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8 hours ago · Using CBD/THC Oil to fight metastatic lung cancer in Lung Cancer

My husband is using both CBD alone and with THC. We weren't given any suggested amounts by either our medical doctors or the medical marijuana clinic. I don't know if there any actual standards or protocols set for this. My husband is using a CBD oil of 1mg and a THC gummy of 25mg. I can't really help with specific amounts unfortunately. He supplements during with some additional CBD throughout the day via vaping (that is for the peripheral neuropathy in his feet). My husband is following the suggestions of the medical marijuana clinic. We started out conservatively and he is adding different products and amounts as we go, slowly, to see how it affects him. He has not experienced any negative side effects but we don't know if what we are doing with this is really the reason his cancer is slowing or regressing. He does have less foot pain (which is from a serious accident/injury from 50 years ago for which there is no treatment as well.)
I believe that anything one can do that seems to be helping and not hurting when one has cancer is worth giving a try. Everyone is different and I strongly suggest consulting with your doctors before starting or adding anything to your treatment. That said, two friends, one who cannot take narcotics and who is facing her seventh knee surgery is going to try marijuana to help with her pain and a second friend with pancreatic cancer just got medical marijuana and is giving it a try as an addition to treatment. Hugs to you.

1 day ago · Using CBD/THC Oil to fight metastatic lung cancer in Lung Cancer

I'm hoping this is our year Merry………….bring on 2019

1 day ago · Using CBD/THC Oil to fight metastatic lung cancer in Lung Cancer

Thanks for asking. We're hopeful that 2019 will be a lot less stressful than 2018 which was truly terrible. My husband feels pretty good and we're trying to stay positive that the cancer won't take some wild turn and become really aggressive before we can figure out what treatments may work. We live day by day now (in both good and bad ways…ha ha)

1 day ago · Using CBD/THC Oil to fight metastatic lung cancer in Lung Cancer

The pathology (from 3 biopsies) is inconclusive. It has properties of an upper GI cancer but is located in the lung only. The lymph node where it has spread can be either a lung or Gi cancer. The cancer is officially designated a 'cancer of unknown primary', the doctors do not know where the cancer started. They can't give us a definitive diagnosis of ANY type of cancer at this point. But given that in over a year no primary source can be defined and the tumor is in the lung, they are leaning toward a lung cancer. Because they can't identify a source or type of cancer we're monitoring only. Using chemo would require using multiple types of chemo and not knowing which one or if any would work. Radiation is a possibility but we're monitoring a while longer before we move forward with that. Surgery is not an option they say, due to my husband's health and also because removing the tumor wouldn't necessarily mean they had done anything to reserve or contain the cancer and surgery is more risky to his lungs (as is radiation to some extent). There is a type of cancer that I researched and the doctors are considering called enteric pulmonary adenocarcinoma, which is a lung cancer that presents as a cancer of the GI tract. Currently my husband has no symptoms of cancer specifically so there are also no clues there. My husband had a heart condition that we found answers for during one of his biopies. That condition has been successfully resolved with a heart surgery. When he was first diagnosed with cancer he seemed quite ill because of the heart condition. Since that's been resolved, he is much healthier and the doctors may have more options for us, as he can better tolerate treatments…..but we still don't know what we're treating and the cancer has been getting progressively smaller and less active with each 3 month PET scan.

2 days ago · Using CBD/THC Oil to fight metastatic lung cancer in Lung Cancer

Thank you Merry for sharing this! Great information.
My husband has been using CBD/THC in various forms for 6 months (going on 7) for his cancer of 'unknown primary' or type. Thought I'd share that on diagnosis he was given a few months to live and it's been a year. Unfortunately, they still don't know what type of cancer he has but they are leaning toward lung (as it's in his lung and no where else…except a nearby lymph node, pesky node….). His last scan was a week ago and the results show the tumor has not grown, the lymph node has decreased in size/activity just slightly. The only treatment he is receiving now is the medical marijuana and his tumor has decreased overall and the cancer activity has also decreased. It could be the marijuana, it could be…..well just about anything. The doctors are as confused as we are. But we are of course happy it's not progressing quickly at this point. The tumor was shown to be a high grade/fast growing type via pathology but it's not doing that. Will keep everyone posted in another 3 months. It's a mystery.

4 days ago · Pulmonary Rehabilitation in Lung Cancer

Not much exercising or walking for either of us. For me that's a goal for this year. I used to have time for exercise and know it will make a difference for me….but it's been a long year in 2018 and a very, very long story. For my husband we have to figure out something that will work. He gardens in the summer and feels much better for the exercise and time outdoors but his COPD makes it difficult to get out in the winter months and cold AND he had a serious accident with his feet some 50+ years ago and has extreme foot pain now which they cannot treat. The peripheral neuropathy is so bad that chemo is not even recommended (should they ever figure out the cancer) and suggest that. That's why I think pulmonary rehab might be a good first step because perhaps we can figure out some tips for getting my husband moving. I work a part time job right now where I stand, walk and etc for 5 hours two times a week and because my husband's health is not good, I do all the housecleaning, chores, errands, etc….so I get a reasonable amount of exercise, but I look forward to getting back to my regular walks, swimming, etc when things (if things) quiet down.

5 days ago · Pulmonary Rehabilitation in Lung Cancer

Hello Merry……..Happy New Year to you as well. My husband and I were just talking about pulmonary rehab today. We just got the results of his latest PET scan today. It's so odd (still). It's been a year now, they still don't know what type of cancer he has but they are leaning toward lung, but they have no actual proof, so still no treatment (other than the CBD/THC). Another scan in 3 months. I'm going to share on the lung cancer thread to see if there is anyone else over there with a similar experience.
My husband's COPD is pretty well managed but since we don't have numerous tests, biopsies and scans coming up in the next few months (we hope) we're going to try to fit in the rehab because it seems to help so many. At this point we're patching up any problems we can identify and trying to make him as strong and well as possible. Thanks for asking!

Wed, Jan 9 11:23pm · Metastatic Lobular Breast Cancer in Stomach in Breast Cancer

First, so sorry to hear about the mets. I too had lobular cancer but so far am lucky and no spread (3 years now, caught at an early stage for me). I am very, very Type A and so I did and continue to do lots of reading and research. One of the first places they mention that lobular might spread is the stomach. Like ductal breast cancer it can spread to the bones, etc but lobular seems to like our stomach. If I see anything of interest that might help you I will certainly pass it along (I run across some interesting studies and such now and then). In the meantime, big, big hugs and good wishes. I'm so very sorry you're going through this. You're not alone….you have another lobular gal in your corner.