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Sun, Sep 8 9:00pm · prolapsed bladder improvement in Kidney & Bladder

Colleen, I've dealt with being overweight off and on all my life ! 216 my top weight at 5 ft 6 ". But at age 78 now knowing I need to do everything possible to maintain some semblance of good health I just started eating less and small amounts more often, though I've known and probably been on every diet known to man kind in my life ! I am not very physically active and need to do better, try to walk more often. Plus I've not changed anything else in my life . Wish I could be telling you I followed some fabulous diet that was easy as pie to explain my weight loss. But that's unfortunately not the case. I am just stunned my prolapsed bladder has improved so greatly with the weight loss ! It certainly was never thought about nor had any doctor or friend ever suggested it might occur ! Thanks for your interest. Sally

Wed, Sep 4 7:52pm · prolapsed bladder improvement in Kidney & Bladder

I want to share my prolapsed bladder–which I'd never had surgery for —- that I'd been using a pessary to let me be comfortable now is at least 85 % -90% better thanks unbelievably and evidently because I have lot 35 pounds. At 5" 6" and 77 years old, I had weighed between 200 and 217 for the last 15 or so years ! But this 35 pound loss has made all the difference in the world ! I currently only use the pessary—which is a manual one I control the usage of—when I am going to be on my feet or more physically active than usual that day ! I probably wouldn't have believed a weight loss would improve my "fallen" bladder so much if anyone had told me such ! But it's true and I am grateful for it ! Hopefully I will be losing another 20 pounds or so soon ! Will be interesting to see if the bladder situation improves then too ! Best wishes !

Wed, Sep 4 7:43pm · Lichen sclerosus anyone? in Autoimmune Diseases

Actually no one advised the sitz bath. I happened to have one of the plastic tubs on hand from a long ago hemorrhoid problem and thought the warm water would be soothing. Which it was ! But like previously mentioned I stopped using it, fearful it might be a germ carrier of some sort ! I'll never know if that had anything to do with my (hopeful ) recovery ! But it's my story! So far, so good still to this day ! And I wish everyone reading this would have the same sort of luck ! Best wishes !

Mon, Jul 15 10:39am · Lichen sclerosus anyone? in Autoimmune Diseases

No one suggested I use the sitz bath. I had one on hand that relieved a long ago hemorrhoid problem . The warm water DID provide some comfort , as hoped for, though it certainly was temporary !

Mon, Jul 15 10:14am · Lichen sclerosus anyone? in Autoimmune Diseases

I am posting ONLY to give hope to others their lichen schlerosis will go away like mine did ! From April 2018 to July 2018 I was diagnosed with it and treated by my female gynecologist who prescribed a dab of Clobetasol daily ! It was only on one side and high up on the outer lips BUT it nearly drove me crazy ! At age 77 then it was just AWFUL ! Unfortunately I can not recall what if anything significant that I did or changed that might have contributed to it going away ! But all of a sudden it was gone ! And remains to to this day, knock on wood. Occasionally I will feel a tiny little itchy/scratchy feeling like it might be coming back. But I always reach for a dab of Clobetasol which seems to take care of it ! For whatever it's worth, including zero, I am totally celibate . The only thing I can think of that I changed was not sitting in my plastic sitz bath with warm water for relief. I stopped using it wondering if there were some sort of germs on the plastic bowl, itself. I am not suggesting that contributed to it going away. Who knows !! However I can't help but wonder if, except for the Clobetasol, keeping the area more dry rather than more moist was a key to it going away ! ANYWAY, I know all this sounds crazy and I agree ! Nevertheless, here's hope yours also will go away SOOON —and fingers crossed mine will not return ! !

May 4, 2018 · Lichen sclerosus anyone? in Autoimmune Diseases

Suggestions for relief ???

Jul 7, 2017 · Xarelto in Heart Rhythm Conditions

76 yr old female after two episodes was diagnosed with a fib…Been on Xarelto 18 months…NO problems whatsoever…In fact whether it’s the benefit of Xarelto or the other 4 drugs the cardiologist prescribed I feel so much better than in the last few years ! Wishing the same good luck for you too ! Sally