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Dec 20, 2019 · Anyone experience rapid progressive hearing loss in one ear? in Hearing Loss

Ok so you had full work up to discount the physical possibilities. In my case apart from getting the MRI diagnosis nothing else has been done. My hearing on that side went from zero to slight sound. And the bell palsy type facial paralysis has gone with some sensory dullness and intermittent movement loss. My severe headaches and facial pain have also reduced.  I just go to bed when bad. I did wonder why I had the head neck heaviness and realised I had my head turned to try and balance up the hearing. That also has improved since I reset my head to stay straight on my shoulders. I am presuming your B 12 is ok and you are not on any ototoxic meds or environment. Hope someone can come up with a suggestion 

Dec 20, 2019 · Anyone experience rapid progressive hearing loss in one ear? in Hearing Loss

I feel for you. Do you have any balance problems also. Like first thing in the morning.? I went 12 yrs with balance and face and earache before finally having total deafness in my right ear.
I consulted prof Google and came up with either MS or AN as the cause so when the doc went to flip me off again I demanded that he prove it wasn't one of those diagnoses.
It turned out to be an AN. it seems mine might have emploded itself and symptoms are back to those of 6 yrs ago. I was diagnosed back 2015.
I haven't bothered with any hearing support.
But do have an MRI if you haven't already.

Sep 19, 2019 · Smartphone question: Which one is best for hard of hearing people? in Hearing Loss

I have single sided deafness with hyperacusis. So using a phone is very hard.
I found it easier if I phone folk making sure I am in a quiet place. I also have the phone on speaker.
Explain my hearing distortion and if it's a really important call that I need all details I ask for an email followup of the conversation

Sep 5, 2019 · Balance issues and hearing loss in Hearing Loss

I was falling and heavily. Also knocking into things. Doorways were not wide enough. I was flicked off by my PC many times between 2002 and 2012. Things finally escalated in 2015 and I was diagnosed with an acoustic neuroma. Having that mental challenge that now I had a caterpillar in my head helped.
Now I have trained myself to look ahead. If I want to look at something I stop and turn. I guess I'm a fast moving robot. Each position and action is separate. Now I take a tumble about twice a year.
I also had bilateral cataract surgery so vision improved.
If I have to go out in the dark I take two torches or flashlights.
Hope those few hints help cos it sure hurts when we tumble

Aug 27, 2019 · Controlling Tinnitus: What works for you? in Hearing Loss

Remain skeptical. Apart from mind training to distract from the annoying sounds I haven't heard of anything better than placebo. White sound etc is meant to help. I just pretend it's a sign of intelligence

Aug 7, 2019 · Scoliosis & back braces, devices in Spine Health

Mine is only mild scoliosis, as such, can still be a pain in the proverbial tho.
The person who actually identified it was the priest who jokingly told me he could hear me walking down the aisle for communion and noted that I had an unequal clomp, clunk [in those days we had those metal plates on our soles to make them last] and it was later confirmed by Xrays, etc
I was told by my physio to always try and walk straight upright, stand upright and when lying make sure the spine was as straight as it could be, so that my leg with the tilted pelvis being one inch shorter than the other wasnt allowed to become 2 inches.
I have no bend in the lower part of my spine now so its either tip at the hips or get down on the knees

Nov 21, 2018 · The Pathways to Celiac Disease in Gastroenterology & GI Surgery

You really are in a hard place right now, so feeling for you. I had similar problems that you have but not to such a degree, and so have a wee inkling of what you are going through, including the marriage break up in the early 40s scenario. and the baby loss.
Have you tried a gluten and dairy free diet, intolerance doesnt show up on tests, its on history only. And until I went strictly that way, I finally got a life,
I'd be wary of having the prolapse fixed, until you have your diet under control which is controlling your constipation, No surgical suture and re-design can stop it happening again.
Your migraines, your brain fog, your dark grey cloud and anxiety, all lead to the 'opinion' that you are somehow poisoning yourself and gluten sure is something that can do that. Esp the beer and starchy foods is tho you have a candida problem which also can come from chronic gluten irritation of the gut wall.
So what is my opinion,???
its worth the 3mths of strict diet, that is checking EVERY label, cut out the processed foods, try and go to cooking from scratch and getting fruit and veges in. They dont have to be fresh, frozen is fine. Then if you see improvement make that your life
Be prepared for other things taking over the irritation as the gut starts to repair. It took me years to work out that SOY causes gastric bleeds,
Just as a hint, I milk my own goat, for milk, I have rice as my go-to for crackers and bread replacement, [got to put the beetroot on something]! I try to get most food from my orchard and garden, which I fully understand is hard to do if you dont have acreage.
Meanwhile for your poor fog brain, write notes, lots of magnets on the fridge, retrain yourself to think, use your notes on your cell phone. do puzzles and other memory games and try to go out for a walk daily.
Re train your gut with exercise, food and fluid, and you may 1. not need the surgery if its manageable. 2. feel better. 3 start living
I was 42 when my new life started and tho it crashed again at 50 for other reasons, Im more alive now 20yrs later than I was back in the mid 30s suffering many problems

Jul 19, 2018 · Health Habits: Medication Reminders in Healthy Living

Cut the months page of the calendar out and stick it to your fridge, with the dates ringed. Otherwise Id be using google calendar and have it connected to your cell phone and/or computer to ping at you each 5th day. . Agree nothing easier than 'on sun'