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1 day ago · My Grandmother is now on hospice. in Caregivers


First of all thank you taking on being her caregiver. It is not an easy journey.

Since she is under hospice care they can be a great help to you. They can help with bathing. Some hospice agency will come daily to bath and other may do it less often. Accept any care you can. You need to keep her skin in great shape to avoid skin tears. My mom's hospice carers mixed body cream about half and half with petroleum jelly and applied it all over her body. Mama's skin looked beautiful. If she is on oxygen do not use petroleum products. If she is bedridden reposition her every couple of hours to avoid bed sores.

There may be a time your grandmother may have to wear diapers. That was a hard task for me… pre-hospice care. I had watched the nurses in the hospital and that helped. I watched many youtube videos on it too. I finally figured out what worked best for me and her.

Take advantage of a hospice nurse coming to visit your grandmother. Do not hesitate to ask her questions. Your grandmother may become unable to eat or drink. She may take ice chips or popsicles for awhile. The nurse can supply swabs to use to help keep her mouth moist. Have something on hand to moisten her lips.. they will dry.

Dealing with all this was hard for me too. Talking with her even after she could no longer speak was important to not only her but to me. I thanked her for everything I could think of … including the tea parties, fixing my Humpty Dumpty doll and making my clothes. Little things that were very important things to me.

My prayers for you as you go through this journey.

Thu, Sep 10 10:37am · Legal for PAIN CLINIC to verbally discharge you and refuse Rxs? in Chronic Pain


What I did for me and later my mom was to ask our family doctor if he would take over my pain medication and later my mom's. The pain clinic I went to could do no more than to prescribe the medication and my mom's pain medication was through an orthopedic group… and same with her only the pain meds is all they could do. These specialist required a higher co-pay and they also had to do urine test more frequently than our family doctor. My mom could not give them a sample and they had to do some other test so they knew she was taking it. They require blood work too. Our family doctor had no problem with taking it over. He has a lab in his office building. Test is every six months.. which I have missed one because of covid and my mom's passing. I had to ask my doctor to increase the number of pills for me a few months ago when I went through thumb surgery. After I did not need the extra I asked him to reduce the amount back down. They like it when you ask to reduce it back down. I don't want a huge extra supply in my home.

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Sun, Aug 30 2:59pm · Looking to talk with someone caring for a non-blood relative in Caregivers

Becky, this site actually helps me. I am still tired and it shows in my typos 😄. My husband and I are putting away the medical equipment and deciding what to do with some of Mama's possessions that are at our home. We are doing a little at a time. Taking time to breath. My mom was his second mom.. as his parents were my second second set of parents. My husband loved mama as much as I did and he has cried with me.

We were allowed to take Mama's dog to the funeral home for a visit. He did not respond to the site of her or her name and has not responded to hearing “Mama” since we visited. He seems to understand that she will not be coming home. Ziggy is a mini poodle and will be 10 years old in a few weeks. .. acts like he is 3. A couple of weeks ago I caught my husband telling Ziggy he loves him. Both are loved by me.

Becky, I do wish I had more suggestions for the question here, but I don't. Just sitting down and having a good talk is the best thing. You may need to write your questions and answers down. My memory is about shot, so I need notes. I set the alarm on my phone so I would remember when to give Mama her medicines… also to remind me of doctor appointments. On my ipad I could set it to remind me of appointments a day before and hours before.. so double reminding at times. Please keep us updated with his progress and ask any question you wish. I and others will try to answer the best we can.

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Sat, Aug 29 3:00pm · Looking to talk with someone caring for a non-blood relative in Caregivers


Becky, My husband helped me take care of my mom for two years. She passed at the age of 92 1/2 a few days ago.

My husband tells me it was just talking and getting to know each other that helped him most. He learned what he could joke about in those awkward situations that are bound to happen. Like grasping her butt to keep her from falling when getting into the car.

Learn what they like to do. What activities? …. Watch tv or movies? Art? Puzzles? Reading? They will get bored if they cannot do much physcially. If you will be responsible for meals learn what foods they like and don't like. You may have to help him with a special diet. I am not familiar with transplants.. strokes, dementia and type II mobitz was our problems to deal with.

Again it is mostly just getting to know each other. I had not lived with my mom since I was a teen. So I also had to learn her wants and needs too.

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Sat, Aug 29 2:29pm · Looking to talk with someone caring for a non-blood relative in Caregivers

@becsbuddy Becky in all my research of caring for someone I had not come across Medical Power of Attorney until after my mom's death a few days ago. My eldest brother had Power of Attorney and I thought he had the say in my mom's health care.

