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Sat, Apr 25 8:04am · Laryngeal cancer (recurrence) in Head & Neck Cancer

Can you or your wife call and talk with one of the doctors at mayo before your biopsy? You may not get different answers from a second opinion, but isn't it worth pursuing? Personally, I always feel that I cope better when I have gathered as much information as possible to make the best decisions. All the best to you.

Fri, Apr 17 6:55pm · Laryngeal cancer (recurrence) in Head & Neck Cancer

All the best to you. We’re in your corner!

Fri, Apr 17 6:10pm · Laryngeal cancer (recurrence) in Head & Neck Cancer

Make a phone call to Mayo first thing on Monday. Give yourself the weekend to try and process all that’s been thrown at you. Discuss with family and friends so that you have as much support as possible as you navigate this.

Fri, Apr 17 1:07pm · Laryngeal cancer (recurrence) in Head & Neck Cancer

I was diagnosed with cricoid chondrosarcoma in 2013, so my situation may not be the same as yours. Cricoid chondrosarcoma is slow growing and has a low metastatic rate. I got my second opinion on treatment from Dr Jan Kasperbauer at Mayo Rochester, and I still see him. I had two tumor debulking surgeries (outpatient) to reduce the size of tumor and allow more space in my airway. When he felt a third debulking wasn't the best option anymore I had a more complicated surgery in 2017 to remove tumor, but retained my airway, swallowing and voice.

Fri, Apr 17 12:23pm · Laryngeal cancer (recurrence) in Head & Neck Cancer

I was also told I would need a total laryngectomy. Get the best information that you can and don't feel that you have to just go with what one Dr recommends.

Fri, Apr 17 12:16pm · Laryngeal cancer (recurrence) in Head & Neck Cancer

I'm so sorry to hear about the recurrence. And it certainly is scary. I just watched a video of Dr David Lott from Mayo in AZ discussing laryngeal transplants and regenerative methods. He is definitely at the forefront of treatments. If you are able to, try to research and get a second and maybe a third opinion so that you feel you have the best information going forward. You are in my thoughts! -Deb

Sun, Mar 22 12:28pm · Cricoid Chondrosarcoma in Head & Neck Cancer

Julie, What fantastic news! I’m so glad you were able to have your procedure done and have such an excellent outcome. All the best to you as you continue to heal and find your voice again. Keep us posted on your progress! -Deb

Wed, Feb 26 1:08pm · Cricoid Chondrosarcoma in Head & Neck Cancer

Jeff, I could maybe do a little Bob Dylan 😉 I was recently back at Mayo for my annual CT scan, and all is good! As a result, my next scan will be in 2 years instead of 1. I also had a consult with Dr Bayan who specializes in voice disorders to see if anything could be done to improve the quality of my voice; she did not feel there were any great options that would be worth the risk of compromising my airway. It was worth checking out, though. Hope all is well with you! -Deb