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Marie, I am also new to MAC. I am currently taking Azithromycin, Rifampin, and Ethambutol plus I just finished 14 injections (twice a week) of a VERY VERY painful Amikacin Infectious Disease says I will be on meds for 18 months or longer.
Last April (2016) I felt as if I had Pneumonia with a persistent hacking cough (having had it a few times in my life). Primary doc gave me antibiotics but made no recommendations. A week later I was in the emergency room where they took an x-ray then a CAT scan and many blood test. After the CAT Scan they came back and said both upper lungs were filled and made a followup visit with a critical care pulmonary specialist. I live in Trinity, Alabama (no were close to a major MAC research hospital) The specialist scheduled a bronchoscope where he took biopsies and did a saline wash of my lungs. He determined through the biopsy that I have MAC and have been on daily meds since July 2016. He then recommended I see an Infectious Disease specialist who seems to know more about MAC. BUt, one of the resources I have used the most and has answered many of my questions are the forums like this one and the National Jewish Hospital patient portal. Recently they added the MAC conference videos for 2016 these and others have been very helpful for me. My account currently will not let me post the link at National Jewish Hospital search for ntmvideos2016