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Nov 2, 2016 · Highly sensitive, depression, major anxiety, panic help in Depression & Anxiety

Dear Melissa,
You are not alone. I too was at your state and I can relate to you. I was teaching middle school science whem depression hit hard. I was so lethargic that I fell asleep at the wheel and even when I stood teaching I would fall asleep.
Luckily I went to my Family Dr I was referred to a sleep doctor. Thats when finally I received help for I had I like u had tried every RX under the sun.
A sleep study revealed that my brain was in a state of narcolepsy. Now I’ve never had this disorder nor has any of my family.
The Dr.’s theory was clinical resistant depression.

I was given a prescription for. PROVIGIL. this wonder drug saved my life and my career. I could not afford the prescription at the time bc it was brand new. I researched the pharmaceutical website where amazingly I found that I could get it for free for two years.
Provigil is now more commonly used for extreme depression. Ill never forget that first day I took PROVIGIL.I had tears bc I felt normal. I felt better than I ever had. The energy was such a welcomed old friend that my mom, kids and I had missed desparately.
Please Inquire and print some research off the web to bring to your Dr. If u needed a lesser potency they offer Nuvigil. Take care and in here for you anytime. Many regards Rebecca