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2 days ago · Where to turn next in Just Want to Talk

I just read your post and wanted to thank you for sharing your story. I don't have a suggestion right now but I will offer up my prayers. This forum will hear you. Sending you an angel . Blessings

4 days ago · Experiences with Geriatric ECT in Depression & Anxiety

Oh that's true . ECT treatments have changed
My treatments were done in 2015. I did not experience side effects

4 days ago · Hypnosis ? in Addiction & Recovery

I seem to be offering the same opinion that I just posted under the topic of ECT . But it's valid for me, personally .
That is, what works for one person will not necessarily work for another, even under similar circumstances. People are just too unique to project an absolute result . Ya just gotta take the leap and try it for yourself, whatever the modality. I studied hypnotherapy for years, along with other non-medical therapies. I did experience success, but then, we each have a different vision of what success looks like.

4 days ago · Experiences with Geriatric ECT in Depression & Anxiety

I really believe that ECT is like any treatment we decide to try. We can't possibly predict the result because each person is unique. One antidepressant or whatever will work on one person very well but not on another. It's always good to hear what others have experienced but I have personally found that I have to try different methods myself and not expect the results others might have had. I have been swayed by others experiences and forgot that I'm a completely different person, physically, mentally, spiritually and every other way.

4 days ago · My son decided to disappear without a trace at 54 years old. in Loss & Grief

Jake, I do agree with you. Seems like the situation is like the proverbial onion. There are so many layers to this, emotional, legal and other things. Gosh, it also brings up the issue of an individual's personal responsibility. Nothing simple with this challenge.

5 days ago · My son decided to disappear without a trace at 54 years old. in Loss & Grief

Hi merry. I didn't even think of the issues you raised about legal challenges under the circumstances of someone "disappearing ". Good insight

5 days ago · Just thinking out loud: Humans Alone vs Social in Just Want to Talk

I appreciate the honest sharing of your thoughts @stuckonu . I agree with what ginger just said regarding the benefits of living alone and also the benefits of sharing your life. I personally look at this topic through the lens of "what is the purpose of life " or "why am I on earth. " my answer, for me, is simple. I am alive to interact with others in my world. And I don't mean just family and friends. I believe I am here to help in whatever way possible whoever crosses my path on a given day. Help can be many seemingly incidental things . Talking to the cashier at the grocery store or taking a neighbor some cookies. Or hugging someone you ordinarily wouldn't hug. Or really listening to people when they speak to you . I don't think it matters whether you choose to live alone or with others. I think the only thing that matters is engaging with people with kindness.

5 days ago · My son decided to disappear without a trace at 54 years old. in Loss & Grief

Thank you for sharing the news that you found out your son is alive. I too want to say that knowing the truth can become a burden under some circumstances. I support you doing whatever you feel is right in terms of notifying his family . My own experience has been different. When I did not know where he was, it was intolerable. All sorts of images in my head. When my son committed suicide, I then knew where he was. The pain is still intolerable but it's a different kind of pain. If your son's wife and son are going through this kind of hell on earth, as you have just gone through, not knowing if he was alive or dead, I wonder if knowing the truth would help them move on. What's that old saying? "The devil you know is better than the devil you don't know. "