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6 days ago · New confused diabetic in Diabetes/Endocrine System

Hi@vanin11. Welcome to the dumbfounding world of Diabetes 2. I was diagnosed 19 months ago and have been researching and talking to people on other forums since then, particularly about high A.M numbers. My PCP knows nothing about diabetes except what the computer printout tells her, so she is no support. The endo I go to is getting ready to retire so I suspect he is not as interested in my questions, so I always say that I am my own doctor! I have had high fasting morning numbers since this all started. I have tried to find an answer, but if you stay with this group, you will find that we are all different—–what works for one does not work for someone else. But you will get some good suggestions and information on what to try.

My endo calls me a controlled diabetic: I take no meds; I maintain by mostly food choices and am not a person who exercises. I’ve asked my endo every visit why my numbers are high in the morning and he has no answer. I try to be diligent in eating protein and veggies at night, and I seem to do better with that combo. I do not use sugar or eat fruit often because my numbers would be too high; I do not tolerate fruit at all. I wish I had the definitive answer for this situation, but I am still in the experimental stages and consider myself “new.” If I ever find an answer for high morning numbers, I will shout it from the rooftop of this forum. Maybe as you experiment, you will stumble on something that works for you. I hope so and wish you luck.


Wed, Nov 8 5:31pm · What brand of turmeric is best for a diabetic? in Diabetes/Endocrine System

Thanks @lisalucier. I stopped investigating turmeric. I read articles and found several people to talk to about it. (Not doctors, but people who have had experience with it) After weighing my situation, I decided not to take turmeric. I am hesitant to take any medicines unless I have absolute faith in the claims, and I didn’t find enough pros for this herb for me.

I continue not to have to take any meds for my diabetes2, but my blood is still high in the A.M. It goes down during the day, and then it seems that regardless of what I eat for supper, it is still high in the A.M. When I asked the endo. about that, I think I told you, he made no suggestions or comment—“just keep doing what you’re doing as numbers are really good.”

For the last weeks diabetes is not my main problem; I am having horrific personal problems that have made me feel ill and have insomnia. I don’t think there is a solution, but I am spending my time trying to find some answers. So diabetes is on the back burner for now.

I hope everyone is doing well with their diabetes and other health issues. We all have crosses to bear and then add illness and it’s like the weight of the world on our shoulders.

God bless all.


Thu, Oct 19 12:35pm · What brand of turmeric is best for a diabetic? in Diabetes/Endocrine System

Thanks, Colleen. It seems that recently, I have heard about turmeric rather frequently. The people I know are well educated and their doctors are aware that they are taking this herb. I don’t know everyone I’ve heard from, but it seems that the herb is a better choice and has none of the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs like Metformin. As you know I research almost daily, and in doing so I have discovered other herbal treatments for diabetes that real people have found lower A1c and help inflammation and boost the immune system. To date I have kept my diabetes in check and don’t have to take any medicine. I was in range at my endo appointment last week, so no changes. I don’t have another appointment for four months. He says I am a “controlled diabetic” and don’t need to change anything.
I am curious enough to continue researching turmeric. It is interesting to think that turmeric might have more benefits for diabetes than any of Big Pharma’s expensive drugs.

Thanks for your information.


Wed, Oct 18 7:26pm · What brand of turmeric is best for a diabetic?

I have read about turmeric and have developed arthritis in my hands and my knee joint. I have two friends who take turmeric regularly and swear by it. They are like I am—totally avoid medicines from Big Pharma if possible. They say it is a blessing. I’m not sure what way is best—pills or powder mixed with water. I read the entry of turmeric with synthroid, but what about a diabetic taking it to help with joint pain? I have taken glucosamine, and that helps a little bit, but people who take turmeric say it basically does away with the pain. I know it’s not a cure, but if it helps the pain, I would like to try it. I read where turmeric has to have pepper with it. I know there are quacks and faux products, but the good ones are natural, herbal and have been used for years for joint pain and other problems. I think natural is best. Not paying Big Pharma to hawk a medicine that costs a fortune.

Thanks for any help.


Wed, Sep 27 2:55pm · What to eat when the right food isn't available (Hurricane Irma)? in Diabetes/Endocrine System

Today I found a good meal for me, at least, at Applebee’s. They have a smoked salmon on spinach and two sides. I got roasted veggies (squash and red bell peppers) and steamed broccoli. I don’t like fish, but the salmon was not that extreme fish taste and was really good. I took my blood at the time after eating and it was 98! That is very good for me—-anything under 100 makes me happy. I know salmon is on the “good: list of foods and the veggies are a usual for me, so I had fun eating out and having something that did not spike my blood. I have also found that eating at Cracker Barrel works for me, but only if I eat vegetables. that is proportioned already and my blood is always good after a vegetable plate. I get green beans, turnips, steamed broccoli and cabbage. Always under 100. I drink water and have no bread. So that’s two meals I can eat out with not quilt.
Have fun on your vacation.


