I did this so you could meet a few of the other members who have posted about this diagnosis. If you are responding by email you can click on VIEW & REPLY to see where your post is and to read through some of the other posts made by members on this topic.

Hoping that @kaseykalb @johnbishop @hopeful33250 will return and offer their support and talk about any experience with this disease, as it applies. @davidwhitehurstbrown @Jody3 @barsta @jenniferhunter may also have some thoughts to offer.

What would you say is your biggest concern for your 7-year-old son at this point, @momnxtdr – missing school? low energy? something else?

7 hours ago · CBD oil and depression/anxiety in Depression & Anxiety

Hi, @rascal1 – I believe your question was for @stressedmesseddepressed, so wanted to ensure this member got your tag.

@stressedmesseddepressed – how are you feeling these days?

8 hours ago · Why do I feel uneasy today? in Depression & Anxiety

Hello, @aliali – just wanted to clarify that you are asking if the following symptoms you mentioned could indicate a panic attack: headache, upper back pain, dizziness, shivering, accelerated heartbeat?

This Mayo Clinic information may be helpful in defining a panic attack https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/panic-attacks/symptoms-causes/syc-20376021

Are you feeling more settled thus far today, @aliali?

1 day ago · Is it OK to use vitamin supplements? in Depression & Anxiety

Hi, @falon – a few people who may have some thoughts for you on whether taking Vitamin B12 to ease symptoms like anxiety when withdrawing from benzodiazepines include @johnbishop @sandij @secretwhitepop @ejezbeta @catcatanzaro60 @thankful.

1 day ago · Selfharm in Mental Health

Hi, @mia001,

Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. You may notice that I moved your discussion and combined it with an existing discussion titled, "Selfharm." I did this so your message would be seen by all of the members who've discussed experiences with self-harm here previously. If you are replying by email, click on VIEW & REPLY to be brought to the new location of your post and to read through some of the messages shared by other members.

With self-harming for a long time, I can imagine you have endured much emotional pain. I'd like to request that some other members I referred to who've been involved in this conversation would return to address your questions about whether you were cutting in a way that could cause bleeding out because you were wanting to be found or attention seeking, or if you were just suicidal. Please meet @parus @rlinstrot @georgette12 @ryman. @hopeful33250 and @gingerw may also have some input for you.

What is your thought on whether your cutting was truly suicidal, or something else, @mia001?

1 day ago · Tips on minimising withdrawal symptoms from Effexor (aka Venlafaxine) in Depression & Anxiety

Hi @farmboy – I'd just encourage you to keep in touch with your doctor, daily if needed, for support through this and to see if they can explain your situation and recommend any changes to your venlafaxine (Effexor) dosing, prescribe another medication to accompany it, or suggest another therapy that might help you through this trying time.

Have you had the chance to connect with your doctor lately? Has anything else as far as self-care helped you through this time thus far?