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May 2, 2017 · Pain Doctors restricting treatment in Chronic Pain

All pain clinic are against oxy to I went to one thevsaid long term goal was to get off meds. I may have taken the whole appt wrong but I was pissed. Felt like they were treating me like an addict. I never went back their

May 2, 2017 · Chronic Back Pain for Years in Spine Health

My Dr left my pain clinic and they didn’t have enough staff to see her pt we were all turned away. I called and called all kinds of clinics they all want to get you off the pain meds I’m like no way I can’t do that. Then setting up a drug councline apt I felt like they were treating me like a drug addict. I never went back I went to my family practice dr and told him everything. He’s great so he fills my scripts monthly. I havnt had as many problems as I seen mentioned in your post but I’ve lived my own night marish stuff my L5S1 disc slipped out further in nov causing Cauda equina syndrome (CES) after surgery I was the same. They say the nerves should heal and remember what they do but I live with a foley and all the issues I seem to have. Even now after surgery I’m still in so much pain. I thought some would subside but only way I get through the day is oxy.

May 2, 2017 · Cauda equina syndrome (CES) in Spine Health

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May 2, 2017 · Cauda equina syndrome (CES) in Spine Health

2011 I started with pain down my legs I could hardly walk it was so painful. After the MRI didn’t come out well at a clinic I went to the hospital suicidal saying I’d rather die than live like that another day. They did MRI and found I had L5S1 slipped disk. They admitted me for pain management and started me on pain meds. I was relived finally I knew what was wrong and had meds to help the pain. Found a pain clinic and my first injection was wonderful took the shooting leg pain away. I tried a couple more with little success then the last on he knick something which caused a large hematoma. So very painful. Swore I’d never do it again. Last nov I turned from the sink heard a pop and instant pain I thought it was like other times where some prednisone would do the trick. It got worse I started loosing feeling below and pee just poured out when I stood. I went right to ER. The surgery they said I could not have because of weight was finally being done. 5 months later I still have tons of nerve type pain and I have a foley cuz I have Cauda equina syndrome (CES).