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3 days ago · Nissen Fundoplication Problems in Digestive Health

This might help :


I did not know we had one in my small hometown in GA. I have seen him before and I did not care for him when he visited me in the hospital. .. he used to be my mama's dr and my brother-in-law's doctor.. they changed doctors. So if you choose one near you.. you might want to check him/her out very well.

Sat, Nov 9 8:33pm · I recently failed two preps for a colonoscopy in Digestive Health

@doolz I have had the problem. My gastro doctor said it even happened to him. Last time I did a liquid diet for a week and clear liquids the last few days. Every couple of day I took Milk of Magnesia. Miralax just gives me bad stomach cramps. It worked. I also had to start earlier in the day or I could not get all the prep down and waited two hours between starting second half of prep. I have had a gastric by pass and cannot hold much at one time. .. by second half I could only drink every 20-30 minutes instead of 10 minutes.

Fri, Nov 8 8:31pm · Nissen Fundoplication Problems in Digestive Health

@faithann64 Dr Bowers at Florida Mayo did my gastric bypass to fix giant hiatal hernia. He is excellent. I now see NP Lois Hemminger and Dr Francis for checkups. I have only seen them twice since my surgery in 2015, but am pleased with them.

Tue, Nov 5 8:17pm · Nissen Fundoplication Problems in Digestive Health

@faithann64 Try a probiotic. I had dumping syndrome after a Nissen… I had gallbladder out at same time. It was awful. I tried several different probiotics and none worked until I tried Align that my husband's cousin recommended. Yogurt such as Activia can help. There are a few other probiotic foods.. just search for them. Stay away from greasy foods, cut down on sweets. Keep a journal of your symptoms.. what triggers or makes them worse.

I eventually had to have a gastric bypass. It has side effects too. Read up on it as much as you can before deciding to have one and write down questions to ask your doctors. Dr Bowers at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville Fl did mine… he is pretty awesome i my book. I had a giant hiatal hernia that caused my problems.

Mon, Nov 4 11:28am · Medication overuse headaches (MOH): Detox Experiences in Chronic Pain

@jdiakiw I have neck and back pain and have to watch my posture. Poor posture with the neck can cause headaches. Maybe you could get a referral for Physical therapy. They can help you with exercises to help strengthen your muscles. .. and to properly do them. This can reduce back pain and in general pain too.

Mon, Nov 4 5:16am · following gastroparesis diet while managing constipation in Digestive Health

@stubeckj70 It may be something to do with your esophagus or a hiatal hernia. So many things that it could be causing the pain. My last surgery was to repair all the damage that a hiatal giant paraesophageal .. sliding… hernia created. I had to have open surgery. I have pain all through my chest because of that surgery. I also have esophagus problems that contribute to it.. achalasia and Barrett's esophagus.

My prayers that you find the cause and a solution.

Sun, Nov 3 8:23am · following gastroparesis diet while managing constipation in Digestive Health

I had a feeding tube for a while… meds had to be crushed to go in the tube. When they said I could take my meds orally I had to crush the ones I could and add to applesauce and then swallow them. They told me to open the PPI capsules and take with applesauce too. Of course the time released do not work well this way, but work somewhat. Your pharmacist can give you the best advice on how to get them down. .. which can be crushed and which cannot be crushed. I prefer canned pears over applesauce.. so I put some canned pears in a mini chopper to get them applesauce consistency. I too have trouble maintaining weight. I have managed to get it up from 117lbs to 123lbs since January. I am 5’5” tall. You should be able to handle canned fruits… just nothing with skins or seeds. I avoid anything raw, leafy greens and any fibrous food like celery. I actually can handle a couple of tablespoons of Bush's Baked beans… only brand I can handle.. It gives me some fiber and seems to digest fine. Everyone is different.. so what one can handle another cannot. I cannot handle a bowl of cooked oatmeal, but can eat a little bit of homemade granola. Nuts chopped fine and dry fruit chopped fine. .. really weird. Do not be afraid to try different foods. Like I said.. we are all different and what one can handle another cannot. It is difficult to find a diet that works when one thing needs a high fiber diet and another needs low fiber… and that is me! I think a tachycardia condition will be flaring full force soon. It has been happening some over the past few years and happening more often now.

Tue, Oct 29 1:52pm · Diarrhea after eating, abdominal pain. in Digestive Health

Of course no NSAID . I thought maybe they prescribed Carafate. Although used for ulcer treatments mostly it is sometimes used to treat gastritis inflammation. With me it works best in liquid form.. it also comes in a tablet you dissolve in water. Quite often they have you take antacids.. Tums, Mylanta .. or maybe something like Pepcid or Zantac (they have had a recall on some Zantac) or proton inhibitor like Nexium. If you already taking them they may increase dosage. Pepcid used to help me. Now I use Mylanta if my stomach feels irritated. Of course all these can cause diarrhea in high doses or when combined with other meds. Probiotics can really help your overall gastric health. Look up probiotic foods if you had rather try that approach than a pill. I am just not too fond of the foods that are high in probiotics. I hope you heal.