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Apr 11, 2017 · Does anyone have a treatment for Neuropathy due to chemo in Neuropathy

I have chemotherapy induced peripheral bilateral neuropathy. Ten years 3 months ago I was diagnosed with fourth stage non Hodgkins Lymphoma and was treated with R-CHOP chemotherapy initiated 6-20-2006 completed 10-3-2006. One of the drugs in R-CHOP is affectionately called The Red Devil for the severe side effects and neuropathy it causes. I recovered from my lymphoma, and I am grateful for the gift of my continued life these last eleven years, but my continuing neuropathy has caused more and more problems for me and at this point the pain is overwhelming and instability limits my ability to participate in many of the things I am interested in.

I am currently taking PT and OT at Bloomington Hospital, Indiana. The goal of this treatment is to improve my quality of life. The Physical Therapy is to strengthen my ability to maintain my balance to prevent falling and to rehabilitate my knee injuries: left and right medial torn meniscus and left lateral sprained meniscus from stumbling and falling. My Orthopedic Surgeon will re-evaluate my prognosis after 3 weeks of treatment. I am also working on sitting and standing without assistance. Occupational Therapy is exploring and strengthening my abilities to manipulate objects with my hands. Today I was only able to work with my left hand. My right hand was in too much pain from a flare up to lift my coffee cup or to cut my food while eating.

I am very interested in the clinical trials at the Mayo Clinic for other patients like myself and plan on participating in them, if I am able to; first by qualifying to medically and then by being chosen to be a part of it. Thank you.