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5 days ago · Can Joy and Grief Live Together? in Loss & Grief

@karama . Goodness, I will confess that when you wrote the words "move on" in your post, I got an awful feeling. How many times have we heard people who have NOT suffered loss say that to we who are grieving? And even people who have lost loved ones say those dreadful words. There is no "moving on", in my humble opinion. There is, however, a form of "moving FORWARD " . I think all of us here on this particular forum are trying to take those tiny baby steps forward. There is no time table for grief. There might be a "new normal", although I haven't found that for myself. Many people have, however, but I imagine that takes an interminable amount of time. Please accept my virtual prayers for your healing.

Fri, Nov 15 9:54am · Loss and Grief: How are you doing? in Loss & Grief

My son was a schizophrenic as well. He suffered terribly. I really do understand that kind of pain.

Thu, Nov 14 8:32pm · Loss and Grief: How are you doing? in Loss & Grief

Jim, thank you so much for your thoughts. Definitely not upsetting to hear. And I identify personally with suicidal ideation. I've gone through that as well and still do. It's very helpful to hear what others have to say. Any input always welcome. Blessings.

Thu, Nov 14 8:22pm · Loss and Grief: How are you doing? in Loss & Grief

Thank you for saying that my son must have been in a lot of pain. That's what I'm learning about suicide. That kind of anguish and searing pain does not always have an antidote. That understanding has probably helped me the most.

Wed, Nov 13 8:52pm · Loss and Grief: How are you doing? in Loss & Grief

Thank you. My son was 51 when he took his life. He talked about it and planned it yet I was unable to stop him. I would say the worst part of this is feeling that I could have stopped him or saved him somehow. There would be no words that I would hear that will make me feel less guilty. But I keep trying to see it differently. Blessings.

Tue, Nov 12 9:39am · Any positive stories about Benzo tapering? in Addiction & Recovery

As to how to exactly get off addictive meds, I have found that this question really conjures up images of snowflakes. No two are the same. Every individual is a complete and complex entity of body, mind and spirit. An evolving bundle of energy. I really believe in my heart that it takes a combination of good doctors who are genuinely interested in treating the whole person, plus a combination of medication and alternative modalities from different cultures. And that gets back to trial and error, which includes choosing and DISMISSING doctors along the way. This is all positive. We are in control of our choices and lives

Mon, Nov 11 8:53pm · Loss and Grief: How are you doing? in Loss & Grief

@paddingtonk . I want to tell you that my son died on August 13, 2016 by suicide. There are no words that will provide comfort, ever. But I have found comfort from ordinary people like those of us on this forum. People who have been through the unimaginable feelings that we have gone through and still go through. Blessings.

Mon, Nov 11 8:43pm · Any positive stories about Benzo tapering? in Addiction & Recovery

My goodness, please be positive on the tapering of benzos . I recently got off ambien for sleep, tapered off an anti anxiety med and have previously gotten off klonopin from a rather high dose. I'm 75 and have taken these meds for 45 years. And gotten off successfully. Even had ECT and no side effects. Sure, everyone is different, but I've been around long enough to see some amazing things people can do. Sometimes it's a trial and error thing, but life itself is trial and error, don't you think?