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Apr 2, 2017 · Skull reconstruction surgery from hollowing? Concerns, questions. in Brain Tumor

Hi Thanks! the plastic surgeon as far as I know plans to do this solo but since my post i did some background on him. he has experience and training in cranioplasy or whatever that term is. I am in no rush to get this done. I plan on taking my time until i have all of my questions answered so I can decide looking at all of it. My former neurosurgeon has left to go to another facility out of state but could still call him for advice. The NS taking over my case should their involvement ever be needed like now. I have not met yet. That would not stop me from making an appointment to get opinion and find out if I’d get an honest answer. So many in same facilities don’t play nice together in any sandbox it drives me crazy the lengths I’ve had to go to in the past to advocate for a team approach. I don’t ever let that hold me back and call them out on any resistance to past requests for different depts and their doctor to work together albeit in a surgery planning role or actually in surgery. Unbelievable the arrogance mentality before patient care. Thank you for your response and to comnect me with others.

Apr 2, 2017 · Skull reconstruction surgery from hollowing? Concerns, questions. in Brain Tumor

Hi! Trying to find others who’ve been told by their Neuro-oncologist that they need to have skull reconstruction surgery due to the “hollowing” happening at their right temporal area. I’ve had 3 craniotomies in same area reusing same bone flap each time to get inside. Most recent brain tumor surgery was March 2016. My concerns & questions are these topics:
1.) should it be done so soon post last surgery?
2.) they also wanting to try to “pull my right temporal muscle back up and reattach it in its original fan shaped structure attachment but to an implanted 3D printed rendering of my skull.
3.) what are the pros and cons of having a plastic surgeon do this surgical procedure?4.)pros & cons of using a 3D printed skull replacement piece of artifical whatever material vs. old school medal way?
5.) why should I agree to let a plastic surgeon do this recommended skull reconstruction and not a maxiall facial surgeon perform it instead?
6.) has anyone had a plastic surgeon or a maxiall facial surgeon perform a skull flap reconstruction later and/or do the procedure to pull the retracted temporal muscle back up to reattach it?
7.) and if so why them and not a plastic surgeon?
8.) what’s the success rate for no skull infection from skull hollowing reconstruction surgery and
9.) What are the non-obvious risks to brain tissue underneath reconstruction area being damaged etc. in this process and/or by using a plastic surgeon to do it?
10.) what’s the success rate of this temporal muscle healing once attached to an arificial 3D printed skull implant?
11.) what’s the % success rate of the function returning to the temporal muscle after its pulled up back into place since it’s been cut through 3x already to get to my tumor area?

I’m trying to learn which type of specialty surgeon is most qualified to be doing either of these procedures. Thanks for any info, advice etc. Little freaked to let anyone one get near my brain again especially if they’re not a neurosurgeon.