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1 hour ago · Living with epilepsy - Introduce yourself & meet others in Epilepsy & Seizures

Hi, @bruceg – welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. Thanks for sharing your story with seizures cropping up after back surgery.

Just wanted to inquire what the doctor has indicated about any connection with the surgery, or whether it's been deemed unrelated, or just unknown at this point?

Is the medication you are taking controlling seizures effectively?

2 hours ago · CBD oil and depression/anxiety in Depression & Anxiety

Hi, @clark711 – thanks for sharing your experiences with CBD oil and salve. Sounds like it's been an exciting journey for you.

We are very happy to have you as a member and participating in sharing your experiences. As our Mayo Clinic Connect guidelines do prohibit commercial postings, advertisements or solicitations, though, we'd ask that you refrain from selling/posting links to product sales. I did remove the last bit of your previous post in this discussion for that purpose.

Back to you, @clark711: Do you have a diagnosis of depression or anxiety? If so, what has helped you?

5 hours ago · Tips on minimising withdrawal symptoms from Effexor (aka Venlafaxine) in Depression & Anxiety

Hi, @sandij – though we'd love to have you around in this particular discussion of tapering off of venlafaxine (Effexor), it's also just fine if you choose to step away. I'd encourage you, though, to check out other Connect discussions that might be of interest. A specific discussion you may be interested in related to your work on placing all your focus on the positive aspects in your life and having gratitude for the place you are in is the Connect Just Want to Talk group's gratitude discussion https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/gratitude-discussion-group. I've seen many members mention just how uplifting reading others' posts in this conversation can be and in sharing things they are personally grateful for.

6 hours ago · Weening Off of Ativan For Sleep in Sleep Health

Thought I'd check in on some of you all who have shared about insomnia and trying different medications or other strategies to deal with it. It would be great to hear an update.

@pastore – how did your taper end up for the lorazepam (Ativan)? Are you taking something else now for sleep, or using another tactic?

@sleepy0 – I noted that you talked about trying clonazepam and your doctor telling you about a trial and error process with finding the right medication for insomnia. Have you found something that is working effectively for getting some more sleep?

@rachel123 – you mentioned going for an overnight sleep study. How did that go?

@kdel – what have you tried lately for your sleep? Is anything working well for you?

6 hours ago · ~ Need Input on Falling Asleep Whenever I Sit Down ~ in Sleep Health

Hi, @amberpep – just wanted to circle back to you on the falling asleep you mentioned when you sit down to watch TV or read, or at times while driving? Did your psychiatrist have any thoughts on this for you?

6 hours ago · Insomnia and depression in Sleep Health

Many of you have talked about a link with depression and anxiety and depression: that your antidepressants increase anxiety, or that anxiety or depression themselves keep you lying awake at night, unable to get the sleep you'd like. Wondered if you'd share how that is going lately? I think many of the members here will benefit from your updates and anything you've found helps along the way.

@tolepma – how is your stress lately? Is it interfering with your sleep?

@lorena1egas – how are things going with the anxiety you were dealing with and your sleep?

@peejayo – you'd said you feel you can hardly sleep when you feel you should, and you also mentioned dealing with anxiety and depression. How is your sleep going recently?

6 hours ago · CPAP machine for travel in Sleep Health

@johnbishop – I know we've gone camping with my father-in-law since he's gotten a CPAP, so he now needs an electrical campsite and lugs the machine along. He likely could use a travel alternative.

Hoping that @steve1948 @johnhans @thankful @bernese53 @menotpvcs @doodle75bug @oldkarl may have some suggestions on a good CPAP machine for travel that is not too large and heavy?

6 hours ago · Central sleep apnea. Cause? in Sleep Health

Hi, @tiss – sounds like it's been rough since starting on the CPAP with more central apneas and chronic fatigue.

I think that @johnbishop @dawn_giacabazi @johnhans @peetiepie @mstara @kristiesmith221 @bailey32 @warpedtrekker may have some input for you and provide some support, as you've been through a lot with all the tests and then difficulties with using your CPAP.

Do you have a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome, @tiss, or are you referring to other ongoing tiredness?