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Feb 20, 2017 · PRINZMETAL ANGINA/VARIANT ANGINA in Heart & Blood Health

Stress, physical exertion may bring on the symptoms, but quite often it just happens. I now have 6 stents in my right coronary artery. Usually, once I get a mild attack it comes and goes with each successive issue becoming stronger. I usually have to take a nitroglycerin dose under my tongue within a few hours of the first symptoms. Once that happens I am usually down on the couch for the rest of the day and often a couple of days. I am often short of breath and have little stamina, unlike how I was before this came along. As my cardiologist says, this is my new normal. I don’t have to like it, but I do have to get used to it.
I have a hearing for SS Disability in a couple of weeks. We’ll see where I go from there, but I am not able to go back to work.

Feb 11, 2017 · PRINZMETAL ANGINA/VARIANT ANGINA in Heart & Blood Health

I too have this condition. I’ve had it for 4 years now, since my heart attack on Dec. 18,2012, and my cardiologist says it probably will not go away, unlike most cases where it lasts only a few weeks. I had an episode that caused a myocardial infarction which dissected my right coronary artery. My right coronary artery and my circumplex were 100% closed. I was down for about 10 minutes and had 3 defibrillator jolts at 200 joules, then 1 at 300 joules which brought me back from the near death experience. I also take Isosorbide mononitrate, but also take nitrogylcerin under my tongue 2-4 times a week, on average.
The down time affected my memory, mostly short term memory. I have little stamina now and get tired very easily.
It is quite a change and very difficult to get used to, not being able to do all the very physical activity I used to really enjoy.
It is nice to hear from someone else who has long term effects from this. From what my cardiologist told me and what I’ve read, this long term condition is extremely rare.
Take care of yourself.