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Sun, Jan 6 6:11am · probiotics and prebiotics while taking xifaxan? in Digestive Health

I don't know about the prebiotics. The probiotics are fine just make a good space between taking them and the antibiotic. DO NOT TAKE THEM AT SAME TIME.

Dec 29, 2018 · Post gallbladder complications in Digestive Health

@vickiperk I had a Nissen Fundoplication wrap at same time as gallbladder out. I too had diarrhea. Sweets and greasey foods triggered it most. I tried several probiotics but they did not work until my husband's cousin said to try Align. It helps a lot. I still have a bout now and then, but usually because I ate too many sweets or ate somethng fried. Keep a food diary to figure out if it is certain foods triggering it. Look up Dump Syndrome and you can find out more things to try to ease it.

Nov 30, 2018 · extreme outer ear pain in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

I had extreme outer ear pain a couple of years ago. My family doctor said it is boxer's ear also known as cauliflower ear. It is caused by trauma. In my case the trauma was just laying on my ear. I can only lay on my right side. My doctor told me to make a pocket (indentation) in my pillow with my fist when I lie down for my ear to rest over. It relieves the pressure and the pain goes away. I sometimes slip up and forget the pocket or move my head where it is out of it and wind up hurting again.

Nov 28, 2018 · Anyone else had a Nissen slip? (it's been 7 years) in Digestive Health

@btowngal A recap for those who do not know my story. My paraesophageal hiatal hernia was a booger. Kept pulling my stomach into my chest. It made it a bit uncomfortable to breathe at times. I had the Nissen wrap in 2001 and it immediately started to undo, but I lasted with it until 2007 when I chose the wrong surgeon for repair and he used mesh in a place he should not have. Then because of mesh I went to Mayo in Jacksonville in Oct 2013 and had an undo of the wrap and lost the upper part of fundus, so another wrap was out of the question. The surgeon repaired the hernia best he could, but it started to slip and within a few months my stomach was again pulled into my chest. Next surgery at Mayo was with Dr Bowers in Sept 2014. He did a gastric bypass with a twist.. not sure what the twist was. All went well except my esophagus shortened, pulled my stomach and one loop of intestines into my chest and caused a leak.. like a 1% chance of that happening. 3 weeks in the hospital with a week I remember very little. I left with a feeding tube. Surgery in the future was known when I left the hospital. I was too weak for more surgery right then. Six months later I was in out local ER. Two more loops of intestines came into my chest pushing my left lung against my rib cage. They got me stabilized and it was a couple of weeks before i could see Dr Bowers.. He was out of country. If I need to I could go to the Mayo and see another doctor.. my local hospital would even airlift me in another emergency. I stayed stable and about 6 weeks after my ER visit I had srugery in May 2015. Dr Bowers had to coordinate the surgery with Dr Thomas, a thoracic surgeon. The surgery had to be done open, because of the intestines pushing my lung against my ribs.. So it was very painful because they cut from sternum around under the arm to back of shoulder… cracking one rib and cuttting another and cutting muscle. It is a very difficult surgery to go through and to recover from. If I wanted a chance at living I had no choice but to have it. I still hurt . I had already had problems swallowing before the surgery. The pain is mostly from my shoulder, arm and rib.. still some stomach pain too. I have a smal tear of the labrum in my shoulder. I have worked with a pain specialist and done physical therapy.. which have helped, but there is stil a lot of pain. After the surgery I did spend a week in the hospital, but then had to go back in because I was dry heaving. I was still on feeding tube. I had swelling and they tried IV steroid, but the swelling did not go enough down, so had two dilations while in hospital. I think that trip was a week. I think I had two more dialation after getting out of hospital. I had another dilation August of last year and will need to go again soon. The swallowing is getting difficult again. More burping, more stomach pain and am having trouble maintaining weight. I fill up very fast. Often my food just backs up into my esophagus because of spasms right above my stomach.. the sphinter closes when this happens.

I agree with you, Sharoene. I would wait as long as I could before having more surgery and I pray all goes well for you. No problems I had were of the fault of the surgeons at the Mayo… it was my body causing the problems. Dr Bowers is a fine planner and surgeon, and has a good team. One team member had left his team by my third surgery there and he asked to be in on my care and Dr Bowers agreed to it. My case seemed to be one for the record book. I now see Dr Francis (GI dr) and her NP at the Mayo. My local GI doctor said he just did not feel comfortable treating my esphagus after all the issues and surgical changes I had. Dr Francis was already very familiar with my case history.. she said I was the talk of the hosptial for a while. Wow! I must have been one of their stranger cases.

If anyone needs to talk I'm here 😀
Zaroga (aka ZeeGee)

Nov 28, 2018 · Nausea, Pain and Headaches after Gallbladder laparoscopic Surgery in Digestive Health

@luky2girls The only way I know of to contact The Mayo by email is through their app and you can only email your care team and email to make an appointment with your care team. Otherwise you call their number which is listed on the Mayo page.

Nov 6, 2018 · Anyone else had a Nissen slip? (it's been 7 years) in Digestive Health

@sickvick The surgeon had put the mesh at the fundus on my Nissen repair. I kept telling him I was in pain. At the Mayo Clinic they were not sure if it was the cause of my pain or not. The hernia had pulled my stomach into my chest again so had to have something done. So had an undo of the Nissen. Less pain after removal of mesh along with top of fundus, but it immediately started herniating again. My second surgery at Mayo I had Dr Bowers and he is pretty awesome and he has a good team. He decided to do a gastric bypass with a twist.. still not sure what the twist part was. My espophagus decided to shorten… like a 1% chance of that happening. I was in the hospital about 3 weeks. When my esophagus shortened it caused one loop of intestines to come into my chest and a tiny leak and an infection came with the leak. I have a week I remember very little of. I wound up with a feeding tube for over a year and another surgery 8 months after that surgery.. would have been sooner, but insurance slowed things down. Two more loops of my intestines came into my chest before that third surgery… oh joy.. painful!! I have to eat something often to try and maintain weight…. a struggle. I have no appetite.. food does not taste like it used to. I am still under Mayo Clinic care, but just the gastro doctor.. Dr Francis. She said I was a bit of a celebrity there and she knew all about my problems. ha! If my swallowing does not get worse I will not go back until next August.. if worse I will go back sooner. So far it is okay…. just some foods I cannot swallow.

Nov 6, 2018 · Anyone else had a Nissen slip? (it's been 7 years) in Digestive Health

@btowngal We had a notebook we wrote our questions in… it was nice to go back and refresh our memories on what we discussed. My husband would make notes of what the doctor said. The Mayo is great in that you recieve the doctor's notes of the visit in their app.

Best wishes on your upcoming appointment.

Nov 2, 2018 · Anyone else had a Nissen slip? (it's been 7 years) in Digestive Health

@btowngal You really do have to be proactive in your care and I suggest that you take someone with you to your surgical appointment. Sometimes another person can think of something to ask that you had not thought about. My husband was with me all the way… he was my advocate in those times when I could not be.