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Feb 17, 2017 · Severe arm injury resulting in numerous symptoms and no relief in Brain & Nervous System

Thanks so much for replying so quickly! I’m very sorry to hear of your struggles. I understand the time issue, as we are in the magic window, and time is running short now for a diagnosis with a good prognosis. I had never heard of anything like this, until it happened to my son. I know and believe someone, some where can help us. I believe in miracles and I have faith that this too shall end for the good. You might look into a physiatrist. They are in Rehab medicines and Botox injections have bought him a period of time without spasms. May God Bless you and I hope you can find rest and peace if even for the night.

Feb 17, 2017 · How do I test for longterm (9 years) suspected nerve avulsion in neck? in Spine Health

I am wondering how you are recovering, I am on a journey with my son for very similar symtoms. Drs have no idea as to a diagnosis for my son. He gets severe muscle spasm and ends up in the hospital for months and weeks at a time. I hope you have recovered and are enjoying your life!

Feb 17, 2017 · Severe arm injury resulting in numerous symptoms and no relief in Brain & Nervous System

Hi I am wondering how you made out? I am looking for treatment for my son and they are saying they have never seen anything like it. What did you end up doing?

Feb 17, 2017 · Brachial Plexus and severe muscle spasms in Spine Health

I need help in finding someone who has seen severe muscle spasms in the shoulder. My 16 yr old son has been receiving Botox treatments to paralyse his shoulder, due to an injury to his brachial Plexus during a shoulder surgery to fix his posterior dislocation. I have travelled to NYC and no one has ever seen anything like this. Spasm can last up to 7 hrs, he was in a palliative coma for 14 days, and nothing stops these recurring spasms. Even in his sleep. Botox only lasts 5 weeks at a time. We are on round 2. He can not go on like this. Any information or help would be a blessing. MRN shows T2 hypertensity enlarged trunk and C5 and C6 nerve roots. Thank you.