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Feb 15, 2017 · Triglycerides in Diabetes/Endocrine System

I am insulin resistant and take Metformin. My A!C is always under 5 for the semi- annual blood work. My overall cholesterol has always been under 180, but the good is low and the bad is high. My husband is type 2 diabetic.
My mother had a massive heart attack at age 61 and lived to age 71. Her triglycerides and sugar levels were very high. We changed our diet 2 years ago – adding more fruit and vegetables. I’v always used whole grains – since 22 years old, now I’m 63. I don’t eat much bread, but have found myself indulging in sweets this past holiday season. I’m determined to eliminate most sugar from our diets. But I know whole wheat pasta, brown rice, and wheat bread ( I recently switched to Rye bread ) still turn to sugar, though not as fast as white products. I’ve incorporated a lot of Mayo Clinic’s guidelines for reducing Triglycerides – it just seems so hard. Some websites I’ve looked at say to eliminate all sugar including honey and fruit as well as breads and pasta. That seems so hard. I’m a Mamaw and my little guys love to bake with me. I love pork of all kinds, but have rarely indulged over my life, am using small amounts of lean sirloin, chicken and turkey. I love fish, but my husband can’t stand the smell, so I rarely eat it. It just sounds like I should only eat vegetables. I can walk and do stretching exercises, but lifting weights and strenuous exercise are not possible due to a history of RA and a severe injury from a fall.
Many diabetic diets still seam to incorporate the whole grains, etc. but seem to be taboo to lower and maintain low triglycerides. Thank you for the above links and your response. I will check them out.

Feb 14, 2017 · Triglycerides in Diabetes/Endocrine System

I think I may have an inherited type of extremely high triglyceride levels – usually about 699. My mother’s were extremely high. Do you have cookbooks/diet books for managing or possibly living free from high triglycerides like you do for diabetes? Any possibility that there would be a finger-prick test available or in the works for triglycerides like the glucose test for diabetics? I know my diet can lower levels in 2 weeks time, but it is an extreme balancing act.
Thank you.