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3 days ago · pain in my head in Chronic Pain

@jmb73 I get three nerve block injections for pain in my head in three different areas. My pain scale was at 10. The nerve blocks WORK and for me they last about 3 months.

3 days ago · Anyone here dealing with peripheral neuropathy? in Neuropathy

@amazingteal I have a similar sensation and pain in my left ear. Neurologists at Mayo in Rochester literally spent decades trying to treat this with meds. They finally diagnosed it as left auricular neuralgia. I get an injection every 3 months that blocks the nerve delivering the sensation and pain to the ear. I say every 3 months because for me I get relief for that time period. They are actually surprised that this works for that long.
Hopefully this gives you some insight.

6 days ago · Housing while in pain program. in Chronic Pain

@typeguy1 I live in MN. Mayo suggested the pain program for me. Medicare said they will not cover it. That was a couple of years ago, so maybe guidelines have changed. You should call Medicare and ask. I would suggest first calling Mayo and getting the medical code for the program that is used in submitting insurance claims. That will help when you call Medicare. Do you have a supplemental insurance as well? Generally insurance companies follow Medicare guidelines so they might not cover the program either. Good luck to you.

Mon, Oct 21 1:51pm · Is there anyone dealing with Leaky Gut Syndrome? in Digestive Health

@gidalsy I’ve been a Mayo patient for years. On your very first visit they will start you out with a doctor in general medicine. That doctor from that point will decide on whatever specialists you may need to see and get someone to help you make those appointments.
Best of luck to you!

Fri, Oct 18 2:25pm · Calcium and Vitamin D for bone density in Bones, Joints & Muscles

OMG I can’t even phantom 1 hip replacement let alone 5. You are a brave sole. I’m 67 and trying to treat my osteoporosis naturally with diet and exercise. I’m now trying to figure out which supplements I should be doing if any. May you have good reports on your results.

Fri, Oct 18 2:18pm · Burning feeling in the throat in Digestive Health

Yes I do. My dr says for me it’s part of my reflux disease. They literally call it throat burn. I’m seeing my gi again in November to revisit that issue. In the mean time I’m told to use a lozenge to soothe the area and NSAID if any pain continues. I’ve also been told the back of my throat is red and scaly from being too dry.

Tue, Oct 15 4:55pm · MRI with contrast in Bones, Joints & Muscles

@amywood20 I’m assuming you’re a Mayo patient since you sent your MRI to them to read. After they read it and send you their interpretation that would be the best place to ask your questions about any doubts you may have about what and how much an MRI will read.
Best of luck to you.

Mon, Oct 7 9:37am · Arthritis: Knee in Bones, Joints & Muscles

Voltaren gel is a prescription gel. My doctor said it is used for arthritis. I also use it on my elbow and shoulder. The tube is 100g in size. The gel spreads far, you use it sparingly so a tube lasts me 6 months or more depending on flare ups. Wishing you the best.