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3 days ago · Topical gel helped me with chronic spine pain in Chronic Pain

@summertime4 I have osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia along with a meniscus tear in my knee. I use this gel all the time. I gave some to my sister. She used it on her knees and had pain relief in one day. She now has a prescription from her doctor to get her own tube.

Fri, Mar 13 9:50pm · Can you go to Mayo Clinic in Chronic Pain

I’m happy for you. Hope all goes well.

Fri, Mar 13 9:06am · Can you go to Mayo Clinic in Chronic Pain

I don’t know about new patients. Do you have scheduled appointments already? They are up and running. I was just there for appointments on Tuesday and Wednesday; I have a four hour drive. If you have appointments and are concerned, maybe you can call them ahead of time before you set out.

Wed, Mar 11 6:30pm · Can you go to Mayo Clinic in Chronic Pain

@cindy1964 I have been a patient at Mayo since 1982. They do not require outside medical records. They will ask if you have brought any outside records or xrays. On your first visit they will ask you lots of questions and ask you about what brought you there. That’s when you can tell them your medical history.
I have never brought any records from my home doctors. Sometimes they will ask you about results of testing you’ve already had done, that way they aren’t repeating something you’ve had done already. They might repeat something if your results of tests were questionable.
Don’t let the lack of medical records stop you from going to Mayo. If you think you might be wanting to go, even if not for a few months, I would call now for appointments as they are extremely busy and it might just take months to get in.
Even though you don’t need a referral, having one will speed up the process. A friend of mine actually had her doctor call Mayo to get her an appointment and she got in in just a week. Sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn’t, worth a try though.
Good luck to you.

Tue, Feb 4 10:24am · Do Prolia injections affect the kidneys? in Bones, Joints & Muscles

I meant to say I am dealing with liver issues from Tylenol.

Tue, Feb 4 10:23am · Do Prolia injections affect the kidneys? in Bones, Joints & Muscles

@cares I have no experience with Prolia. I do have stage 3 kidney disease (I believe from taking NSAID) so have to watch what meds I am taking. I’m not dealing with liver issues from Tylenol.
I had some bad side effects from a med that were not listed in their literature. My doctor told me I could report my side effects to the FDA and help to get them included in that med literature. If you’d like to do that you can report online here: http://www.fda.gov/medwatch/report.htm or you can call 1-800-332-1088. It’s a small thing but if everyone did that, those small things might result in big changes. Just a thought. Have a great day.

Fri, Jan 17 8:07am · Chronic migraine relief suggestions in Chronic Pain

I get occipital nerve blocks. Mine last 3 months. @deniseleann, your 6 months is out of this world wonderful. This goes to show that not everyone will experience the same results but, some relief is better than no relief at all. I would suggest asking your doctor about this also.
I have to add that I also get an auricular nerve block at the same time, as my pain is in 3 distinctly different regions. Good luck to you.

Sat, Jan 11 8:50am · Need advice: 20 year old daughter, high heart rate, dizzy in Heart & Blood Health

I have a fast heart rate called tachycardia. I was told that over 100 is considered fast. At sleep I was 164. I saw a specialty cardiologist called an electrophysiologist. There are several tests they dId to diagnose tachycardia. There are also different procedures they can do to correct this. I luckily only have to take a medication twice a day and my heart rate is now down to a range of high 80’s to low 90’s.
I was told it would not just go away on its own. I was mid 60 when diagnosed. Not sure what difference age makes.
Personally I would ask about a cardiology visit and ask if they know of an electrophysiologist. A cardiologist should be able to help you with this. Good luck to you.