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4 days ago · I work in healthcare & am an at-risk patient too: COVID concerns in COVID-19

Also, Nadine, I agree with the suggestion that you speak with your employer regarding using your skills in another capacity. You have talent that can be utilized in many other ways, by other employers even, without being in direct contact under EMT circumstances. I am so outraged that employers are asking many of us to risk our health and the other people we come in contact with when we're not working. You have a lot to contribute, but not your life.

4 days ago · I work in healthcare & am an at-risk patient too: COVID concerns in COVID-19

Nadine, I need to say that folks with any of the health conditions you have should not be working in the capacity in which you work with infected or even asymptomatic people. I work in home health care services with direct contact with a variety of clients. All employees and every client is screened each day before each shift. If anybody has at least 2 symptoms, they are put in touch with a nurse who does a further screening. We are not allowed to work with anyone who has certain symptoms. And, employees can no longer travel to different towns in the area because different towns may or may not be infected . Our doctors offices and hospitals here in Colorado have stringent guidelines, although I have seen staff who have underlying conditions still continue to work in direct contact with others. They tell me they need the money and can't afford to stay home. I can understand that feeling .

5 days ago · Using CBD oil to help taper off anxiety & depression meds? in Depression & Anxiety

I'm glad to hear success stories from folks using CBD to help with sleep. Since it's legal in Colorado, I see and hear many success stories from people with chronic pain and sleeplessness. I find that every situation is incredibly unique depending on the person. But that's just like traditional medicine.

Sun, Mar 22 9:08pm · How are you handling anxiety in this time of COVID-19? in Depression & Anxiety

I really enjoy hearing how others are dealing with anxiety at this time. My husband can't leave the house due to lung issues. But, if I don't leave the house, I'd have to kill him! He's a dear and wonderful person but we handle stress completely differently. So I'm still working as a home health caregiver in our small community. Employees and our clients are monitored daily in terms of health. So far I am considered healthy and can go into homes. However, since there's no testing and we can have the virus without symptoms, I don't think anyone can be considered really healthy unless we are tested. But people depend on home health care for medical, medication, and personal care, because there is no one else to help them. I'm 76 and several of my clients are younger than me. It's a challenging situation for people who need help and people in the helping professions.

Fri, Mar 6 9:03pm · I'm so sad in Loss & Grief

Thank you to Scott for your reminder, "I'll try again tomorrow. " the loss of our loved ones and the loss of our furry family members will forever leave a hole in out hearts. The only thing that has ever helped me, personally, is to reach out and try to help people who might need something I can give. Dogs and cats included.

Tue, Mar 3 9:57am · ~ Depressed and scared, not making it financially ~ in Mental Health

Hello @amberpep . We are all still here! And very interested in supporting you as you go through this challenging time. I find that the more time I spend out in this tiny community, the more people I meet, which makes me feel better. Volunteering, having coffee somewhere, going to the library, wherever there are people with positive energy is a good place to put yourself, a little bit each day. Blessings.

Mon, Feb 24 9:24pm · Caring for grandson with cerebral palsy after loss of loved ones in Loss & Grief

@lindagirl . The other very important thing that I had to learn, to this very day, is to honor my own feelings each minute of each long day. And not allow my dearest friends, family, and other well meaning people to tell me to move on.
The price I paid for not allowing my grief to surface, was having to voluntarily check into a psychiatric hospital. Blessings to you.

Mon, Feb 24 9:19pm · Caring for grandson with cerebral palsy after loss of loved ones in Loss & Grief

Thank you @lindagirl for sharing your feelings about your loss. For me, the loss of my son has forever changed me. I personally find that there is no "returning" to "normal ". And it's been 3 years. However there is a kind of moving forward, not moving ON, and then there's a kind of "new normal ". Every person's experience of grief is unique. I think we all agree on that. But in my own experience, I have had to allow myself to go through various and sometimes extreme stages of grief before even thinking about any semblance of normality…whatever that actually is.