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Nov 1, 2016 · my 5 yr old masturbates non stop is becoming a huge problem. in About Kids & Teens

She started when she was 2 yrs old. she masturbated in her car seat and in grocery carts . We did not think much of this at the time because her d.r had told us this is normal behavior. We just did our very best to let her know its not appropriate and whats not . like doing these types of things in private. over the last two years she has started doing it more and more in the bath in her bed on the couch anything she can sit on and stimulate herself .she has also started to want sexual attention from other children i have caught her trying to involve other children in this with her as well . She kissed my 2 yr old daughters privates in the bath tub. she recently started masturbating at school. her teacher was very concerned. every one i have talked to says this is normal behavior. her therapist her pediatrician they all say the same this is normal . she can do it because she is bored ,sad,tired, just having any kind of feeling apparently . she is very interested in who is able to touch her body parts and who is not . we remind her all the time only mommys and daddys and only to help you wipe ,wash,or if your privates are sick. Other then that there is no reason anyone should be touching you there. she is very curious about who she can kiss. who she can hug and who she can kiss on the mouth. she knows this behavior is completely inappropriate who have expressed this to her for years . i tell her only in private and when she is done she needs to wash her hands . SHE DOES NOT CARE!!!!!! she does this every single day . is like she cants stop. she also displays other types of behavior she seem to lack empathy . she is very selfish. and seems to lack common sense . i mean every day is a constant struggle with her . we have way more bad days then good. she also can be very mean to other children including her siblings . she feels the whole world needs to revolve around her. if she does not get her way she becomes very mean she actually stabbed her brother with a pair of nail clippers because she was mad. she just seems to never be satisfied no matter how hard we try to make her happy we cant …when she was three she got naked and crawled into my 7 yr old sons bed he woke up to her rubbing his belly and came and woke up mom and dad . we went into the room and seen her laying the naked when we asked her what she was doing she said i want to cuddle . my son does not think very highly of his sister . he started pushing her away when she was three . and has not let her back in since due to her behavior . if she is not being mean she is being sexual and if shes not doing either one of those she just wants to eat and eat and eat and she refuses to eat anything but sweets its a battle every day to get her to eat meals . its like she cant sit at the table long enough to eat a meal she wants quick and easy. if her food is to hard to eat she wont . she wont over do her self with anything that is if its not easy or fun its not happening . i forgot to mention she is my step daughter . i have had her since she was 5 months old ive always noticed there was something a little off about her like her eyes would shake very quickly back and forth sometimes when she was about one yrs old i noticed her left eye was turning in . i took her to 4 eye drs . they all said something opposite one said it was something neurological one said lazy eye some say she just needs glasses . i have noticed her extra hyper behavior and she just can not pay attention. like i can tell her something over and over and over and i ask her to repeat it and she can not. but what gets me she is in kindergarten and she does great she is smart when it comes to learning i just do not understand why her behavior at home is so horrible. she seems to be able to make friends but has a hard time keeping them she is always fighting with them . my main concern is she has a mental disorder like adhd . or a form of autism . i also worry about sexual abuse at her birth mothers when she goes for visitation . i know something is not right here i just cant put my finger on what is wrong with her she seems to have so may problems i cant get on top of them its one thing after another , any advice would be so helpful . i dont want this behavior to affect her from having a normal healthy childhood . i try everything to keep her busy local youth group ,dance class, sports , after school programs, girl scouts anything our community has to offer to try to keep her mind off of bad behavior and to be around other kids her age to see how they act . i know in my heart the masturbation is not normal the way she does it. something is wrong . i just am not even sure how to go about this i feel like we try everything discipline positive reinforcement extra attention love being consistent with the rules and what we expect from our children . im at a loss