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Feb 21, 2017 · Inoperable Brain Tumor in Brain Tumor

Hi Minnie. Thank you for your note. My sister will get an MRI tomorrow to see if the radiation treatments and chemo has shrunk the tumor. We are hopeful 🙂

Dec 17, 2016 · Inoperable Brain Tumor in Brain Tumor

Hello @parker80138. Thank you for writing. I live in Illinois. She did not get a second opinion which I believe was a mistake. Siteman Cancer Center, which is associated with Barnes Hospital in St. Louis and about 90 minutes from our hometown, was mentioned for a second opinion, but was not pursued.
Did your daughter have surgery? I hope she is doing well. Is she going through radiation and/or chemo treatments? My sister had her 4th treatment yesterday. I guess this tumor has feelers (?) which is why operating is not an option. Without any treatments the DR said she could live weeks to months, with could be months to year(s). I’m discovering that so many important facts are not discussed with the patient or family. The handling of the chemo drug was mentioned by a visiting nurse. This same nurse told us certain fruits and veggies were a no no. I was hoping to receive some tips from this group. People who have already been down the road we are just beginning.
Have a beautiful day!!

Dec 16, 2016 · Inoperable Brain Tumor in Brain Tumor

Hi Colleen. Thank you for responding. My 4 other siblings and I all live in the same city. My sister, Pati just turned 65 a month ago.

Dec 16, 2016 · Inoperable Brain Tumor in Brain Tumor

My sister was just diagnosed with Stage 3 Anaphlastic Astrocytoma (sp?) Looking for support as she goes through radiation and chemo medication. Is there a site or a link here on Mayo, such as do’s and don’ts with diet, etc.? Any and all tips would be greatly appreciated. Be blessed!!