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20 hours ago · Living with arthritis: How do you stay active? in Bones, Joints & Muscles


It is grip strength. .. and painful to hold a pen or pencil for long. We made cloth mask and my husband did all the cutting. He had trouble understanding how I needed everything placed together. That was a bit painful lining the fronts, backs and interfacing together. The pinching motion the worst. The sewing itself with the machine was only difficult in turning the hand wheel to get started.

I am back to doing most of my chores. We hand wash dishes.. no place for a a dishwasher without losing much needed cabinet space… and I can wash them when there is nothing heavy. The turning of the dishes to wash and rinse makes my hand achy.. but the warm water feels good to my hand. My husband isn't good about checking pockets before placing clothes in the hamper. I find it a bit hard searching the pockets.. my hand either has to do the searching or the holding. It is getting easier, but as always healing is too slow for me. I get too impatient.

I think the Tai Chi exercises will help me keep my balance. I work a little on balance with various little exercises (some which are in the video.. didn't know I knew how to do any Tai Chi 😁) when I take the dog out.. but know I need to work more on it. My neighbors probably think I look quite silly doing those exercises.. and I don't care. The dog used to give me “what are you doing looks”. Now he thinks his sister is just crazy. He is my mom's dog. She is 92 and in a nursing home.. Ziggy (mini poodle) will be 10 in September. They miss each other. The phone just isn't the same as visits. I love my little furry brother.

21 hours ago · Living with arthritis: How do you stay active? in Bones, Joints & Muscles

@suz55 Thank you for posting this. I had cmc thumb surgery in January and trigger thumb surgery In June. This one gave my thumb a better workout than other videos I have watched. I still have trouble writing and with my grip. I want to get back to crocheting. This may help me get there.

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I know how awful the vomiting is… sometimes it has been the food just come back up. Now it doesn't want to do either. Food nor water will go down. They say if it last for more than two hours to go to ER.

Make sure you have the head of your bed raised. I have slept in my recliner at times.

Eat slowly… small meals. Maybe every two or three hours during the day. I have to eat soft foods.. tender meats. I do best with ground beef for meat. I cannot tolerate raw foods other than a ripe banana. I had to have a gastric bypass to fix the hiatal hernia that kept the acid going. I had a Nissen Fundoplication years before that but it failed and the repairs failed. I now also have Barrett's esophagus.

You will probably have a barium swallow test and an endoscopy to tell exactly what is going on. This swallow test involves drinking barium while maneuvering around on a table and the radiologist watches a fluoroscope as you swallow and takes pictures. During the endoscopy they will take biopsies as well as pictures. There are other esophagus problems than achalasia… the tests should sort it out.


Thu, Jul 2 7:18am · Aperistalsis: anyone else been diagnosed with this? in Neuropathy


May I ask what type of stomach surgery you were having a work up for?

I have heard the term aperistalsis. Basically it is the lack of involuntary muscle movement. The esophagus is a muscle. When we swallow that is one push of the food down and then the esophagus usually pushes with movement the food down to the stomach where it should push the food through an opening into the stomach.

Basically it is the same as achalasia. The Mayo Clinic's description is:

“Achalasia is a rare disorder that makes it difficult for food and liquid to pass from the swallowing tube connecting your mouth and stomach (esophagus) into your stomach.

Achalasia occurs when nerves in the esophagus become damaged. As a result, the esophagus becomes paralyzed and dilated over time and eventually loses the ability to squeeze food down into the stomach. Food then collects in the esophagus, sometimes fermenting and washing back up into the mouth, which can taste bitter. Some people mistake this for gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). However, in achalasia the food is coming from the esophagus, whereas in GERD the material comes from the stomach.

There's no cure for achalasia. Once the esophagus is paralyzed, the muscle cannot work properly again. But symptoms can usually be managed with endoscopy, minimally invasive therapy or surgery.“

More on the symptoms and treatment here: https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/achalasia/symptoms-causes/syc-20352850

When I swallow I have a spasm at the back of my throat. Then sometimes a spasm above my stomach. My food basically drops from the back of my throat to above my stomach.. the esophagus does no squeezing motion to move the food down. Food, medications, and liquids will sometimes stack in my esophagus. It is difficult to tell when this is happening until nothing will go down. Sometimes I can tell ahead of time if I have taken my oxycodone and have none of the signs of it kicking in. So far I have avoid the emergency room.

At the link above it gives information on treatments to help. There is no cure. So far with me dilation has worked.

There are several discussions on Connect about achalasia. Use the search option above this post to the right .. click on a spyglass (magnifying glass) located to the left the bell, envelop and your profile photo or shadow. Type in or copy and paste (I don't spell as well as I used to 😁) into the box achalasia.

