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3 days ago · Months of Chest Pain - Please help in Digestive Health

@lisa1030 Water can irritate the stomach also. I have to drink and cook with filtered water… we have the under the sink type filter. Our water has lots of chlorine and probably other chemicals.. city water. I can drink coffee. I drink a dark roast that seems to have less caffeine and acid. There are some coffees you can buy on line that are listed as low acid, but I do well with just the dark roast and keep it at a reasonable amount and not like I used to… a cup in my hand almost all the time 😂 You might do well with just taking something like Zantac or Pepcid. I have to take a PPi because of Barrett's esophagus. I do not get bile reflux anymore after having a gastric bypass to fix a stubborn paresophageal .. sliding.. hernia. I get the mucosa from my stomach coming up. It does not burn, but lots of mucus to choke on.

You should be able to eat any lean meats. I have a swallowing problem and my easiest meat to eat is ground beef. I eat any non-spicy tender meat though. Chicken can be hard for me to swallow sometimes. My main seasoning is salt. I can eat Lawery's seasoned pepper, but black pepper burns. I do okay with nutmeg and ginger powder… which are good seasonings for beef. I can handle a little cumin, but no chili powder. I can eat some sweet onion, but no regular yellow or spanish onions. If I cut up chives finely I can handle a little of them in eggs. Some tomatoes are less acidic than others. Google can probably tell you which ones. I do not eat them very much nor do I eat raw foods. A food diary is an excellent way to figure out what triggers your symptoms or makes them worse.

Best of luck,

6 days ago · Severe Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI) in Digestive Health

I know you are very frustrated. There are many stomach and esophagus problems that could cause your symptoms. You need experts… like the Mayo or one of the other research teaching hospitals.

My suggestion with problems of diarrhea is to try a probiotic.I tried some cheap ones and even the yogurt with live culture and they did not help. Align was recommended to me by my husband's cousin. It is a little pricey, but worth it to me. My husband gets it for me at Sam's Club and stocks up when they have it on special. (the store brands do not work for me.. Align has some secret ingredient that works for me) My mama started having problems too.. she is 91 years old now.. and I started giving them to her too. She had her gallbladder out many years ago as I had. She only had problems occasionally… mostly if she ate fried foods. With me it made no difference what I ate, but I had a Nissen wrap at same time I had my gallbladder out.

I had to have stomach surgery because of a repair of the Nissen wrap (mesh put in wrong place…. long story). Was referred to Mayo. They were concerned about my 38lb weight loss. 2 surgeries (undo of Nissen wrap and gastric bypass to fix the soiding hernia) at Mayo and hopefully final surgery in 2015 at Mayo .. an open abdominal surgery that fixed the complications I had of the previous surgery.

I have achalasia and Barrett's esophagus. All which can cause abdominal and chest pain. The open abdominal surgery I had is very difficult to recover from and was told I would probably have the chest pain the rest of my life.. and not to worry I am not having heart attacks. The pain is the worst when low weather fronts come through.. the stronger the front the stronger my pain is. I take low doses of oxycodone and when really bad I take a small amount of diazepam (valium). Have to be very careful with what meds you mix with oxycodone or any other narcotic.

I would suggest you keep a journal and write down everything you eat and what time. Notate the times you have the increase pain and where it isand when you have diarrhea. What activities were going on… walking, standing, sitting, bending, sleeping, sports activity, etc. Sometimes this can indicate a pattern that can be helpful.

Best of luck,

Sun, Jun 30 8:25am · Loose stools in Digestive Health


I found in traveling just around our state that water could cause me to have diarrhea. Now we have a water filter under our sink.. they put more chlorine in our city water now… and when traveling bring gallon jugs of water from home. If a long trip we buy filtered water. We do well with refilling our jugs at Public's supermarkets.

I take a probiotic… I tried many of them and Align is only one that works for me. I did not have the problem before having my gallbladder out and Nissen Fundoplication surgery. I could not handle raw foods such a salads before the surgery… diarrhea every time I tried. Ever once in a while I will have a day, but usually because I ate something with a lot of sugar or greasy food.

My best suggestions are keep a food diary and note which foods make your symptoms worse. Drink and cook with filtered water. Take a probiotic to balance the bacteria in your stomach.

Tue, Jun 25 10:52am · Down to either bile reflux or gastroparesis in Digestive Health

@bborth I have had my gallbladder out, have mild gastroparesis, achalasia, Barret’s esophagus and esophageal spasms.. I had a roux n y surgery (gastric bypass) to repair a paraesophageal (sliding) hernia. I have dealt with reflux for many, many years. The hernia would not stay repaired and this surgery was last that might repair it. It is what the surgery was originally meant for… weight loss was a side effect. My journey is briefly stated in one of my blog post: https://zarogasnook.blogspot.com/2015/08/a-long-time-passing.html .. my blog does not have ads. It is only a bit of what I have and am going through.

I had a feeding tube for a little over a year (because of complications after one of the surgeries.. 1% chance of it happening and I am always the oddball) and after having the tube removed I lost weight. It is hard for me to maintain weight. Mostly because of the swallowing problems. I had that problem before the g-bypass. There is more chance of pancreatitis after a g-bypass. I have not have that. I had the surgery in 2013. I have chest pain all the time, but because of one of the complications they had to repair to do with my diaphragm and lung and not the bypass. My other conditions also can cause chest pain. I am not fond of opiates/narcotics, but take a low dose of oxycodone for pain. I do not have the bile reflux anymore. I do have phlegm that contains stomach acid that comes into my throat. It does not burn like the bile reflux. I still take prilosec for this because of the Barrett's. The surgery does not seem to help gastropareses.

