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Thu, Jan 23 10:56am · Laminectomy with fusions in Spine Health

hello, I had the procedure you are talking about starting from the time I was 24 and last surgery 36. It was like a domino, you alter one and here I am at age 59 with the back of an 80 year old. Following L4-5 S1, they all ended up herniated. I just found out there is a bulge in the only remaining disc. L1. Would I do it i over? NO. I always thought when the pain gets bad enough what else could I do. No, the fusion was a disaster. I was told there was a non union, I was told it looked great, and told it wasn’t there. At my 6 week check up for my first surgery, I told the doctor it doesn’t feel like you did anything, he said it was surgery pain. I asked him to humor me and do an MRI, the part of the disc they left because they only take what is bulged, was bulged, just this time it was the part they left. I lost my 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, now my 50’s. I was in good shape, I loved life. I have spent all those years in pain and given an 8 pound weight restriction. I could not have a pregnancy because my back couldn’t take it, which wasn’t a problem since it couldn’t take a sex life either. Ask yourself how bad is it. If your life sucks now, I would risk it, otherwise, run and don’t look back. Good Luck, From Michaela Just one thing, once the get you on the narcotics, when they are finished with you, you are on own. In pain. Most likely wind up in a Pain Clinic.

Thu, Jan 23 10:56am · Laminectomy with fusions in Spine Health

Thank you for responding. I am in the process of getting the nerve stimulater implant, quite a long process. After two medial branch blocks and a Radio Frequency Ablation, I am trying to find people who had had the implant device. I have three doctors that I work with, all with a different opinion. I was told most people have them removed aft a couple of months due to all kinds of problems. After having this for 25 years, I am not very trusting of the medical community. Good luck to you as well, thank you for sharing, Michaela