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Mon, Mar 9 2:55pm · Living Donor Process in Transplants

@marvinjsturing One positive in your journey is that you have been through pancreatic cancer before so you know what to expect. Hopefully, this time will be easier. Then another five years sounds like too long, but getting your pancreas well is the first step again. Sometimes we wonder why things happen the way they do. I read a book entitled, Why Bad Things Happen to Good People. It is a comforting read, if you feel like thinking through that. It was given to me when I was going through a hard time in my life, and I found some consolation. You know that people are thinking of you every day and asking for help and comfort for you. Positive thoughts and prayers go nightly from me. If asking and praying can make things happen, then it will happen in your favor. It's just going to take a little more time. Growing up, I prayed daily for a bad situation in my life to be better. My mother told me and I have heard pastors and religious people say that the Good Lord doesn't get in a hurry, so we have to have patience. Stay in touch; I'll lift you up from my home, and I know others will too.

Thu, Mar 5 6:26pm · Living Donor Process in Transplants

@marvinjsturing I am disappointed that the cancer has returned, and I know you didn't expect that. However, it is wonderful that you are getting help fast and can start treatment to defeat the cancer again and get back on track for your transplant. I have been out of commission so I am sorry to be late responding. I have been thinking of you, and I will continue to pray that when all is said and done that you will walk out feeling terrific.

Wed, Feb 26 11:39am · Let’s Go Walking! Join me for a virtual walking support group in Cancer: Managing Symptoms

@contentandwell This post sounds like an echo of Lighten your Limbs with Friends. Some of the same comments, but if it gets people moving, it's a good thing. I am not familiar with most of the names, so it is new for them. My world is rough right now, but we're dealing with the problems. Hope all goes well and that everyone is "On the Road Again."

Sun, Feb 16 8:21pm · Living Donor Process in Transplants

@marvinjsturing I am sorry to hear this, but at least you are getting a second opinion from Mayo. Let's hope and pray for the best. I understand how hard it is when nothing seems to be going in the right direction, but just stay strong and think positively that things will work out. I will continue to pray for you.

Thu, Feb 13 9:11pm · Recurrent urinary tract infections (UTI) in Kidney & Bladder

@sandyhelman Hello and welcome. I am Carol, a retired teacher of 45 years. I have a long history of UTI's. My problem was usually a result of not going to the bathroom during the day. UTI's are often called Teachers' Disease. Teachers can't leave students alone, so holding it was the only way and not drinking fluids. This finally reached the point that my PCP would not treat me for the problem but sent me to a urologist. He was very stern about drinking water often and going to the bathroom regularly. He would never prescribe any meds unless he had lab results that warranted them. Eventually, we got the situation under control and I have had only one UTI in the last four years. So that is considered "normal." I no longer work. I retired and am able to drink water all day and go to the restroom as needed. Whatever is causing your frequent UTI's can probably best be addressed by a urologist; that's their training. Can you get an appointment and see one to get help? I hope this can be diagnosed and resolved. Will you let us know what you find out?

Tue, Feb 11 11:43am · Eliminating Foods for Neuropathy pain in Neuropathy

@lisalucier @catro My endo has decided I don't have neuropathy. I eat tomatoes daily and use Truvia in my morning coffee. I can't tell any difference in any foods I eat causing problems except with my diabetes. That is my main concern now as the numbers are too high, and foods don't seem to make a difference. So, I'm trying to get that under control.

Fri, Jan 31 5:06pm · Diet for diabetic and low oxalate requirements in Diabetes/Endocrine System

@denny2019 I am so glad you found a dietitian who can help. This is a tough problem to try to figure out what to eat when the diets are at odds. I am glad you found someone who can guide you and work with you to get a meal plan in place so that you don't have to stop and check everything. To have a month of meals is ambitious, but you will be happy when you've worked it out once it is completed. Also @jbrj04 and @ denise1892 have you tried a dietician? It sounds as if this may be the best step to deal with the conflicting diets.

Fri, Jan 24 6:28pm · Diet for diabetic and low oxalate requirements in Diabetes/Endocrine System

@denny2019 Welcome to Connect. I am Carol, a Volunteer Mentor and a retired teacher of 45 years. I have diabetes 2 and kidney stones, but not the hundreds you have had. Unfortunately, as I indicated in my post above, the diabetes diet and the oxalate diet are not friends. The only way I have found is to research the foods and see what the numbers are. The diabetes diet is much easier until oxalates are in the mix; that makes it difficult, but not impossible. As I suggested to @jbrj04 it's a time-consuming research to see if a food is okay for diabetes and for oxalates. Checking the ingredients is the only way I have found that works. As I suggested, I use index cards that help me so that I don't have to repeat the research for certain foods. Once I find something that works, I have a tendency to repeat it often rather than trying to discover something that requires a lot of time researching before I prepare a meal. Maybe some sessions with a dietician would give you more information. Have you seen a dietician? I hope you can find someone who can offer more suggestions.