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Mon, Jan 20 9:51am · undiagnosed movement disorder in Brain & Nervous System

I think we do suffer some similar symptoms and the one that no one else ever had is the total loss of long term memory! Mine came on after I had been in protracted withdrawal for 4 years ,so strange and it’s devastated me as not only does it take away my past,it tells me something happened to cause it and my neurologist is a waste of time as he has no answers plus he did 2 MRI’s ! Any info you can provide could help greatly. Head pressure and muscle tension of shoulder and back plus tinnitus round out my issues. Thanks for getting back to me and hope we can help each other!

Dec 30, 2019 · Long term memory loss in Depression & Anxiety

Other than telling me I only lost access to it,he said nothing even after I asked if it could be due to a mini stroke,plus he has done 4 MRI’s and said they showed the same brain damage,nothing changed!( I had a skul fracture in 2011 and 3 concussions from blacking out while on the 8 mg daily lorazapam.).

Dec 15, 2019 · Long term memory loss in Depression & Anxiety

Thanks and I am a member of this and several other benzo sites and NOT ONE person on any of the withdrawal sites lost all long term memory! Short term memory is the one mentioned! In my case it was not an issue until year 4 off the lorazapam,totally unexpected and my neurologist says I lost access to it ,not that that is any different,but it’s really terrible,living 82 years and having no past,no family memory’s ,no work memory‘s( must have been exciting as I worked on the moon landing and the space shuttle) and no memory of even my brother‘s or family.

Dec 12, 2019 · Long term memory loss in Depression & Anxiety

He said I only lost access to it! And he actually seemed serious,like what’s the difference,either way it’s gone !

Nov 7, 2019 · Mental Illness medication and TBI in Depression & Anxiety

3 years after a cold turkey from 8 mg of lorazapam,I lost my past,all my long term memory is gone and 4 years later now and it’s never returned! So will it come back ever?

Sep 4, 2019 · Difficulty finding a Psychiatrist in Depression & Anxiety

Did the ketamine help as everything my 3 doctors have given me were a disaster ! Wondering if it may be a disaster too?

Aug 7, 2019 · Skeletal muscle stiffness in Brain & Nervous System

Fingers ,not affected ,only back,shoulder,head& neck,slight issue with leg muscles,as it seems leg muscles may be contracting enough to cause the tingling in my ankles and feet.

Aug 7, 2019 · Skeletal muscle stiffness in Brain & Nervous System

This is unreal and how can it be worse every year? Its totally disabling as getting to the next room many times requires help! How can i put this burden on my wife and i actually have to get into a car in the garage as i scream out in pain and frustration not wanting her to see or hear me! I see no one on any benzo site as bad as me. Might be age?(81) but i don't know how i will make 82. Several doctors and no help there as ALL medicines make me even worse !