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Thu, Apr 23 8:55am · Central Sensitization - please share your stories in Chronic Pain

Wow. That's quite the string of hard circumstances you've had @tara333 with a broken ankle and two rough spinal taps. I'm sorry you've had to endure it. You certainly are in good company here with dealing with chronic pain (especially around Central Sensitization) and perhaps @rwinney, @richman54660, @lorirenee1, @bonnieh218, and others can help give you some tips beyond meds that have worked for them for pain while you wait to hear back from the pain clinic.

Wed, Apr 22 2:38pm · Stage 3 Kidney Disease and Diet: What can I eat? in Kidney & Bladder

Hey @mikek206. I see you've been a member for a bit but this is your first post, so welcome! Don't we all wish medical research/breakthroughs came out faster!? What's currently working best for you with your diet?

Wed, Apr 22 11:13am · Central Sensitization - please share your stories in Chronic Pain

Welcome to Connect @tara333! I'm so glad you found some comfort and answers. It's definitely helpful to have a name for what you are going through and now it sounds like you are doing a great job with doing continued research on it. Please do report back when you get a plan from the pain clinic too. How have you been treating your pain before your diagnosis?

Wed, Apr 22 9:05am · Stage 3 Kidney Disease and Diet: What can I eat? in Kidney & Bladder

@fiesty76, Yes I do work at Mayo Clinic (9 years!). I work in Marketing and run their advocate program called Mayo Clinic Champions. It's to help those who've been to Mayo Clinic amplify their word of mouth about their experience. I really enjoy the work. Yes, COVID-19 has shifted our work and we're all learning a lot of new things, like getting to moderate for this wonderful Kidney & Bladder group.

@australia – We're always up for entertainment. And you certainly could teach everyone a thing or two about advocating for yourself as a patient.

@gingerw – it sounds like you have a good system down for following your healthy kidney diet and staying safe. What's the go-to snack for these trips?

@kamama94 – So glad to hear from you. So sorry about your pain and life-upending. Change is tough, especially when it comes with pain. I'm glad that you are still staying involved but definitely do what you need to to take care of yourself!

I'm wondering if anyone else has had pre-dialysis vascular surgery? What was the recovery like?

Tue, Apr 21 3:48pm · Stage 3 Kidney Disease and Diet: What can I eat? in Kidney & Bladder

@2011panc, I second @fiesty76's opinion. Your hospital tips are great! I'd like to encourage you to start a new discussion dedicated to that topic. That way all your tips would be in one place and other members could add theirs. Will you?

@kamama94, we haven't heard from you for a while. Last you posted you were dealing with shingles, a yeast infection and a worsening of the kidney. How are you doing?

It's nice to see the conversational meanderings have returned to food and healthy eating. Musings bring back memories of favorite foods and whether one indulges or not. Do you all find the quarantine harder to stay on a healthy kidney diet? Are people reaching for comfort foods more frequently?

Mon, Apr 20 12:22pm · Nipple discharge in men in Men's Health

It's definitely tough to self-diagnose. Being able to Google everything can certainly be a blessing and curse as we can get so much information it leaves us reeling and unsure. I think it's something you should definitely follow up with your doctor (when you can) to see where you can go from here. If you do get seen, or you have some updates, next steps or hopefully some relief and answers, it'd be great to hear from you again @tobyisaacs. Your experience would be very helpful to others who may stumble upon this post later to see they're not the only ones and learn from your journey.

Fri, Apr 17 8:58am · Nipple discharge in men in Men's Health

Definitely keep following the advice of your doctors and continue to keep searching for information like you have been. From looking at nipple discharge info on Mayo Clinic's site (https://www.mayoclinic.org/symptoms/nipple-discharge/basics/causes/sym-20050946), it looks like a laundry list of conditions that can cause it with many of them being from different areas, so it may be hard to narrow things down. Did this coincide with you starting to take your migraine medications?

Thu, Apr 16 3:56pm · Nipple discharge in men in Men's Health

Hello @tobyisaacs and welcome to Connect. I'm glad that you've been starting to look into things. It's good to pay attention to our bodies and better understand them, even if it's just out of curiosity. Is it just one nipple or both? Have you been to any other specialists beyond an endocrinologist?