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Sun, Sep 1 7:00pm · Polymyalgia rheumatica in Autoimmune Diseases

Hi John this is Roland it has been a while since I have been on but have been following all the post. Now to all who have PMR like you it is a struggle well not exactly. To all who follow the Mayo web site on PMR. first of all I have had it for 3.6 years. The symptoms are all the same along with my hips, shoulders, wrist & fingers. I started on 20 mg of prednisone down to 10 then 5 an then well it is how do you feel in decreasing the dosage. Well it is up to how one's feel's I am still on 2.5 mg. & depending on the weather it could be 5 mg. Now to all the DR's does not know how much discomfort you can tolerate so It is up to the individual on how much pred. you should take, now my pain threshold is moderate so I can tolerate some discomfort if not more. Now I am 78 yrs old I still bicycle, go to the gym, motorcycle & yes in the winter downhill ski. I refuse to let this this autoimmune disease put an end to my life. Folks with PMR don't let it get you down like it did me in my early stages. Give it hell & keep it going. OH by the way hips are ok but shoulders, wrist & 8 fingers & neck still an issue but I will over come it I hope. God bless everyone with the issue.

Wed, Feb 6 8:11am · PMR strength in Autoimmune Diseases

Well noosat no-one really enjoys taking any type of medication but lets face it we need medication to enjoy some quality of life. Prednisone at a low dose is not to bad yes there could be side effects but overall is isn't to bad. Yes try reducing at a slow rate & if it doesn't work up it. As I had said on one of my replies keep active it helps take your mind off the discomforting pain.

Fri, Feb 1 8:39am · PMR strength in Autoimmune Diseases

To all that suffer from PMR think positive. This is what I mean I am almost 78 PMR came on 2 years ago very depressing when it props up then as time went on I learnt to live with it. I told myself I'll be darned if this is going to get the best of me. Now I do gym work 4 days a week, this time of the year I down hill ski, summer time I still take trips on my motorcycle. Active you might say but believe me it take my mind off the discomfort to the point that at the end of the day I am amazed on how good I feel & then of course the next morning it starts all over again. The big secret is keep active volunteer at the hospital or something I myself I am with our local police dept. for the last 12 years. KEEP MOVING

Wed, Jan 30 6:45am · PMR Anyone? in Autoimmune Diseases

Hi John yes tapering off the pred. is tricky as you know. It all depends on a couple of factors, how much discomfort you can stand will determine on how much prednisone you need. no 2 bodies are alike & where do you stand of the 1-10 pain threshold. As I had stated before plenty of exercise & a good diet helps. After almost 2 years dealing with PMR I am stuck on 5mg/daily tried to go lower only to find myself going back to 5mg. Strange disease but life goes on & yes thanks to the pred.

Dec 30, 2018 · PMR strength in Autoimmune Diseases

Hi my name is Roland I have not been replying for some times now, but keep reading the PMR issues. Yes I have had PMR now for 20 months. I started with 20mg & went down to 5mg in 12 months. Then slowly down to 2-1/2mg for a couple of months I thought I was doing pretty good with that, then I noticed that the discomfort increased both wrist & fingers then my neck & shoulders I had to go back up to 5mg. Sounds familiar doesn't it, all typical with PMR patient's. I still work out at the gym 4 days a week & 2 days ago 6 hours on the shovel (snow removal). Yes I feel it but try to keep my mind off of it & that seems to work. John is as a good mentor he has done a lot of research on the auto immune disease he is the pro on it. Doctors cannot help you much with PMR & the dose of prednisone to take. MY Dr. says only the patient knows how much pain he or she can tolerate before upping or decreasing the dosage. Not much help I know but PMR has a mind of it's own it will leave you body when it feels like it. Hang in there it will get better.

May 6, 2018 · PMR Anyone? in Autoimmune Diseases

Hi my name is Roland & I have PMR I have had it for 15 months. I know you are frustrated about not being to get rid of your PMR. Now I don't know what your Dr. told you but there is no cure for PMR just pain treatment & try to work out every day. This is an autoimmune disease & it is suppose to go away by itself they say 1 to 3 years & maybe even a reoccurrence. I started with 20 mg/day of prednisone & am now stuck on 5 mg/day. My pain went away but right now it is in all my finger joints a little uncomfortable but it doesn't stop me from doing anything that I wish to do. Now with prednisone there are possible side effects & of course with all medications one takes. You have to start on a dose which controls your pain & very slowly decrease the dosage. You see with steroids taking an oral dose your body is tricked on not making it so you just cannot stop taking it all at once you have to wean yourself off the stuff. John Bishop is a good mentor on the PMR not a Dr. but a person that has had it so he is very knowledgeable on that subject. Don't give up your pain is treatable & along with plenty of exercise every day you should be okay.

Apr 30, 2018 · Searching for Answers With Others: Meet @johnbishop in About Connect: Who, What & Why

Yes I do watch it very closely. I have had no problems on prednisone & no visible side effects. I can put up with a little discomfort but if it gets to bad I can always up the dosage not that I would want to but quality of life does matter.

Apr 29, 2018 · Searching for Answers With Others: Meet @johnbishop in About Connect: Who, What & Why

John thanks for your efforts, I think I know what keeps you doing what you do & that is a positive attitude which is what you pass on to people that not only have PMR but other autoimmune problems. Now I have not shaken my PMR I am still on 5mg/day would like to decrease but I still have effects of PMR mainly in all my finger knuckle joints. The rest of my joints in my body are doing well. It now has been 14 months since I came down with PMR started with 20mg now down to 5 mg & again with no side effects that I can tell but then who knows what is lingering inside my body. Am still active riding my bicycle, motorcycle, gym work 4 days a week & spending a lot of time at the police dept. as a volunteer police. The secrete with this PMR is keep active & busy. Again John thanks for your inputs.