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13 hours ago · How about a laugh, (hopefully) in Just Want to Talk

Oh gosh these are funny ! Thank you. It helps.

3 days ago · The system NOW?? in Just Want to Talk

Ginger. I just got a call from a young 35ish woman I worked with several years ago. She used to call me mom. I told her she was my forever adopted daughter too. Well this call meant a lot to me as she told me she would always be there for me. I have two biological sons but this compassionate lovely woman says things I guess my children can't say. Anyway, the moral, I guess, is that Angel's seem to appear when we need them. Like your stepson and my friend.

4 days ago · Who will care for us as we age? in Caregivers

I am wondering what we older people will do when we don't have children who can help us

4 days ago · The system NOW?? in Just Want to Talk

Ginger. What a comfort to have someone say that and mean it from their heart . Thank you for sharing.

4 days ago · Weaning off zolpidem (Ambien) in Sleep Health

I take 10 mg of ambien but I take 10 mg melatonin Extended release along with it at night. I've taken ambien alone for 2 years. Sometimes I add tylenol pm with it. I just have to sleep and I decided that if it helps then I'm not going to worry about it. My doctor agrees.

4 days ago · The system NOW?? in Just Want to Talk

I'm responding to the comment that not all children are caregivers for their older parents. This is true in my case. I've not heard this discussed here so I'm glad to hear others have this situation. I guess I also feel a bit envious of my friends whose children help them out in whatever way they can.

Tue, Mar 12 9:04am · Long-term caregiving: need a place to vent in Caregivers

Brad. Thank you for connecting. This is the place to get your very understandable feelings out. My husband is always ill. Open heart surgery and severe asthma issues . He's not quite 64 and does not work as he uses Medicaid and his health care is extremely expensive. We live in a small town which doesn't offer much distraction. To bring in an income other than social security I work part time as a caregiver but then when I'm home I feel like I have to be upbeat and positive for him .I'm frustrated and struggling to be a good caregiver at home but it is hard. So I think you will find many of us out there who have all sorts of feelings that cause the stress you're talking about. I find talking to people who understand vital to get through this .

Fri, Mar 1 2:25pm · Suicide: Finding it hard to lose someone by suicide in Mental Health

Regarding guilt…when someone you love commits suicide….I definitely intellectually know that it was their choice. But so far I've never talked to anyone who doesn't feel guilt.