I guess since my mom had lived with me and I was the one that took care of her medical care they always asked me about her medical care wishes and end of life decisions. She had the general dnr order, but I was asked many in depth questions of her wishes and my brother with power of attorney did not get asked those questions.

My mom could not verbally answer the questions. She had a brain bleed.. a stroke. Should could not speak nor move her left side at all. She understood all the neurologist said. I communicated with her with hand squeezes.

I really should have had Medical Power of Attorney, but fortunately the doctors worked with me and I did ask my two brothers their input. I made no decisions on my own.. mom was able to do it. I just passed on what she wanted. We had talked about her wishes as other family members and friends went through different situations. Refusal of feeding tubes, life extending measures such as a ventilator.

Now is the time to talk about your wishes with your family or your caregiver, your doctor and to have it written down. My husband and I are going to go through and update some of our documents. Things change over the years. We are trying to make it easier on our children. Even if you are young you need to take care of these legal documents.

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Sat, Aug 22 4:56pm · Uncontrolled diarrhea after gallbladder removal surgery: Any advice? in Digestive Health

@jfperrone Diet is the main thing that will help. There is no one-fit-all diet. We are each different. Basics that seem to help everyone is to avoid greasy foods. That said you do need a little fat in your diet. Sweets are another thing to not eat too much of. Some people can handle chocolate and some not. Rich probiotic foods like yogurt and kefir.. or search for a probiotic supplement that works for you. I tried several before I found the one that helps me.. Align. Oatmeal can help.. it has both soluble and insoluble fiber. Some fibers can help firm the stool.

I think most people will tell you they still have a “dump day”. I do, but not as watery as they used to be, but I am on a opioid for pain that helps to firm too. I want to be off the the opioid. Not sure what will happen if I do, but I will deal with it. Before I discovered the probiotic supplement the diarrhea would usually hit me in mornings and I could go somewhere after 9 am. It would also hit me within one to two hours after eating, so I planned not to eat if I had an afternoon appointment. Dinner dates could be a problem. I have never been much of a going out to restaurant person. I was no longer working at an out of home job so that was not a problem either.

I and my husband did a cross country trip in 2008 and again in 2010 with out rv trailer in tow. We kept our clocks set to Eastern Time. and I was all good to travel by 9 am Eastern Time… except second trip when I had a stomach bug hit and my husband did too. We stayed put for 4 days. My doctor pre-prescribed anti-diarrhea med and antibiotic.. just in case I got sick, but we had to call home and get some for my husband. .. despite all we had fun. 🥳

Take your diet slow and easy to start with. .. sorta like when you have a stomach bug. Keep a food journal so you will know what works and doesn't work for you. You may want to increase your number of meals from 3 to 4 or 5. Avoid junk food. Right now you need good nutrition in you.. because you will lose it until you figure out what works for you.

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Fri, Aug 21 6:09pm · Non-Anxiety "Panic Attacks" with POTS? in Heart Rhythm Conditions

@texas14 The sodium (salt) helps with low blood pressure that can come with POTS. I don't know if it does help with the rhythm of the heart. I was underweight when struggling with the low bp. My fast heart rate has happened since I was a child… no matter if I was underweight or overweight or within range with my weight.. or if my bp was in range. The fast heart rate has happened with this salty diet.. but I don't eat salty everyday.. that may make a difference. So far the doctors tell me nothing to be concerned about yet with the fast heart rate. I go through heart test ever once in awhile.

POTS effects the young… teenagers mostly. I am far from that 😁

If it feels like a panic attack it can be scary. I have not been out in public much the past few years and I get panic attacks when I get around many people. I actually ran out of a store a few months back.. before this covid started. Out in the open and a few good breathes and I was okay. I could not bring myself to go back in the store though.

Fri, Aug 21 6:25am · Non-Anxiety "Panic Attacks" with POTS? in Heart Rhythm Conditions

@azurite I don't have POTS (Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome), but have a some of the symptoms. My bp tends to be low and my heart beats fast for no reason at times. I think diet is one of the main things that is going to help you. Sodium helps… salty foods and not eating many processed foods. You could take salt tablets. I haven't done that yet. Instead of 4 meals a day divide the food into 4-5 meals.

I did a very quick search and these are good articles. I saw there are some videos on youtube that might be worth watching too.



I am sure there are more post on this site regarding the subject. … if you haven't tried the search option at top of page try it… try POTS and if no results try full term of Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome.

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