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Fri, Jun 16 3:45pm · Distolic heart failure in Heart & Blood Health

I have started eating healthier and have lost 8lbs so far. Working on another 10lbs. Dr told me to stop taking statin till I could come in next week. My right knee has stopped hurting but my left knee has not. Anxious to go to dr.

Fri, Jun 16 3:42pm · Distolic heart failure in Heart & Blood Health

If my cholesterol is way down why would I have to keep taking unless it starts going up? I go to dr next week.

Mon, Jun 12 12:21pm · Distolic heart failure in Heart & Blood Health

I have a dr app next week. I wanted to ask here before I go to dr. Thank you

Mon, Jun 12 10:51am · Distolic heart failure

I am taking Atorvastatin for high cholesterol. Last week I started having joint pain in my knees and at times can barely walk. Could this medine cause this and what medicine is better for high cholesterol?

Fri, Mar 31 9:32pm · Diastolic heart failure in Heart & Blood Health

Thank you. My BP is in 130/80 range. And I have been on thyroid meds for 30 yrs. I am just totally scared of the words heart failure and needed to hear from people like you. My family history is full of heart problems.

Fri, Mar 31 8:03pm · Diastolic heart failure

I am a 72 yr old female. I have been diagnosed with diastolic heart failure, hardening of arorta.. I also have hypothyroid. My blood pressure had been high for yrs and cholesterol was very high. I had an echocardiogram three yrs ago and was never treated for heart failure till last yr when my EKG came back abnormal during a preop exam for hernia surgery. Now I take Lipitor,Carvedilol, My numbers have gone down, chol-133, HDL 125, LDL 62.
My dr doesn’t seem to be concerned. I would like to know what other tests you recommend and are the medicines he is giving me sufficient?
Thank you