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Thu, Mar 19 10:56am · Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC) in Transplants

You will get better results searching for the condition when fully written out instead of the initials. I think you are talking of primary sclerosing cholangitis. I may have it misspelled. If so I came up with this site: https://pscpartners.org/nutrition/ . I honestly have never heard of this one… but there are many conditions I have never heard of.

Tue, Mar 17 6:45am · Zenpep in Digestive Health

According to the website https://www.zenpep.com/ you should tell your doctor of the side effects you are having.

Wishing you better days,

Sun, Mar 15 12:30pm · Chest Pain + Fatigue in Digestive Health

@jessicamt I have non-cardiac chest pains. Most of it is from having open abdominal surgery. Some is from esophageal problems.

Being you have had the pain for so long …. unless some kind of trauma… it is unlikely that it is Costochondritis (inflammation in your ribs). You would have to have an endoscopy, swallow tests and perhaps more tests to figure out if it is your esophagus or digestive issue.

My best advice is to keep a journal.. diary of your symptoms. What makes them worse? What make them better? How do you feel physically and mentally? Write it down. You might want to keep a record of your blood pressure too.

With the fainting is it sudden drop in blood pressure? .. for some reason even looking up vasovagal syncope and I am not understanding it (I blame it on antihistamines.. allergy season has hit again for me). I have had low blood pressure over the past year.. not as bad now since I gained some weight. January of last year I dropped down to 117lbs.. I am 5’5” tall and a good bit older than you at 68 years. My doctor told me this past November to eat, eat, eat and increase my salt intake. I gained 10lbs since the beginning of January.. I feel like I am constantly eating. I have the opposite problem with sleep even though I feel exhausted all the time I sleep 4-6 hours. I have been this way all my life though. I took care of my 92 year old mom until mid December of last year. I think some of my problem was stress. I started gaining weight when she went in the nursing home in January after she did a stay in the hospital.

To help with the chest pain.. no matter the cause.. breathing exercises can help. There are plenty of videos out on how to properly breath. My thoracic surgeon told me to simply pretend I was blowing out birthday candles. So I pretend every day is a celebration of my birth.. which it is. There are other ways to do the breathing exercises, but this one is the one I do. You might try some yoga exercises too.

Vitamin deficiency could be a cause of fatigue.. especially iron, b12, and vitamin D.

My best wishes,

Fri, Mar 13 8:07am · Hiatal Hernia - Surgery & Complications in Digestive Health

My mama just turned 91. She had to go into the hospital the first week of January for a few days because of a heart problem. The doctor wanted her to go into a nursing home for rehab. We went through that in 2016 when she had a stroke. Rehab only works if the nursing home helps reinforce their work…. this one did not. We got her out of the nursing home after a few weeks and had home physical and occupational therapy come to her home. So I told the doctor at the hospital this January that mama was not going to a nursing home, she is going home. She was bedridden for about 3 weeks. At two months she was back to her walker after having home PT and OT. She is still tired because of the heart problem, but the therapy helped her so much.

So what I am saying is ask one of your doctors to order physical therapy. You would probably be able to go to a facility. It can really help you regain muscle strength with proper exercise.


Fri, Mar 13 8:05am · Hiatal Hernia - Surgery & Complications in Digestive Health

@kimmer A link to my story of paraesophageal (sliding hiatal) hernia : https://zarogasnook.blogspot.com/2015/08/a-long-time-passing.html. I am still recuperating from the last surgery and dealing with esophageal problems.

Fri, Mar 13 8:05am · Hiatal Hernia - Surgery & Complications in Digestive Health

@marlaxyz , I have had a very hard journey with a paraesophageal (sliding) hiatal hernia.. a blog post that I have tried to keep updated of my journey: http://zarogasnook.blogspot.com/2015/08/a-long-time-passing.html ( I don’t put ads on my blog.)

The hernia pulled my stomach into my chest. I had a Nissen in 2001. I live in a small town in GA and at the time I thought I had done enough research. My surgeon had said he had done many of them and had good results. (they do not tell you of their failures and some will avoid your questions of what if.. we will deal with it if it happens.. I want to know how you will deal with it, and what is recovery time and what can I expect afterwards)) My stubborn hernia started the process of herniating again almost immediately. I had my gallbladder out at same time. I am not sure which process caused my dumping syndrome. Some have said they have had it without having the gallbladder out. My father-in-law had the surgery a few months later by same surgeon and his wrap was too tight.. he cannot burp nor vomit… which can be pretty miserable if you get a virus.