Tue, Sep 26 4:25pm · What to eat when the right food isn't available (Hurricane Irma)? in Diabetes/Endocrine System

I wouldn’t use the word grieving. Pity Parties cause people to distance themselves so I eat what I think will be the lesser of the evils and enjoy myself, as others do. I don’t think there is a person who hasn’t had a cheat treat ever. We are human and we do not always follow the rules. I do not drink. I do not smoke, so an illegal serving of something won’t be the death of me. I haven’t found anything that gives me the same reading two days in a row. I don’t think that’s possible—too many variables every day. I do the best I can and try to be consistent, but it doesn’t always work. I just see if adjusting items makes a difference; it’s trial and error for me since I don’t have a diet that says exactly what and how much for every meal. Again we are all different. I mostly eat vegetables and chicken. If I’m out and about, I don’t substitute. I eat what I’ve found is okay and don’t obsess over every bite I put in my mouth. Diabetes is a frustrating disease that I despise, and at my age it just makes the golden years really rusty, so I do it my way, since all I’ve researched basically says that’s what it has to be because we have to regard individuality.

Mon, Sep 25 7:51pm · What to eat when the right food isn't available (Hurricane Irma)? in Diabetes/Endocrine System

We are back to normal after Irma. It is too hot for late September; it’s been in the 90’s with humidity also in the 90’s. It feels damp everywhere, but that’s fairly typical for our area. Irma is gone and repairs are made and our water is back to “normal.” We are lucky that we didn’t have the damage so many thousands of people did and that so many thousands are dealing with in other areas.
I also have Type 2 diabetes. It is a pain and takes away most things my husband and I enjoyed. Traveling to the beach for fresh fried seafood, eating yummy steaks with all the trimmings, tailgating on Football Saturday with everything grilled, fried, and luscious sweets to snack on. I love veggies, but there are times when eating vegetables just aren’t good. I don’t want a salad to tailgate! I have a severe sweet tooth, but I haven’t had but one small piece of cake and one piece of candy in 16 months. That’s unheard of for me. I also haven’t had a piece of fried chicken or chili or spaghetti and all the comfort foods—-just veggies and chicken; the same every day but Sunday when we have 90/10 hamburger steak. I am not a cook, so my attempts at my age are not that successful. My husband gets meat and potato hungry and sometimes just heads to a drive through for a big, yummy burger and fries. Sometimes I wonder at my age if I just ignore the restrictions and eat what I want how long it would be before I died. Then I realize that I think I’ll stick around a while longer if the Good Lord lets me.
So I keep on keeping on.


Fri, Sep 22 7:56pm · What to eat when the right food isn't available (Hurricane Irma)? in Diabetes/Endocrine System

I am not really qualified to address the role stress plays in diabetes for everyone, but it does have a negative effect on me. I have talked to several friends I am in touch with, and they agree that stress does seem to elevate the blood numbers. My stress is pretty much a constant. I do not sleep well at night. I feel as if I’m wasting time if I’m asleep, and that makes me stressed. I know I need to be calm and relaxed, but that isn’t always possible. When I am stressed, my blood pressure also increases and so does my blood. I am trying to research to see the correlation. My endo. also told me that I was too stressed, and that made my body have to work harder to absorb the stress. I don’t know if that is true or not. I do know that when personal problems change my routine, my blood sugar is higher. For now my husband is having heart problems. He has been a cardio patient with heart disease for seven years. This includes a heart attack, numerous heart caths, blood pressure at stroke level. All of that keeps me totally on edge. I get upset when my blood is high, and that causes more stress. I do not know if other people react this way, but this is the way I am. Even at my age, I cannot change. I am going to be stressed out and in control of what’s going on. That’s one reason I have a problem with most people in the medical profession. I read and research before appointments so that they cannot talk med-speak to me, and I ask questions that make them know that I am informed. Each person has to know his/her body and be aware of what’s happening. Being stressed is difficult. If people can learn to calm themselves, that can be effective. Rather than cry and yell about diabetes, I do my best to control it with what I know. Diabetes is a disease that I will always have, but I must be on top of the disease and do what I can to keep it from taking me down. This old lady still has a lot of fight left in her.