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Nov 8, 2017 · Meet fellow Caregivers - Introduce yourself in Caregivers

So sorry to read about your Mom.  It will be difficult, but be there for her and your Dad.  We sometimes forget that the spouse needs love and understanding also. Give God your problems and he will help and guide you.  When I was diagnosed with cancer several years ago, I decided it was more than I could handle and I gave it to God and he did a wonderful job in keeping me from frustrations and tears.  I went through treatment, which wasn't much fun, but I did it.  Make it a happy time, not a sad one, because that will help both of your parents and you.  In other words don't sit on the pity pot because that doesn't help anyone.  When you have  questions don't hesitate to ask the oncology doctor or nurses, because they are always happy to give you answers.  Cancer isn't easy, but love your Mom and be there for your Dad.  Have a positive attitude.  God bless you and your parents.    

Feb 18, 2017 · Meet fellow Caregivers - Introduce yourself in Caregivers

Thank you for your reply. I’m always happy to hear others comments and opinions. God bless.

Feb 17, 2017 · Meet fellow Caregivers - Introduce yourself in Caregivers

Hi Joygirl 1. Thank you for responding. My husband was diagnosed with dementia about 4 yrs. ago and stayed about the same until a year ago when he fell and broke 2 ribs, so after being in the hospital for over a week, he had to go to rehab and ended up there for 3 months because of other issues. After rehab his dementia went downhill quickly. At times he has a difficult time walking, so now I’m faced with that. He will be starting PT at home in the next week, as he was just released from another rehab this week. He gets a terrible attitude in the evenings, which is very difficult for me to deal with, as I feel he does not appreciate anything I do or have done for him. I know this is the dementia, but still hurts when a person tries so much to help. I will get over that and I’m working on it. I cannot go to caregivers meetings, because I have to be with him. I do take him to adult daycare 2 days a week, which helps, because it gives me time away from him and time to grocery shop and do other personal things. Thank goodness for daycare. I wish you well with the care you are giving your husband. I know God will not give us more than we can handle, but sometimes I question him. I can only pray that each day can be better for my husband and me. Take care and my prayers will also be for you and your husband

Feb 16, 2017 · Meet fellow Caregivers - Introduce yourself in Caregivers

It is difficult for me at times, because my husband has Alzheimer’s and it seems I’m learning something new each day.
There have been days when I found it very difficult for me to cope and handle the situation, but 2 days a week I take him to adult daycare and that is a total blessing. It gives me time to shop, have lunch with a friend, get my hair cut or nails done, all of which is uplifting for me. I really don’t like grocery shopping, but find when I don’t have to rush to do it and I have more time to look and read, it can be a good outing for me. Pray for the good days and be very thankful for them. You are a wonderful person to take this challenge on and care of your Mom. Mom’s are very special.