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Feb 24, 2017 · Would Feel comforted if others share similar Symptoms in Autoimmune Diseases

Hi kanaazpereira thanks so very much for openly accepting me as a new addition to the team;it means the world. I’m certain that the support will be overwhelming and at the same time beneficial.

I look forward to the various sharing and medical recommendations.

Feb 24, 2017 · Would Feel comforted if others share similar Symptoms in Autoimmune Diseases

Hi gman thanks so very much for the information that you have related to me.It was definitely informative as well as inspiring.However, I would like to inform you that as recent as today some break through was actually made. One day after I left the french island I was called this morning to be informed that the doctor had received some results. The result is being forwarded to my local general practitioner so as soon as tomorrow I should visit my doctor to know the diagnosis. I will definitely keep you updated on the latest development.

Thanks once again for the tremendous support!

Feb 20, 2017 · Would Feel comforted if others share similar Symptoms in Autoimmune Diseases

Hi everyone I am really happy that I’ve stumbled on this site and I’m praying that someone out there could identify with the symptoms that I’m presently exhibiting. I am a 37 year old female and for the past 2 months I have been having severe symptoms which I believe might be an autoimmune disease.I say autoimmune disease because roughly two years ago my general practitioner (GP) had me do a blood test for ANA; and so said the result came back positive.Prior the test I suffered tremendous swelling and biting and stinging sensation in my feet. The veins on my feet would experience severe pressure and I would also notice swelling in my knees- particularly the right one. Sitting and standing for too long would also caused swelling in my feet. Sadly,these symptoms went on for a bit more than five years without being diagnosed although treatments were given. However, two months ago I started complaining with numbness in my finger tips,toes and heels accompanied by this symptoms was extreme weakness in the joint area of toes, fingers and knees.Every joint in my body started swelling along with pain
and I also noted burning of the skin and major joints like my knees and mouth including tongue and lips were also being affected as they were often itching or burning.To date the symptoms are still persistent and severe that I presently still on medical leave for a month plus. Because my GP tested for lupus,Anti-Jo1 and few other critical autoimmune which were found negative he referred me to a rheumatologist. Since I live in a small Caribbean island I had to seek that attention in one of the french neighboring islands. However, the specialist there had me do some of the same test including testing for ANA and he is now declaring that I do not have an autoimmune condition so my symptoms remain un-diagnosed.
I am shattered by the thought that I have all of these symptoms some of which are quite apparent and yet still I am not able to gain diagnosis nor treated for my medical situation. In this regards I would feel really blessed if anyone reading this discussion identify with my situation,either based on sharing similar symptoms or knowledgeable of what might be the possible cause. Thanks for your patience to listen to my plight and I looking forwards to some responses.