If I were you I would keep the appointment at the Mayo and you might want to call and ask if they have a list you can be put on in case someone cancels an appointment. They will usually work with you on a date.. they try and get test and doctor appointments as close as they can together. Give them all test results ahead of time.. and cd of any radiology test so they can see the films. Your doctor or hospital may can fax or mail them to the Mayo. Our hospital was suppose to have mailed the Mayo a cd, but with a phone call to check on it to the Mayo we found they had not. We got a copy ourselves and mailed it to the Mayo.. we asked for a signature that they had gotten it. Yes, keep check on anything that is suppose to be sent.. miscommunications and things do get lost.

Keep a food/activity diary to keep track of what triggers your symptoms. It can be helpful in diagnosing. Make a list of questions.. I like to make a copy for the doctor and one for me to write notes on. Computers come in handy for this. Take someone with you to your appointments. Two sets of ears are better than one and can be helpful in thinking of more questions to ask during the appointment that are not on your list. Also makes good company in waiting areas. Waiting time for anything is usually not long.

The g-bypass was my last resort. At the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville my surgeon, Dr Bowers was excellent. He is a great planner… explains the choices and draws pictures of what he plans to do. He tells what to expect afterward. The side effect of weight loss is a bit hard if you are skinny.. I was asked to gain as much weight as I could before surgery. It was not easy to gain five pounds over about 6 weeks. The feeding tube kept me around 140 pounds. 4 years after having feeding tube removed I am around 120 pounds. My greatest loss was last year of 15 pounds.. the other pounds were very slowly lost. I cannot eat more that about a cup of food at a time.. just get too full. So I eat often. If I cannot maintain it over the next year they say I might have to go back to feeding tube. For many they can gain weight because the pouch will expand. After the division of the stomach one side of the stomach is the remnant and the other is the pouch. The pouch become the stomach. My feeding tube went into the remnant and I could still eat some foods by mouth which went into the pouch.

If you are having diarrhea because of the gallbladder removal I would suggest a probiotic. I tried many that did not help. Align is the only one that helps me. I tried products that say compare to Align… or contained the word Super. They just do not have the magic ingredient for me. Limit fried or greasy foods and sweets or any known triggers. Everyone is different in their triggers.

Best wishes,

Wed, Jun 19 9:20am · Gastroparesis in Digestive Health

I go to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville. I initially went there for surgery… I had 3 there. I think first surgeon was a Dr Smith, but he left and then Dr Bowers did the last two.. gastric bypass to fix a stubborn paraesophageal hiatal hernia. I had complications from that surgery (just my body and not surgeon's fault) and the last surgery in 2015 had to be an open surgery to repair the damage from the complications. It was Dr Smith that had me see one of the gi drs there that prescribed the med for gastroparesis cannot remember his name. It was to rule out if the gastroparesis was causing my pain and weight loss. The problem was where a surgeon in my hometown had placed mesh to fix the hernia. I now see a NP, Lois Hemminger who is under the guidance of Dr Dawn Francis.

I had the feeding tube in what they call the remnant stomach. In gastric bypass the stomach is divided… the other portion where real food goes is called a pouch. It is about the size of an extra large egg. So I can only eat about a cup of food at a time. Because the sphincter does not work correctly all the time the food can stack up into my esophagus. That is one reason I may have to go to a feeding tube again. There are a couple of surgeries that can help.. but things will have to get worse before they are considered.


Wed, Jun 19 8:39am · Fecal Incontinence in Digestive Health

@dnikulas I have not had your problem, but because of having gallbladder out and stomach surgeries I sometimes have dumping syndrome. You have probably read this article or others like it: https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/fecal-incontinence/symptoms-causes/syc-20351397

I would keep a food diary to see if any foods contribute to your problem. Diet with me has helped a lot for the urgency of loose bowels. Another thing that helped me is taking a probiotic. I tried several, but the only one that helped me is Align. Instead of a daily problem it is now once or twice a month.

I would also get a second or even a third opinion of what is causing your problem.

Best of luck,

Tue, Jun 18 4:32am · Gastroparesis in Digestive Health

@beanglow, I had to be on a feeding tube for a bit over a year. It was a bit hard to get back to eating food. I had to add foods pretty much one at a time. Starting with blenderized foods and then progressing to the soft cooked vegetables and fruit (nothing raw, no skins of seeds) and tender meats. I have learned to stay away from fibrous food. If I eat broccoli I can eat florets (cooked soft), but not the fibrous stems (even if they are cooked soft). I am able to eat a few roasted nuts and a little peanut butter, but they tend to give the gassy stomach, so the amount is low.. good source of nutrients and fat.

Eating is difficult when you have upper and lower digestive issues. I am down to 120lbs. I eat something every 2-3 hours during my day hours. Last visit to Mayo they said if I cannot at least maintain weight I will probably have to go back on the feeding tube. I went off of it in Oct 2015 and they wanted me to stay at 140lbs. I think I managed to do that for about 4 months. I lost 20 lbs, but managed to get it back up to 135 after a few months. I was up to 138lbs January of last year and this January I was down to 117lbs. I got it back up to 120lbs. There has been a lot of stress over the last couple of years and that makes it harder.

Sat, Jun 15 7:14pm · Gastroparesis in Digestive Health

@beanglow So many years ago … but it helped. I took it for so many days and then off for so many days. I was only on it for a few months. I have nerve problems so my doctors do not think I would do well with Reglan. I hooe I got the name right in that one. I am exhausted lately and my mind isn't working on all cylinders. I had to put my mom in a nursing home and it has been very emotional time.

On the Domperidone… My doctor at Mayo in Jacksonville wrote a prescription and told me to take it to a compounding pharmacy. That was in 2013, so the price has gone from my mind. You might ask your doctor about it or if you have a pharmacy that does compounding ask there about it.