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Wed, Sep 4 11:45am · Difficulty finding a Psychiatrist in Depression & Anxiety

Did the ketamine help as everything my 3 doctors have given me were a disaster ! Wondering if it may be a disaster too?

Wed, Aug 7 11:29am · Skeletal muscle stiffness in Brain & Nervous System

Fingers ,not affected ,only back,shoulder,head& neck,slight issue with leg muscles,as it seems leg muscles may be contracting enough to cause the tingling in my ankles and feet.

Wed, Aug 7 11:24am · Skeletal muscle stiffness in Brain & Nervous System

This is unreal and how can it be worse every year? Its totally disabling as getting to the next room many times requires help! How can i put this burden on my wife and i actually have to get into a car in the garage as i scream out in pain and frustration not wanting her to see or hear me! I see no one on any benzo site as bad as me. Might be age?(81) but i don't know how i will make 82. Several doctors and no help there as ALL medicines make me even worse !

Tue, Aug 6 2:15pm · Skeletal muscle stiffness in Brain & Nervous System

When i sit,only the head muscles cause an issue,head pressure,and a soon as i stand up,its all over and simply getting to the next room is a frightening challenge!!

Wed, Jun 5 5:55am · Long term memory loss in Depression & Anxiety

Yes ,but it only seems to happen when i get upset,so i expect i am over sensitive to stress and not being on an anxiety medicine! The head pressure,severe head pressure along with 6+ years of horrific muscle tension that has made me unable to walk is all very stressful and no one has an answer! And no i never tried to re- instate lorazapam.

Tue, May 28 5:23pm · Long term memory loss in Depression & Anxiety

Been on levothyroxin for my thyroid for over 20 years so by taking the hormone daily ,its not part of my problem.

Tue, Apr 16 4:11pm · Long term memory loss in Depression & Anxiety

Besides a doctor who specialises in arthritis who i have been seeing for 30 years,i have only ,been seeing 3 different neurologists and one suggested klonipin for 30 days,the other suggested i re instate my lorazapam. I tried one small dose klonipin and i could not take it ! Where i live on Merritt island we dont have too many doctors and its too hard to go 50+ miles to Orlando.i am hoping someone on her has a good suggestion! Thank you.

Tue, Apr 16 11:59am · Long term memory loss in Depression & Anxiety

If anyone has found any medicine ,OTC or prescription that helps at all PLEASE ,put in down as i dont think i can be like this much longer!