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May 23, 2017 · Pulse Pressure and resting heart rate in Heart & Blood Health

back in jan of this year I started to exercise regularly on an elliptical. My goal is a 40-50 minute workout on the “weight loss” setting. When I began , my weight was nearly 230lbs, my bp 150/84 and my resting heart rate was 72bpm. As of this morning, my weight is 209 lbs, my bp is 132/75 and my resting rate has plunged all the way down to 53 bpm. I am very excited about my changes overall, but have 2 concerns:

1) is a resting heart rate drop from 72 to 53 in only 5 months time too drastic of a change?
2) my pulse pressure is still 57, and from what I’ve read that is still not good.

any thoughts/advice would be appreciated – BTW, Im a 55 yr old male



Jan 6, 2017 · Familial hypercholesterolemia in Heart & Blood Health

thanks Predictable – I will look over that info. As far as the other concerns you mentioned, the Dr said my liver functions were normal, mentioned nothing about my pancreas, and Im not diabetic – either type 1 or type 2

Jan 6, 2017 · Familial hypercholesterolemia in Heart & Blood Health

thanks Colleen – I will look over those links

Jan 6, 2017 · Familial hypercholesterolemia in Heart & Blood Health

I mean, I ve had this problem my entire life – it has not been treated at all – and I would think after 55 yrs if there was going to be a problem it would have already happened.

Jan 6, 2017 · Familial hypercholesterolemia in Heart & Blood Health

Hi Jamie –

Just wanted to thank you for replying but also let you know that neither of the people you connected me with have reached out to me. Im not opposed to natural treatments but am just confused as to they they are so alarmed when my heart seems to be very healthy. I’ve increased my cardio workout to 45 minutes from 30 minutes 3 days per week (do strength training on alternate days and take one day off with no workout at all) and as of today my resting heart rate is 60 bpm and my blood pressure 123 over 78.My mom has the same problem and is 89 yrs old.

Dec 18, 2016 · Familial hypercholesterolemia in Heart & Blood Health

Hello everyone –

Im a new member and would like some input from the group. I am nearly 55 yrs old but have had terrible cholesterol problems my whole life. When I was in my late teens, my trigs were over 1200 (yes, 1200 – that is not a misprint). As I have aged they have dropped but still range between 600 and 800. I am self employed and most of the time I have not had medical insurance so my medical care has been sporadic at best. Each time is see a new doctor and they do my blood work, they freak out and want put me on all these medications. I have NOT been under medication for this my whole life, and 5 yrs ago I had full cardiac stress test done at the hospital done as part of a full physical including COPD screening etc. The stress came back showing absolutely no signs whatsoever of coronary artery disease or any cardiac abnormalities at all . ( I think I still have a copy of the test somewhere). My blood pressure is 130/70 and my resting heart rate is 63 beats per minute. I work out 6 days a week. If this trig and cholesterol problem is so serious, wouldn’t it show up in these test? Even this new Dr I saw seemed a bit perplexed that my blood pressure was normal and my hear rate so low.