In 2007 the hernia had pulled my stomach into my chest again. After doing research again I chose a different surgeon thinking he might be better at the repair than the first. The surgeon used mesh. I was in pain and could not get him to listen to me. I decided to live with the pain and enjoy life best I could. In 2012 I was vomitting up everything I ate and losing weight quickly. I saw my gastroenterologist. After test he urged me to have surgery again and soon. He recommended a different surgeon, and the surgeon wanted more test and then told me I did need surgery, but he would not do and no one in my home town should. He sent me to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville FL. I had the Nissen wrap undone and part of my fundus had to be removed because the mesh had eaten into it.. it was the biggest cause of my pain. Because of the loss of part of the fundus I could not have another Nissen wrap, so the hernia was anchored to my diaphragm. The hernia still insisted on being. I was to have a swallow test in a few months and follow up. Yep, the test showed the hernia brought my stomach into my chest again. The surgeon who did the surgery had left the Mayo Clinic so I saw another surgeon there, Dr Bowers. He said he would be a fool to try to to do the standard repair again. He decided on a gastric bypass.. did you know that surgery came to be to repair hiatal hernias and the side effect was weight loss? Yep, my hernia inssisted on presisting after that surgery and I had a 5th surgery. The rest is at my blog. It is just a bit of my journey and not deep detail.

I think Dr Bowers is awesome.. he is a great planner. I suggest seeing more than one surgeon before having surgery. There is now another procedure called Lynx.. I don’t think I have the spelling correct.. for reflux. You need a hernia repair too, which can be done with the procedure, but it depends on the severity of the hernia. You need to find out all your options from an expert surgeon on the surgeries.

All my surgeons were general surgeons… even Dr Bowers. My local surgeon had said of the Mayo surgeons: they fix other surgeon’s mistakes and fix the oddity,, hard cases.

My symptoms were the acid reflux, chest discomfort.. feeling of pressure and sometimes sharp chest pains, burping, nausea, vomiting. I also have gastroparesis that can cause some of these symptoms. Even after 5 surgeries to repair the hernia I still have symptoms. The reflux is in the form of mucus now. It still irritates my throat.

I really don’t know if the dumping syndrome was caused by the Nissen or the gallbladder removal. I had almost immedite failure of the Nissen wrap.

I don’t regret the Nissen.. I just regret not choosing better surgeons.

Please know I am a rarity. Very few have such bad luck as this with a paraesophageal hernia.

Wishing you the best of luck.

Mon, Mar 9 9:42am · Months of Chest Pain - Please help in Digestive Health

@amm97 Esophageal spasms could be your problem.. usually happens in older people though. Mine were diagnosed through a barium swallow test. Other test are mentioned in the link Teresa mentioned. I have two places where there are spasms.. just beyond the back of my throat and where the esophagus meets the stomach. Sometimes Zofran for nausea helps and sometimes valium helps. Sometimes they just have to pass with time. It seems if I try to do something physical.. like the the laundry .. when having the spasms that the spasms get stronger. Valium seems to help the most when the pain is strongest. I take a pill and lie down on my side and try to relax and usually within an hour or so things are better.

A hiatal hernia can cause similar pain, but that would show up in the ct scan you had. If you have not seen one I would suggest you see a gastroenterologist since heart problems have been ruled out.


Mon, Mar 9 5:27am · Esophageal problem: food gets stuck in Digestive Health

@englee I go to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville. At the beginning of May of last year I had to go and have my esophagus dilated again. With the spasms and achalasia it can get quite painful. At the end of May I had severe episode again of the food and liquids stuck.. and again at the end of July and August. I did not go to the ER. I have had a few minutes episodes since. I am due to go back in May for a checkup on the Barretts and dilation if needed.

I have had three surgeries at the Mayo there.. long story, but due to a large paraesophageal hernia and complications. Dr Bowers is an excellent surgeon… he did the last two surgeries… my body does weird things though 🥺 After the second surgery I had a feeding tube for over a year. I see Dr Francis and her NP, Lois Hemminger now and am pleased with them.

There are several people on connect who have had surgeries for the achalasia. I will probably be at a point sometime down the road. Use the search option to look for the discussions on it. I cannot think of the names of the surgery options. Maybe first try “achalasia surgery”.

Best of luck,