Ask anything you want and the people in this community will try their best to answer. We are not health professionals, but we learn a lot in our journeys that might help others.


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I am not sure I can help. To repair a paraesophageal (sliding hiatal) hernia I had nissen fundoplication in 2001 that failed; a bad repair of it in 2007; I had it taken down at the Mayo Clinic in 2013 and lost most of the fundus and hernia repaired. The hernia repair failed. In 2014 I had the gastric bypass at the Mayo Clinic to fix the hernia. I had complication of my esophagus shortening and it pulled a loop of my intestines along with my stomach into my chest. It also caused a small leak that eventually stopped on its on. I had 3 weeks in the hospital and too weak to have more surgery. I was on feeding tube and blenderized diet . I leveled off and got stronger. About six months later two more loops of intestines came into my chest and pushed my left lung against my ribcage partially collapsing my lung. I had to have open thoracic surgery to repair it all. I lost a bit more of my stomach. I did have enough to divide and make the pouch about large egg size. I had to stay on the feeding tube for about five or six months longer.

I have a lot of pain from arthritis and still pain from where they cut me open for the surgery in 2015. Cracked ribs, cut muscles and I have a torn labrum in my shoulder.. probably not from the surgery, but aggravated by the surgery.

During this time of all these surgeries my vitamin d did not register at all. They tried me on high dose of vitamin d but my body would not tolerate it. It made me hurt like the flu. So I take a chewable mult-vitamin that has vitamin d. They do have a vitamin d that dissolves in mouth, but it was hard to find in low dose. I wanted to go slowly up on dose. My vitamin d started to go up and I decided to add a gel pill to it.. forget how much it is. Now 5 years later I am absorbing it. I am towards the lower end of the normal range. I was absorbing calcium, but magnesium was low, but started absorbing it. Vitamin b12 was low and I do monthly injections of it. It is in lower normal range.

I have a swallowing problem. I have spasms at back of my throat and at the sphincter above my stomach. My food basically drops from the back of my throat to just above my stomach.. . sometimes food or medications can stack in my esophagus if the sphincter does not open to my stomach. I take oxycodone for pain because hydrocodone did nothing but give me headaches and nausea. I believe it is the only one that comes in a liquid. I am allergic to tramadol. I chew the oxycodone, but sometimes it is as much as an hour before I start feeling the effects of it: a slight headache.. which goes away after a short time.. and weird head feeling which also goes away after a short time. I take 5 mg of oxycodone as needed. Most days I take one pill every 6-8 hours. Some days it might be every 4 hours. Sometimes it might be a half dose or a 1 1/2 dose. Sometimes the pain is really bad and I add Tylenol or at night half of a 5 mg valium tablet. The Tylenol isn't chewable.. I could get liquid, but I don't take it very often.

I don't really know if the lack of absorption is from missing parts of my stomach, the gastric bypass or the swallowing problem. I have barrett's esophagus to add to all this. Il do know that with time absorption seems to have gotten better for me. Care had to be taken though. If i do not feel the effects of the pain pill I have to be careful.. too many pills hitting at one time could be dangerous. I don't drive much, but a big does of pain pills hitting me while driving would not be good. Blood pressure or diabetic medications could be life threatening too.. so far I don't take any of those.

I seem to be one of the weirder cases at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville. Not really an honor I want. 😒


Mon, Jun 29 5:59pm · Complications/symptoms after Gallbladder laparoscopic Surgery in Digestive Health


Dear Yüksel,

I only had Ct scans on my abdomen, and had swallow test with the fluoroscope. I do not know if in your mother's situation that a CT scan would give a better picture… but more than likely she has had at least one. Seems like she has run the gamut.

I wish I had answers for you. Only thing I can say is be persistent. Changes doctors if necessary, maybe try a teaching hospital if available near you. New eyes can sometimes see something different.

Keep a journal of symptoms and present to doctors. It can be helpful.

Good thoughts going to you and your mother,

Sun, Jun 28 4:32pm · Complications/symptoms after Gallbladder laparoscopic Surgery in Digestive Health


How I wish I had answers for you. So many conditions have the same symptoms.

Do you have copies of the test result? It helps to have copies. You can come up with questions. Sometimes the doctors miss discussing things with their patients. Have you gotten second or third opinions?

You said more than the gallbladder surgery… what other surgeries did your mother have? I am just trying to understand a bit more of what is going on.


Sat, Jun 27 9:51am · Complications/symptoms after Gallbladder laparoscopic Surgery in Digestive Health


Pain around the belly button could be a hernia. With pain like you describe it could be what they call strangulating hernia… which means it cuts off blood supply and can be very dangerous. It would need attention as in surgery. I am no doctor so this is not a diagnosis.. only a possibility. Make sure your doctors know about it.