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Apr 14, 2017 · Post Concussive Changes Leading to (Possible?) Acquire Savant Syndrome in Brain & Nervous System

Hello all.

My name is Jenifer Newburn.

In July of last year, I suffered (another) traumatic brain injury while mountain climbing. The last week of October, I (yet again) hit my head…. and approximately one week later, I had three grand mal seizures within a 30 minute period.

Afterward, my cognition changed quite dramatically…

In addition to some cognitive decline (i.e. headaches, memory loss, and the “normal” post-concussive side effects), I experienced significant personality changes, as well as a “creepy” increase of “computing” power within my brain. Before the multiple injuries, I was fairly intelligent, but had basically what equated to a 9th grade education level. As my brain slowly began to “rewire” itself, I began to notice strange correlations between seemingly random bits of information, started quoting philosophers I’ve never even heard I read previously, and even have “understood” physics, mathematics, and even engineering….

Being the hypochondriac I had always been, I Googled “traumatic brain injury + increased intelligence” and found that there were only approximately 30-40 cases of “acquired savant syndrome” documented.

I guess the reason I am posting on this board is to see if there are any Neurologists willing to possibly work with me on a pro bono basis. I say pro bono, because preceding the realization that I may have “unlocked” hidden potential within my brain, there were a lot of issues that lead me to an interesting, albeit frightening, path to “enlightenment” – whereby, I lost nearly EVERYTHING, including my sanity there for a brief moment.

Slowly, I am piecing those remnants of my fractured life, just like my brain in slowly piecing itself back together, Humpty Dumpty style, fusing the hemispheres of my thoughts into what I hope will be something cohesive and beautiful. It’s been a difficult journey, but it would be kind of nice to have a sounding board with a professional or few.