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Tue, Mar 12 7:25am · So many questions. Seeing Rheumatology and GI at Mayo JAX in Autoimmune Diseases

@redhead63 They will accept Medicare under certain criteria (exactly what those are I do not know) but you will have to pay a little more out of pocket than usual with Medicare. I also have Tricare for Life.. another insurance that is not on their list of insurance accepted. I do not have anyone locally that can take care of my medical needs, so the Mayo Clinic works with my insurance companies.. The Mayo Clinic also takes patients with no insurance because they are the people's last hope.

Sun, Mar 10 9:50am · Baths or showers with Cdiff. in Digestive Health

@sandyabbey I have no answer. I have never had cdiff. You should ask your healthcare provider.

I personally do not like tub baths. I never liked the idea of bathing in fecal matter and urine. I always washed off with a shower after a doctor ordered tub soak. We got rid of our tub because I could not step over the side. Our shower is handicap accessible.. a walker can go in and there is a handicap bar. I have a shower chair for the times I cannot stand up and for showers for my 91 year old mom. Our shower has a regular shower head and a hand-held one.

Sat, Mar 9 7:36pm · So many questions. Seeing Rheumatology and GI at Mayo JAX in Autoimmune Diseases

@peach414144 You can download the app from here: https://www.mayoclinic.org/apps/mayo-clinic . You can also use your account through their web site here: https://gpsnetx.mayoclinic.org/psi/content/staticpatient/showpage/patientonline . Usually the app has more in depth. I have not signed into the website in a while so that may have changed.

Sat, Mar 9 3:38pm · So many questions. Seeing Rheumatology and GI at Mayo JAX in Autoimmune Diseases

Make sure you get the Mayo app. You can keep up with your test results, doctor notes, and appointments. It is helpful to have someone go with you. Make notes of your visit. Make a list of questions you have before your visit and you may have some afterward. You can always ask questions after your visit via messages or phone.

Wed, Mar 6 2:51pm · Year lasting cough in Lung Health

@zackisgreat34 Zack, one thing it could be is what is called silent reflux also known as lpr: Laryngopharyngeal reflux. It is treatable, so please talk with your parents. You may need to start with your family doctor and then see specialist such as a gastroenterologist (stomach doctor). Best of luck and my prayers.

Sun, Mar 3 6:34am · Two Months After POEM Surgery for Achalasia in Digestive Health

@margaretmary To send a personal message .. click on the envelope at the top right of this page; Click compose towards lower left of page; type in user name you wish to contact.

Tue, Feb 26 8:18pm · Nissen Fundoplication Problems in Digestive Health

@gabigirl26 When I had my Nissen repair the surgeon used mesh in a place he should not have and it caused me a lot of pain. I went to the Mayo in Jacksonville and had the Nissen undone. They removed the mesh with part of my fundus and could not do a redo. They repaired the hernia, but it failed. Had to have a gastric bass to fix the hernia. I had complications and more surgery. Now pain if I eat too much at one time or bend too much.

I hope the cause of your pain is found and there is a fix for it. .. without any complications.


Mon, Feb 25 6:33am · Months of Chest Pain - Please help in Digestive Health

@jdad0602 Some medications or combination of medications.. even over the counter ones… can cause the heart rate to go down. If you take any medications ask your pharmacist if anything you are taking can cause the heart rate to go down. Make sure you mention any over the counter medications you take.