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Sun, May 17 4:21pm · Atrial Fibrillation (AFib): How can I manage it? in Heart Rhythm Conditions

No one should go off any drug including metoprolol other with their doctor s guidance. Metoprolol controls your heart rate so it doesn' t go too high which is typical when go into AFib. so you need this drug to control the rate. Heart rhythm is a different story: that s where you use a drug (antiarrhythmic drug such as dofetilide)or procedure ( such as ablation) to control the rhythm to keep it regular instead of going into atrial fibrillation. Rate and rhythm are two components of your heart treated with different meds and/or procedures

Mon, May 4 12:31pm · Weaning off Metoprolol in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I am a patient at Mayo with Afib. I see Dr AJ Deshmukh for electrophysiology cardiology and I also have a cardiologist who is kind of like a primary care provider in Cardiology, Dr John Giudicessi. An EP Card is only going to try to manage for example Afib procedurally. Like wise other issues such as pacer needs etc. Dr Guidicessi manages all aspects of your heart health including heart failure, and refers to Cardiology specialists as needed based on whatever the heart issues are. I love them both. Great patient relationships. Excellent experts.

Fri, Mar 27 12:21pm · Constant cough (4 months) in Breast Cancer

You should get checked out by a pulmonologist. He/She will also advise whether is related to your heart not your pulmonary system That needs to be ruled in or out.

Mon, Feb 10 8:51am · Heart Rhythm Conditions – Welcome to the group in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Since you already have two stents you know you have CAD, Coronary Artery Disease, which means maybe there is another small blockage slowly building up somewhere in your coronary artery system. Only way to know is to go to your Cardiologist and get tested to determine if the extra exercise on your heart is having the pain caused by another small blockage.

Dec 22, 2019 · Medical devices to monitor heart rhythm (i.e., Alivecor, KardiaMobile) in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Yes and no. Cardiologists like the app on the Apple watch better às being more reliable.

Dec 15, 2019 · Mapping vs EP study in Heart Rhythm Conditions

The STIM study measures the electrical activity of the heart

Dec 14, 2019 · Mapping vs EP study in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Dr Deshmakh has excellent English.