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1 day ago · Living Donor Process in Transplants

@marvinjsturing. Marvin, Just another bump in the road. We'll pray that this is just a tiny problem that can easily be corrected. I am so happy that they have put you on the list and as soon as you get all the tests done or redone as they require, the road to transplant city should be smooth. Things are looking up.

4 days ago · Getting back to healthy eating after the holidays in Diabetes/Endocrine System

@rosemarya I had to give myself a tough talk about being in control. I've always been in control, but lately I have allowed myself to have a pity party because there are things that I have no control over that make me disappointed. However, I went back to the "get hold of myself and do it!" I have not missed a day, and I must lose some weight. So, I returned to a rigid diet. I have veggies for lunch, and have cabbage soup (Wt. Watchers) and a sandwich or salad for supper. I have counted carbs and calories as Wt. Watchers says, "If you bite it, write it." I did not weigh when I started, but I will soon. The scale is not my friend so I'll start weighing once a week. I do not eat much meat and my veggies are limited. Fruit is my enemy also. So my meals are eating to get healthy, not eating for something delicious and illegal for diabetics. My blood numbers are still too high. They have been so off the charts that I have to see if I can get back on track; it is a challenge I like. If that doesn't work, then I'll see an endo somewhere (since the only endo here retired), If I have to go to a new endo., I will not be happy. I don't like new doctors. But it may be necessary. I am very stubborn and hardheaded, so I will continue making myself do what I must whether I like it or not.
Thanks, Rosemary, for asking. It's good to have accountability.

Fri, Jan 10 8:21am · Lighten Your Limbs With Friends in Diabetes/Endocrine System

@hopeful33250 I appreciate you comments, Teresa, and I am aware of Metformin and have discussed all of this with my endo. The side effects of that medicine are well documented and it is not for every diabetic. I have other issues that this medicine would not help, but make worse. I have read many, many articles, posts, and research and most indicate that this is a medicine that is prescribed too often. I have read posts on this forum that are anti-Metformin. As you said it's not for everybody, and it is a decision my dr. and I make. There is an article that explains this med that Big Pharma pushes doctors to prescribe. If you read "Doctors who know do not prescribe Metformin," you will see the problems. I am doing what I can and what I need to do. If I get to the point that I need a medicine, I'm sure it will not be Metformin. As you said, "We are all individuals and each case is different."

Fri, Jan 10 8:04am · Living Donor Process in Transplants

@marvinjsturing Praying that your call comes soon and that you will go as fast as you can to get your transplant.

Thu, Jan 9 6:38pm · Lighten Your Limbs With Friends in Diabetes/Endocrine System

@dorisena I am aware of Metformin and the other drugs for Diabetes. However, I think my endocrinologist knows best what I need. He says I am a controlled diabetic 2 and adding medicines that just mask but do not cure the disease are not necessary for me at this time.

Thu, Jan 9 6:23pm · Lighten Your Limbs With Friends in Diabetes/Endocrine System

@kateia Thanks for your concern. We have been in this situation for years, so we'll be okay. But, I will always put my husband first. I will get things taken care of—all in good time.

Thu, Jan 9 5:17pm · Living Donor Process in Transplants

@marvinjsturing It seems as if you have done all you can do and have followed the protocol with the tests and assessments. Now is the hard part: to wait and hear the decision of the results of the meeting. I will continue to pray that you will get a go ahead call and get the transplant as soon as possible. You have continued to be brave and positive and know you have a circle of people lending more strength to your circle. I hope to know that you will be accepted and be ready. We are your cheerleaders.

Thu, Jan 9 8:24am · Chronic Illnesses of Millions of Women Left Untreated in Women's Health

@rarelybees2889 I agree that age is a major element in deciding treatment, and Big Pharma is right there running the show. I took a hormone for years. My gynecologist told me I would need it for life. And, when we moved, my new doc continued the prescription. However, two years ago the insurance would not cover and denied the prescription because of my age. Now, they didn't say that, but my dr. did. There was nothing she could do. She filed letters of complaint and we did too, but to no avail. I will never understand that. If your doctor prescribes, and you have insurance, the pill business should not be allowed to deny it. Why do I go to a doctor? The insurance offices should just practice medicine! It's wrong and ridiculous, but not even doctors can do anything about it.