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Mon, Aug 19 9:30am · Post-operative Gastroparesis in Digestive Health

This illness is a challenge but workable. I eat about 5 to 6 times a day. Small meals and I stay away from foods that are hard to digest such as cabbage, broccoli and uncooked carrots. Beef hurts. the internet on Gastroparesis will give you lots of info. I take Domperidone three times a day. Good luck

Fri, Feb 15 9:04am · Gallbladder surgery in Digestive Health

I had gallbladder surgery years ago and I had to learn a new way to eat. No fats, spicy food whole milk no good. I took a little time to get use to eating different foods but it got better so give yourself time.

Oct 30, 2018 · Getting Off of Omeprazole in Digestive Health

I take one prilosec in the am daily and a zantac daily in the evening and that combo works for me. It has been said to reduce the prilosec because of liver issues. I have acid reflux. I do suck on a tums before bed and that combo works for me.

Jul 11, 2018 · Getting Off of Omeprazole in Digestive Health

When was the last time you had lab work to test your liver status? That seems like alot of Nexium, generic or not. That is why I had to reduce my prilosec. Lab results were not great but in question. I still need to follow up again on those recent lab results to check again. Acid reflux to include gastroparesis are my stuggle.

Jul 5, 2018 · Getting Off of Omeprazole in Digestive Health

I have acid reflux and getting off omeprazole is not an option but I do swallow Priosec in am and zantac afternoon with tums with needed on every third day the others I use zantac morning and evening with tums in between. I feel so much better the days I use the one Priosec(not sure I am spelling right) but I am having a calcium intake problem so I am using doctors suggestion for using tums, zantac and prilosec.

Feb 6, 2018 · Gastroparesis with severe symptoms! in Digestive Health

Glad to hear the pacemaker is working for you and thanks for info on Raglan

Jan 30, 2018 · Gastroparesis with severe symptoms! in Digestive Health

I have gastroparesis too and sometimes I use an oil by Doterra called Stomach ease and it works great for nausea. I get it online or at a health food store. Just a thought, Robin

Oct 24, 2017 · Is this RLS (restless leg syndrome) in Autoimmune Diseases

Have you had your iron level checked? I have had similar symptoms in my left leg and increase Iron has helped