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6 days ago · The Journey of Grieving in Mental Health

Well I'm not so great. I work as a home health caretaker for an agency and my husband recently had open heart surgery. I'm surrounded by sickness and I live in a small town with little support system. So I haven't been on the forum for a while as I'm so negative and tired. Oh gosh..I am sorry to sound this way!

Sun, Jan 13 9:52pm · The Journey of Grieving in Mental Health

I haven't been on our forum for months, except for reading. Today, though, I feel the need to Express gratitude that sharing feelings and knowing others are experiencing such grief does help. Boy, these anniversary dates, birthdays and holidays are tough. Thank you for being here to listen and respond.

Sun, Jan 13 9:45pm · The Journey of Grieving in Mental Health

Thank you to all who are sharing your stories of loss…and of hope. Today is my son's birthday. He died on the 13th of the month also. August 13, 2016. Blessings to all those who are going through this grieving process.

Jun 17, 2018 · CBD oil and depression/anxiety in Depression & Anxiety

Thanks for all the useful info. It's awfully confusing. I did just go to my Dr. Who gave me buspar to take for anxiety. I started it yesterday.

Jun 14, 2018 · CBD oil and depression/anxiety in Depression & Anxiety

i am interested in comments re CBD for depression or anxiety also. i live in a state where it's legal so i did buy some cookies with that ingredient. it did relax me but i can't evaluate it other than that. i haven't read the research which i'm sure is out there.

Jun 14, 2018 · Time of Day worse with depression in Depression & Anxiety

I am back on the forum after a few months off and feeling very depressed. Mornings are rough and afternoons as well…unless i have scheduled activities. structure helps. i did go off zyprexa on may 24th after 3 months or so on it. i don't like that drug! anyway, i am trying to gain some positive thoughts from these posts once again.

Feb 9, 2018 · Link from encephalitis, car accident/being unconscious to depression? in Depression & Anxiety

Welcome to the forum. Thank you. For sharing. You will find this site to be a place of caring and comfort. Blessings.

Feb 5, 2018 · Reveal Trauma? in Mental Health

hi parus…well, please continue to do whatever helps you to feel comfort in your personal space. i wish i had magic words to make you feel better. i wish i could wave a magic wand for all of us. i just wanted to post this before i signed off. i send you virtual hugs and blessings.