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May 8, 2017 · Anyone here dealing with peripheral neuropathy? in Neuropathy

Greenville50. This is my first time to post. I shared a number of things I have tried.Like i

May 4, 2017 · Does anyone have a treatment for Neuropathy due to chemo in Neuropathy

I just happened to pull this up during my latest search for PN due to chemo.I have had increasing pain, numbness, burning, stinging, etc or at least 10 years now. I’ve tried just about everything that somebody said might work, to include hyperbaric treatment ,numerous injections of marcaine, acupuncture, and a tens type machine to help re-connect the nerves, without much success so far. I do get some relief to sleep by using Lidocain pads on my feet @ night. Recently I volunteered for a laser demo in an office considering the purchase of a laser. l had one tx. To my surprise as well as the doctor and the designer/builder- I had complete relief! I mean no pain for the next 4 days! When it did return it came back with vengeance. I was told that this was due to the nerves starting to repair and thus able to send better messages to the brain- THAT IT HURT ! Unfortunately they decided not to purchase the laser at this time. The only provider is 3 1/2- 4hrs away and riding is extremely painful due to other post-op problems. I have been told that it will take approx.15 txs. over 3-4 weeks and it is not covered by Insurance @ this time. We are looking to see how we can work this out. I will let you all know. Does anyone else have any experience.?