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Jul 15, 2017 · Pulmonary Fibrosis* in Lung Health

Airplanes are pressurized to around 8000 ft. not sea level. Be sure your doctor knows you are flying. The air lines are really strict with people flying with oxygen equipment.

Jun 29, 2017 · Pulmonary Fibrosis* in Lung Health

I was diagnosed about 2 years ago with IPF. I was on night time oxygen immediately and as needed during the day. I did okay until a few months ago when I got a sinus infection that will not go away. I can not breathe through my nose and end up gulping air. After further testing I discovered that my immune system is so bad that I have to have weekly injections of antibodies from other people. I am almost 80. I am hoping that the treatments will make my immune system strong enough to fight off the sinus infection. Has anyone else in the group had a similar situation?

Jun 21, 2017 · Pulmonary Fibrosis* in Lung Health

I saw my pulmonologist yesterday and I have to see an ENT doctor to try to get me breathing through my nose. Also saw an immunologist as my immunity number IgG is so low. It could all be tied together. Does IPF lead to all these other problems?

Jun 19, 2017 · Pulmonary Fibrosis* in Lung Health

I am curious about what over the counter drugs if any are used by people. I have chronic sinus infection which blocks my nose so I can not breathe. I use nose spray and prednisone 20 mg and nose strips and vicks and occasionally antibiotics. I would be fine if I could just breathe through my nose. Is this part of the IPF process or something else. What RX drugs are used by people. My doctor did not recommend my trying the IPF drugs as I am old and have a real touchy stomach. Thanks for whatever info is out there.

Mar 25, 2017 · IPF and Pulmonary Rehab in Lung Health

Hi, I have not heard about workbook. Where would I find something like that. My husband wants me to call Mayo for an appointment for their opinion. I have bad spells where I can not breathe well even with oxygen and sleep sitting up straight in a chair. They usually pass after a few days but this one has been hanging on for weeks. My doctor put me on a steroid pack and it helps plus I live in AZ and the whole place is in bloom and the wind blows sand in the air. I am wearing a mask when I go outside. I feel foolish but anything that helps. About the mask, I have been avoiding crowds and activities where there are lots of people but now that I am wearing a mask, maybe I will get out more. Good talking with you. Lois

Mar 23, 2017 · IPF and Pulmonary Rehab in Lung Health

I wish I could go to Pulmonary Rehab once a year for a tune-up. It really got me exercising and the people there were so helpful and I learned a lot in the classes. I exercise at home with a stationary bike and try to walk when weather permits. Good luck to you with Rehab.

Mar 20, 2017 · Premarin for older women in Women's Health

After taking Premarin for 49 1/2 years at age 79 1/2 years old my doctor wanted me to quit premarin gradually. I take 1/2 .3 pill every other day. I am miserable with hot flashes, sleepless night and mood swings from hell. I was told that I was too old for hot flashes. Since I am entering my third year of IPF and requiring more and more oxygen and if I go above 3000 ft elevation have to have oxygen full-time, I wonder why they think it is necessary to take me off my little green pill? Yes pattitoo I would like to know where to get premarin without a RX.

Feb 28, 2017 · Pulmonary Fibrosis* in Lung Health

I mainly walk but that is getting more and more difficult. I am having a bad time now not able to breath even with o2 especially at night. I am having to use O2 more during the day also. These “attacks” seem to be weathered related as it is cold and raining now. Does anyone else have trouble when it rains?