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Jan 2, 2017 · Demyelination in MRI; had stroke a year back in Stroke & Cerebrovascular Diseases

Thanks @kanaazpereira
I’ll know more after doctor looks at the results.

Hello @ydawson, @anisha1232, @ricksraleigh, @chefbrown, @tlgreg60, @rockypoint67, @sebley12, @manysilver, @jessejames4534, @carolyns, @lal2, @cheriroberts
I hope and pray you are doing very well. Wish you an amazing new year! 🙂

Jan 2, 2017 · Multiple Sclerosis (MS) - please introduce yourself in Brain & Nervous System

Hello everyone!

My dad’s MRI shows demyelination and I’m waiting on doctor’s word on it. I’ll then know for sure what is the actual issue that needs to be tackled.

I learnt a bunch reading this discussion thread (esp @ydawson‘s answers) and finding relevant resources to know more. Thank you @kanaazpereira for letting me know about this thread. I’ll update soon.


Jan 2, 2017 · Demyelination in MRI; had stroke a year back in Stroke & Cerebrovascular Diseases

Hello friends,

My father had a stroke in Dec 2015, after which his balance, diet, and general functioning was affected. With his willpower, discipline, and medicines, he recovered very well, and by Sep 2016 (9 months after stroke), he was pretty much back to normal – he’d even drive with no issues.

However, in Dec 2016, he started slurring in his speech and had difficulty walking. Both of these have now become major issues – it’s very difficult to understand what he says (possible only when he speaks very slowly), and he can hardly walk (he’s already fallen a few times).

MRI results say demyelination. images here (MRI scans, not sp@m): imgur/a/qNWbM?
(replace imgur with imgurDOTcom)

With your experience, do you think it’s a case of MS (Multiple Sclerosis) or something else? Any other suggestions? I’m seeing a doctor as regularly as I can with him, but the doc’s yet to see the MRI results.

Any inputs will be helpful! I’m also reading all relevant posts on this forum.
Thank you for your time, and your help. My family deeply appreciates, our kind wishes and love to you.