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1 day ago · Esophagus issues in Digestive Health

@muggsy I do not remember seeing this diagnosis before. I looked it up and read this article: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2950665/ It may not help you, but may help others understand why they are prescribed an antidepressant. Many believe their doctor thinks their condition is “all in their head” when prescribed one. They do have other uses other than depression.

Fri, Sep 6 7:28pm · Severe reflux in Digestive Health

Do you have a hiatal hernia? If so it could have gone up into your chest. If you start having difficulty breathing go to the emergency room. if no breathing difficulty make an appointment with your doctor. Many conditions can have this symptom.

Thu, Aug 29 8:24am · Slow transit constipation and surgery in Digestive Health

This is what their website says: https://www.mayoclinic.org/patient-visitor-guide/billing-insurance/insurance/accepted-insurance/medicaid . This is what is says one self-pay: https://www.mayoclinic.org/patient-visitor-guide/billing-insurance/insurance/uninsured-patients

I recently received a letter from the Mayo Clinic asking for donations to help other patients in need financial help. So I assume they have some exceptions to the rule. Can the patient be helped in the area they live.. is it a rare condition.. life threatening? I'm sure much is considered.

Thu, Aug 29 6:39am · Slow transit constipation and surgery in Digestive Health

@januaryjane Our post get mixed in with other seeking help or just wanting to vent. I am like elle1233… I am busy and may be days before I can get back on here. I take care of my 91 year old mom. She had dementia and heart problem and other things… she gets confused a lot and she cannot walk much with her walker. Wears me out physically and mentally. I really need to go back to the Mayo, but I have no one to care for her nor can we afford respite care. Tried to get her into nursing home and that did not work out and have tried for hospice care, but she is not to that point yet.

Many have similar problems on here. Administrators try to keep topics together. If you need to find a specific comment you made just click on your account and you will be taken to your comments.

Thu, Aug 29 6:26am · Slow transit constipation and surgery in Digestive Health

@januaryjane , I have no idea how all the insurance works. I am blessed to have a husband that takes care of all that. I do know that The Mayo Clinic accepts patients with no insurance. They accept donations for specifically that and some specifically for their research. Just call whichever Mayo Clinic you are going to. Numbers are at their site. They will answer you questions on insurance and will tell you if you are eligible for an appointment. Sometimes they turn down patients for various reasons, but not for how or if you are able to pay.

Wed, Aug 28 9:49am · Esophageal spasm in Digestive Health

I have spasms just beyond the back of my throat and just above my stomach. They can make it difficult and painful to swallow. Sometimes food will not go into my stomach nor liquids. Sometimes it is just a fluttering feeling. Mine are becoming more frequent and more painful.

A link at the Mayo site incase you have not read it. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/esophageal-spasms/symptoms-causes/syc-20372250

Sun, Aug 25 9:30am · Slow transit constipation and surgery in Digestive Health

The Mayo does not accept my insurances (I have Medicare and Tricare for Life) … but Mayo is working with them. My part to pay is just a bit more than what it would be if they did accept my insurances. Talk to someone in financing at whichever Mayo Clinic is nearest you. Some of the doctors and NPs accept insurances that the Clinic and hospital do not. My NP accepts at least one of mine. My hubby handles all that so not sure if it is just one or both she accepts.

Fri, Aug 23 7:00am · Diverticulitis? Diverticulosis? IBS? Muscle tear? in Digestive Health

@elle1233 , Diverticulitis is the word for when the pouches become inflamed and infected. I have had so many times I cannot count.. diet doesn't keep it from happening. Since the bad bout I had a couple of years ago.. which I did not have the classic symptom that time of left side pain; it was throughout my lower abdomen… I have been tender in my lower abdomen. The pain gets very bad when I get a gassy stomach. Nothing helps the gas and I was told after my last surgery at the Mayo in Jacksonville that no medication will help rid me of the gas.. but I still try the meds for it. Sometimes it helps a little. Walking, heating pad and massages help. With me pressing on any part of my lower abdomen hurts.

I actually thought when I had the bout of diverticulitis it maybe was adhesions from my hysterectomy or maybe a fissure. I had a pelvic exam to make sure and then a MRI… which the pockets showed up and inflammation. So yes it clearly shows on an MRI. Thickening also showed and I had a colonoscopy to check that out and there was no cancer. Instead of the couple of pockets I now have them throughout my colon and more likely to get diverticulitis. Thankfully I have not had another bout for a while.

So far no SIBO or auto immune disease. I have to go to the Mayo for all my upper abdomen, stomach, and esophagus issues. My local GI doctor is very good, but he says they changed me so much during the last surgery that he is not comfortable handling it. He still looks after my lower abdomen. I think soon he will retire.. he is in he mid or late 50s, but I think he will retire early and I will probably have the Mayo handle it all if they will. I am only 5 hours away, but hate the drive.