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Sat, Jan 11 4:07pm · how Do you maintain medical help when you have nothing? in Digestive Health

@sandyjr Contact your local Department of Health and Resources. They can probably help guide your daughter. I imagine the stress she is undergoing is not helping her health.

Sat, Jan 11 3:57pm · Weak, Sick, & Scared in Autoimmune Diseases

Some great replies to your post. .. they contain many great suggestions.

I want to ask: have you have fallen within the last year? Are you having headaches?

If you have a relative or good friend by your side it would be a great help to you. I know it can be hard to ask for help from those close to you.. you know they have their own problems, but sometimes you need to. You may actually be helping them by asking for help. A distraction from your own worries can be good sometimes.

I know how worried and stressed you are about your husband. The worry and stress can affect your own health. Be of comfort that others have him and you in their thoughts and prayers.

If you just want to talk.. I am here. You can always private message me.


Thu, Jan 9 10:28am · POEM Surgery for Achalasia in Digestive Health

@patriciashort I have never had the surgery so cannot answer your questions. I would suggest you do a search of this site using the search function.. it looks like a small magnifying glass up above this post to the left of where the word APPOINTMENT is. There are several discussions about it.

In my opinion if you are not comfortable with your gastro doctor's recommendation of having POEM surgery I would get a second opinion.

Mon, Jan 6 10:06am · SIBO and Rapid Gastric Emptying or Dumping Syndrome in Digestive Health

@claytamos You can actually have both. The food can sit in the stomach.. actually long enough to make a bezoar and then you will suddenly start dumping. The dumping usually contains both solid and liquid. Every day before dumping you may actually have normal bowel habits.. no constipation. You wonder where did all this crap come from??? For some reason the stomach will digest some foods and not others. I had to stop eating raw foods and eat soft cooked food to make them more digestible to help my situation. I also watch my sugar and greasy food intake. I started taking a probiotic which helped tremendously with the liquid bowel movements and dumping syndrome. I tried several, but Align works best for me. Now I have a swallowing problem and my food stacks in my esophagus. I am coping 😀

I think @dheavner 's problem is probably a bacteria one and needs testing as others have said. My brother had c-diff and it is hard to get rid of.. hopefully that is not dheavner's problem.

Fri, Jan 3 3:41pm · Trying everything - Sick of feeling sick in Digestive Health

@acid2come I advise everyone to keep notes on what their symptoms are… a diary. Notating what symptoms you are having what you ate or did before and during symptoms.. it can be very helpful. Also get copies of your medical records.. especially tests and procedures and read them. That way you can understand better what the doctors are telling you and you can up with questions of concerns you have. Take a notebook to your doctor visits with questions written down so you will not forget and if you can bring someone with you… two sets of ears are better than one… most of the time… but especially for me because some days my hearing is whacky or my mind is not right from lack of sleep. Make notes of the visit. Mayo has an app and they post the doctor's or NP's notes on there.

Best wishes for you upcoming appointments.

Fri, Jan 3 12:43pm · Trying everything - Sick of feeling sick in Digestive Health

@acid2come The reason I asked about a hernia that sometimes with the fundoplication they will use mesh to repair the hernia. If they did a repair like the surgeon I had at the time.. the mesh can cause pain if incorrectly placed. The surgeon I had at the time placed the mesh on the fundus for the repair. I kept complaining of pain and the surgeon ignored me and dismissed me. The hernia again brought my stomach into my chest and caused difficulty breathing. I wen to a different surgeon that my gastroenterologist recommended. He ran more test and said I needed to go to the Mayo Clinic in FL (I live in GA). He said they are very good at fixing other doctors' mistakes. He was correct.

Wed, Jan 1 9:41am · Trying everything - Sick of feeling sick in Digestive Health

@acid2come Do you have a hiatal hernia?

Dec 16, 2019 · LINX procedure in Digestive Health

I have not lived in OK since the late 70s when we were at Ft Sill at Lawton. I remember many small towns. We had to go down into Texas to get eyeglasses. Things have changed a lot.. our last visit there was in 2008. Lawton was much bigger.

What test have you had done? What type of drs have you seen? Is it brown acid? or is it in the form of clear or white mucus? Both will burn, but the brown is worse. Does a liquid antacid.. like Mylanta or Maalox help?

I have been so busy with my mama that I have not looked at Connect very much so am behind on a lot. Still things going on with mama and I will be in and out. I will try and look through your post and see if I have some ideas other than what is posted.