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Oct 5, 2017 · Never ending stress and not enough income $$ in Mental Health

Had an interview today for 3 dollars more an hour with about the same amount of just @ under 40 per week. No benefits, but extra income would help and would seek my on personnel options. That is important to my family. — For guistion given, role some cigs. have a sip of beer and set out on chores that need to be done for my wife and adult son. I have the daughters room since she now has her own home with our grandson. My 31 year old son has been seeing professionals for his condition and, I no too stay out of his doings. He did work @ my Walmart store for over a year, till he couldn’t understand the ethics of management in January 2017, and quite, His knowledge and understanding of the job did not help him get a promotion. Several Asst. Managers have read his several page document on how to improve the work on the shift he was on. They have told me how great it is . The rutiene is stagnant for advancement. I have only one Asst. Manager that sees my capabilities and requests my help when needed. My son has attributed a lot to household, WiFi, internet hook up for my wife and me,etc. but still can’t finish a project on my house. it was his idea to sound prof basement and his bedroom, but after 6 mouths, I will have to finish — So many more life stories to vent but work in the morning and got to have some rest. If offered the new job. I would have to seek out a savings plan and life ins.plan. I would have no more parole deductions. Sure could handle a 50 hr. work week but not a 70+ hr. week. I should have a $40,000.00 + annual income by now that would compare to all my priviase full time jobs. Lost in balenciing the budgit. Small car, and credit card payments but others as Property tax, House Ins, Car Ins., and refinanced mortgage is weighing us down. —- Telling my life story to others helps let off steam. — Smart person and always learning.

Oct 3, 2017 · Happiness: A One Week Journey in Mental Health

Is anyone reading this? Got to do other things. If not important for my comments

Oct 3, 2017 · Happiness: A One Week Journey in Mental Health

I know of the fasting of old and young store owner’s I would make deliveries to. I know think , and say this has been my habits daily for years. No eat till after dark for most of the work week. Does coffee and water contradict the rules? If not I still exist by this habit. I fell blessed to have meet other cultures here living in America. I still feel fear and wonder of the need for a burka (female coverage). I cried and was elevated when President Obama was elected in America, with all the priggishness I witnessed in my younger life. —- It is a good morning. October the third, twenty seventeen.

Oct 3, 2017 · Never ending stress and not enough income $$ in Mental Health

Long time on the same subject of money balancing. And same full time income to full time income and lay offs because company sold out to a bigger companies has been my life.But @ my current full time job just above min. wage still doesn’t help the everyday worries and predictions for our future money’s needed. But when working on the job I think I’m a teenager and spin circles around others for my job requirements. The younger supervisors can not see this need of this energy for they are worried about their job and directives. At my current full time job these are the supervisors that interview and fire. Remember years ago, when the human resource employee had to decide for company hire process. 61 and take Motrin when needed. Have a list of chores to get done around my house on days off. That I think I can do, and if like all my remembrance of years gone by. What gets done is sure a direction to checking off the list of what needs to be done. And the day was good. – I think, no matter our age. We are all in this together. It has been a long time trying to come back from the fall-out of 2006 -2010. I think of the help I got from filling out paperwork at Salvation Army Office, MI. Dept. of Humane Services and Step Forward America. — helped with utilities,small amount of food,back taxes and bringing mortgage current. — still behind a month or two but maybe need to do it all over again. A smile helps to go on and a prayer for better times. I think they’re are a lot of people just like us and you may not recognize them. Keep making your list and checking it off.

Apr 6, 2017 · Paranoid schizophrenia (mysterious case) in Mental Health

We are in this all together !!!! Stay cool my friend I type to, For issues of great importance surround us all. I have learned to grin,pray and try! I’m very creative but surroundings of my life can be to much. Time to stop typing. Got some other stuff to do and get some sleep. Work @ 10:00 A.M. …. 61 and still looking to tomorrow.