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8 hours ago · Need help! Depression and anxiety in Depression & Anxiety

Just saw this post. I was raised catholic. I appreciate input from others as to what has helped them. I have found many avenues of help within different cultures, and among people who have different ways of practicing their faith. There are many paths to healing. In my own personal opinion and 50 years of experience, I believe each individual is unique. This is not a "one size fits all" universe. I, speaking for myself only, do not believe in instant healing. However, I fully respect those who think differently than I do.

Mon, Jan 13 4:29pm · Suicide crisis line is dumb in Mental Health

Regarding my son's birthday today, thank you guys for contacting me. I worked as usual and tried to help someone else worse off than me. I also bought a huge cherry turnover and I plan to eat the whole thing. No sharing with husband.

Mon, Jan 13 4:27pm · Suicide crisis line is dumb in Mental Health

@jimhd and all the good folks responding here. Jim, I agree with you that a person who is extremely and actively suicidal will not call a hot line. I've worked as an intake person on a suicide crisis line. And as I have said, I have a continuing challenge with suicidal ideation as well. I have no idea why I work in home health care with people who also have these issues. But I think it helps me get through my own life without doing anything dastardly. Blessings.

Sun, Jan 12 11:54am · Suicide crisis line is dumb in Mental Health

Newly approved 988 special suicide crisis line. Look up 3 digit suicide crisis line on google for details.

Sun, Jan 12 11:50am · Suicide crisis line is dumb in Mental Health

Thanks so much for all your replies . I just saw that we may be getting a 3 digit suicide crisis line to go country wide. Check the web.
My friend's grandson is okay at this time. He has asperger's syndrome and is in special education. However his mother is not taking this seriously. And grandma can't intervene at this point.

So my son's birthday is tomorrow, the 13th. He would have been 55. Suicide was August 13, 2016.

Fri, Jan 10 1:24pm · Suicide crisis line is dumb in Mental Health

I called the national suicide crisis line for my friend. I had the call on speaker. She became very upset because she kept being put on "hold." She told me to hang up, which I did. I was finally able to find another number and an actual crisis counselor answered. A real voice for a real person. What's wrong with this picture?

Wed, Jan 8 9:18pm · Suicide crisis line is dumb in Mental Health

I would advocate for an actual suicide crisis line that would be answered by an actual person for immediate help. A crisis is IMMEDIATE.
I would then offer a suicide INFORMATION line that would have that mechanical voice ask you questions, then you can push the correct buttons, and THEN be put through to a real person. Information and resources available are one thing. Someone holding a bottle of pills in their hand is IMMEDIATE. There is no excuse for this when the rate of suicide is rising, especially for children. I am outraged.

Wed, Jan 8 9:10pm · Suicide crisis line is dumb in Mental Health

Thank you to all who responded to my comment that the national suicide crisis line is dumb. It is good to know that you guys really do care. I've had to call a crisis line for myself in the past. This call was for my friend's 9 year old grandson who is actively suicidal. I was trying to find a resource for this grandmother so she could help her grandson. Unfortunately the national crisis line asks several questions before even connecting you to a live person. My friend was too anxious to wait. I was able to find a number within the state the child lives, where a real person answered the phone. We now have this resource, but I have to say that if I were suicidal I would have hung up and found another solution that would surely have ended badly.