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Mon, May 13 9:09am · Morgellons Disease and Parasites in Skin Health

Just a standard LabCorp Lyme Test I suppose. I didnt ask the doctor. It showed Lyme and co-infection, RMSF.

I am getting ready to send another to IGenex Lab. EVERYTHING done in that lab has to do with Lyme and its co-infections. That is all they do in that lab, and unless you have Medicare, you have to pay cash up front, then file your own insurance. Then test is done. They take credit cards. There are other tests on IGenex that are even more expensive but my doctor went with this one..


Hope that helps. Mine cost $1346.00. You can go to their website and read all about it and I think there is a price list. And what kind of tests they do.

Mon, May 13 10:10am · Morgellons Disease and Parasites in Skin Health

Shelby. Thanks so much for the kind and gentle words. I needed to read that for sure. When I got Cindy's note I was mortified after all the kind words she had for me before. I didnt know what I said that made her react that way, but I certainly apologized and offered to give the money back to her and pay for someone else to go next year. I didnt know what else to do.
I had to let it go right now. I have too much on my mind right now and the conference fell the week before my only child's birthday and the day he died
. But that's life.
I thank God for it, and hope I learn from it as well.

Thu, May 9 9:53am · Morgellons Disease and Parasites in Skin Health

Hello, I just found out in Sept 2018, after 27 years of having aches and pain in muscles and joints that I have Chronic Lyme and a co-infection of Rocky Mountain Slpotted Fever (RMSF). 27 YEARS AGO, IN 1991, MY DOCTOR LOOKED AT ME AND TOLD ME IT LOOKED LIKE lyme to him, did a Lyme test and it came back negative. Wished I had asked him to do it again with a different lab. I suffered with what a doctor, out of about 20 who never mentioned Lyme again, finally said you have Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue. I went with that because I was sick of seeing doctors. I finally found a pain specialist who gave me pain medication (Methadone) after taking others that would make me too high to do my job.

My advice is to try another doctor to give you another Lyme test. I always hate to ask someone their age, but if you are old enough to have Medicare or you can afford expensive testing, have your blood drawn at a hospital (after reading instructions, and send your blood off to IGenex Inc. The Lyme organization advises people to use this lab because that is ALL they do is Lyme testing. I'm getting mine done just as soon as I find the hospital they recommend.

My doctor was surprised I made it through the RMSF during the fever. Some die. It was a very awful fever and aches and pains. I will never forget it!!

Thu, May 9 9:36am · Morgellons Disease and Parasites in Skin Health

Hi, Shelby,
I thought I had the flu 27 years ago until I noticed a strange rash on my stomach. I was running about 103 degree temp and called my doctor on a Sunday before church so he met me at his clinic office, checked me over, saw the rash and made an immediate statement. "It looks like Lyme to me. "He drew blood and sent it off. It came back negative. (Maybe it was too early to take it.)
After that, when the fever went away I still had all the muscle aches and joint pain for 27 years. My doctor retired after that and went on to do other things.
I probably went to 20 doctors after that from Shreveport, La to Dallas, Jefferson, Tx, Longview, and Atlanta, Tx. A rheumatologist in Dallas said he thought it was Fibromyalgia.and Chronic Fatigue so I went with that because I was sick of seeing doctors. (Mostly rheumatologists.) I was tested for everything except Lyme.. No other doctor mentioned it until Sept 2018 in Houston after I moved here, 27 years later. The lab work came back with all kinds of RED FLAGS.
Lyme and a co-infection of RMSF (Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever).
I'm taking an antibiotic (just one) and only 3 days a week because I only have one kidney and my liver does not like the antibiotic. I'm on my second one. Doxycycline for one month was the first, and now on Clindamycin for 2 months. Does seem to be helping the joint pain maybe a little.
I am having trouble with my eyes now. I know I need cataract surgery, but there is some sort of organism in my eyes and don't want the surgery with the chance of them getting into my eyes. I read a research paper that if that happens, it can cause blindness.

I am still having some odd other things going on like Morgellons, however, I don't mention that to doctors anymore. But my opinion is the Lymes has morphed into something else because it's been so long.
Does that explain it better?

Fri, May 3 4:31pm · Morgellons Disease and Parasites in Skin Health

I went to the hotel (The Wyndhan Gardens, Austin, Tx.) My sister was going to go with, but our Aunt died. She lived in Oklahoma. (Wish I had gone to the funeral instead, but I was so excited about the conference, meeting new people who might be able to help me or point me in the right direction, etc….) I was there at the hotel and had a Panic (an Anxiety Attack). I could not do ANYTHING the morning of the conference or any other time but sleep. I stayed in bed from that first night until the next morning, tried to force myself to get dressed and go, but I couldnt so I just took medicine and went back to sleep. I ordered food up to my room because I was afraid of running in to her.
I certainly couldnt afford that hotel, and especially ordering food to the room! I wish I could have just left and gone back home that day, but I couldnt even do that. Then I stayed the second night, and then one more night. And all I could think about was the money I was spending that I could have bought myself a new pair of glasses with. My good ones broke. I tried to make the one order of food last as long as I could, then finally left Monday morning.
I was so very disgusted with myself all I could do was cry or sleep. I cried all the way home…5 hours of driving.

If someone could have been there with me, I believe they could have talked me out of it, but I was alone and useless.
I thought about calling Cindy Casey, but I knew she was busy and didnt want to bother her. Afterall, it was HER conference!!

Have you ever had one or either? I hadn't had one in a very long time. Actually, I think this was the WORST one yet.. The angrier I got at myself, the worse it got.

I wrote Cindy and apologized, and to tell her about it, even told her I would send the scholarship $$ back to her and try to pay for someone to go next year, too.

The next thing I knew, she wrote me back and was so ANGRY with me. I felt awful. I still dont know why she treated me like she did. I poured my heart out with the truth of it all (as I experienced it in my mind).

Needless to say, I didnt go to the conference.
Elizabeth Bass 🥀

Mon, Apr 22 9:39am · Facial Swelling - no diagnosis after 2 years in Autoimmune Diseases

BTW: Have you been to an Allergist?

Elizabeth in Texas (near Galveston)

Mon, Apr 22 9:32am · Facial Swelling - no diagnosis after 2 years in Autoimmune Diseases

Send me some photos and I will either take to my doctor next time I go or I also have her personal email address.
I may just send that way (email) since I only saw her last week. Usually go every 3 months.

On antibiotics now. Probably for years, but we have to watch kidney and liver functions once a month. (Kidneys and Liver do not like antibiotics.)


Mon, Apr 22 9:25am · Facial Swelling - no diagnosis after 2 years in Autoimmune Diseases

Hint: when you do a search on NCBI use as few words as possible (which you probably already knew).