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Mon, Feb 11 12:52pm · After Hep C Treatment in Infectious Diseases

Hi ramo
depending on my humble knowledge, I know that doctor used to discuss with his/her patient (before going into action and completing the treatment) the adverse effects and the side effects of each treatment and drugs that should be taken after treatment and the purpose of each drug in use. Beside many pre-operative tests should been conducted and performed to show the tolerance of the body of the patient. So I believe if you visit your doctor who performed the treatment and ask him/her help you and explain to you the reason behind the long list of all symptom/reactions to taking harvoni ( you do not have to abide by my opinion) that might but not sure help getting you better solutions. I hope you feeling well and good luck!

Sat, Jan 5 12:45pm · Inability to live a normal life. in Epilepsy & Seizures

Hi davidinvegas@davidinvegas
The reason is (My epilepsy has never been fully under control. 32 years or so, the number of seizes isn’t the problem, although 1 is to many) might create uncomfortable situation and not able to control normal life. Most of the time the businesses applications have a column where the applicant tells if s/he need a special needs or accomodation during the work. Which I believe the main goal of that is to empower and enhance the employees for achieving their goals and help preventing any unsatisfied results or disturbances during the work which would affect the employees and the company. I feel how important is for everyone of us today to be safe and live the life with its full expectations without worries. Good luck for you!

Sat, Jan 5 12:06pm · Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Temporary Paralysis? in Just Want to Talk

Hi amber3212 @amber3212
You stated (I found chronic fatigue syndrome and a lot of her symptoms are matching that. Although, I cant find anywhere where temporary paralysis is a symptom). My question would be related or not in a way or another, but may lead to what you are looking for if not please just ignore question is addiction of any kind of drugs was mentioned in the past medical history record of your mother? The conception of the addictive patient is the obesticle
of becoming able to cope with life and deterioration in life circumstances. the progress of that can be ended with more complicated physical, emotion and mental damages. I hope it helps but is not absolutely meaning of that.
Wish she getting well, and find what you are looking for!

Dec 31, 2018 · Mild traumatic brain injury in Brain & Nervous System

Hi carnes@carnes
I believe it happened to most of people who their daily schedule is full. One more here I believe (If no brain accident affects your situation which means neurologist session would be advised to be attended) so dizziness, inability to sleep enough or thinking about many things. All these reasons could lead to some issues in the cognitive ability of the person. That what I believe and not a must to believe it as a reason of your situation and good luck!

Nov 10, 2018 · Monthly shaking episodes that continue to progress in Brain & Nervous System

Hi @calical
Have you been familiar with the consequences of being a patient with high blood pressure or low blood pressure. I might wrong, but you can test it by getting blood test and become familiar the effect of both L.@ H. on the measurement of the red blood cells ( and that need a specialist doctor such as cardiac or…. ) that is not a decision for you to go for it, but is my point of view. wishing you to get well soon!

Sep 23, 2018 · Living with Neuropathy - Welcome to the group in Neuropathy

Hi nikkig @nikkig,
I read your post and I noticed that your question is rotating around many reasons, the reason of ( was vitamin B12 deficient for some time and don't know if all of my health problems are back to that), the (or if there is something else going on), and the doctor ( a doctor that was not testing me after I tested low). My suggestions here is from my humble experience working in many hospitals here in USA. I believe all those previous reasons would play equally in the tightness, inability to sleep well, and the pain. Sometimes the diet that doctor recommend gives adverse effect, especially if taken with B12 vitamin (extra boost for heart health because of high level of the vitamin B12 coming from many resources pouring in the blood stream. Dairy products,eggs, and fortified cereals also play big in leading for extra B12. Unbalance meal that include too many meat also have adverse effect on the health of the heart. Extra or low proportions of the vitamin and bad cholesterol (LDL) can sitting there in the body and watching when the person going to ring the bell for the opportunity to appear. And can be a result of the daily stress for some elderly .
I hope you getting well soon!

Aug 25, 2018 · New Diagnosis of Polymyalgia Rheumatica (Husband) in Autoimmune Diseases

Hi Dee
@danielad, it is not only the pain of one person, but might be many of people out there who are suffering the same symptoms; however we believe medical and science researches are in good hands that will be able to get therapeutic treatments for those who are living with same kind of symptoms. As you mentioned and I understand that your husband's case is as you said in summary (His Sed rate is 36 and C-reactive Protein is 55.3. If these values don’t go down, the Rheumotalogist said she will need to increase the Prednisone). First I have in mind a question, and that is what type of Physician (specialty I mean) you referred to him/her in the diagnosis of your husband ? And the second, did they refer you to the lab to measure the muscles effectiveness? In the muscles test they put electrodes on muscles and get results, and depending on the result they can give treatment. That is available at mayo clinic even the cost is a little high and I am not sure if all insurances companies pay for it. It also might lead to surgery at the end to help the patient surviving the symptoms.
I hope you get what you are looking in my suggestions, and you do not have to be abide by my post and suggestions.
Wishing you good luck and wishing your husband getting well soon!

Jul 17, 2018 · Vitamin D in Lung Health

some times people related the secondary reason as a main reason for the thing that happened, after a while not really short , people keep it in mind as is the main. But probably deficiency in D is the secondary reason in the disease as not helping bones reason will lead to less exercise and less walking which lead in the long term to some respiratory diseases without the intention and without paying attention to the main reason. Is jut my brain storm not a fact.