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Wed, Sep 2 9:11pm · The life force of my body is gone in Men's Health

Just a comment. Once again I am impressed at the genuine desire of forum members to truly try to help each other. You guys are all heroes. Blessings.

Thu, Jun 4 9:40am · What does it take to moving from low self-esteem - to self acceptance in Depression & Anxiety

This is a big topic. Caring for the SELF and holding our SELF in esteem is the work of a lifetime. That's my conclusion in my personal experience.
How to do that? Very challenging and complex question. And the answers differ with each unique individual. For me, at least, the first step is accepting ME the way I really am, without judgment. On the days that I can do this, I feel empowered. And what others say to me, or "expect " of me, doesn't matter one bit. I have been practicing "being me " without judgement, for so many years. It works as long as I work it.

Tue, May 19 9:38am · Are ALL doctors nuts? Or heartless? in Just Want to Talk

I really like what you said, Ginger. Regarding your doctor being "reluctant " to do the procedure and why.
My personal experience with doctors is the same experience I have with people in general. Some folks are uncomfortable to engage with, so I back off, and save my energy to allow caring, compassionate people, and doctors, in my life.

Fri, Apr 17 9:34pm · COVID concerns: Working in healthcare & self-isolation rules in COVID-19

This is a really tough decision. @espoir . I have to agree that there are temporary living options available when we really think out of the box. Since your son is in health care, perhaps he can ask his employer for suggestions. Health care employees are at a premium at the moment. If he works in a facility where there is an extra room he can stay in, that could be one idea. If his employer understands he lives with a high risk person, that employer could offer to pay for lodging elsewhere. Since I live with a high risk, completely isolated husband, I have had to force myself to be assertive with my employer in terms of my needs while working. It can be worked out.

Fri, Apr 10 1:36pm · Isolation: How Do We Handle it? in COVID-19

As to being at home, I like to remember to practice simple of listening " … to others, and to the still small voice within me.
Since I still work outside my home, I try to "practice simple acts of being present. " blessings.

Sun, Apr 5 9:44pm · Personal protection equipment (PPE) for emotional health in Depression & Anxiety

Just read this in my book:
"Practice simple acts of being present. "
This helps me personally when dealing with people, situations, and life.

Sun, Apr 5 3:08pm · Taking our minds off things, what are you watching?? in Depression & Anxiety

I was watching American Horror Stories, a series on Netflix. I don't normally watch that stuff and I kept asking myself why I was watching this awful blood and gore. I think that I was trying to offset all the awfulness of this virus with something even more awful. Yeah, I'm thinking that was it for me at least.

Sun, Apr 5 3:03pm · Personal protection equipment (PPE) for emotional health in Depression & Anxiety

John, thanks so much for that link. Blessings.