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Feb 18, 2017 · Changes after Transplant in Transplants

I’m a 1994 liver transplant survivor! This sounds strange but is true. I couldn’t touch or eat chicken but could eat turkey. The feel/texture of it would literally make me gag. Rich always had to cook it if he wanted it. NOW, I can’t get enough! Doesn’t bother me in the least. This has been since the transplant. Another thing, beer. Right after I was released from the hospital (in & out in 5 days!) I started craving beer. I wasn’t a beer drinker prior. I still occasionally crave a cold beer in a glass of ice. Just one and the craving is gone. I am by no means a drinker. Hair! I have great hair since the transplant! Finally, and this is the funny one, I’m obsessed with motorcycles. Since the transplant it’s like I search them out! I’ve never been on one, had no interest whatsoever in them. My family & friends think this is hilarious. I’m an almost 60 year old overweight teacher whose biggest adventure has been traveling to visit my sister & brother. My retirement goal is to buy a Spyder & travel with my husband!! I’ve always wished to visit with my donor’s family about these things! So thankul for them every day!