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Mar 5, 2017 · Video Q&A about Thyroid Nodules and Cancer in Thyroid Cancer

My niece, 22, lives in Afghanistan where there is no proper health care services available. She is suffering from a condition very similar to severe tetany attacks for the last 4 months. At the beginning she was having these attacks once a week or once in two weeks but she is having these attacks now several times per day. Her Ca level was shown to be normal. When she gets the attack her hands and feet flexes and she cannot breath for about 20 mins. She feels extremely tired and weak after the attack to the extent that she cannot talk for a few hours. She doesn’t lose consciousness during the attack nor she has any other symptoms of epileptic attack. She is not suffering from any psychological problems. She is having bone pain in her neck, hands and feet for a week after the attack. She also says that she feels her tongue to be so heavy and sometimes cannot talk continuously for a few mins because she feels her tongue to be tired. She doesn’t have any other health issues apart this and she has not been on any long term medications.She has suffered from febrile convulsion as a child. I know this session is for thyroid but if the Endocrinologists can enlighten this issue for me as to what tests to do for her to reach a diagnosis I would really appreciate!
Many thanks
Dr. Alkozai