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Wed, Jun 5 5:55am · Long term memory loss in Depression & Anxiety

Yes ,but it only seems to happen when i get upset,so i expect i am over sensitive to stress and not being on an anxiety medicine! The head pressure,severe head pressure along with 6+ years of horrific muscle tension that has made me unable to walk is all very stressful and no one has an answer! And no i never tried to re- instate lorazapam.

Tue, May 28 5:23pm · Long term memory loss in Depression & Anxiety

Been on levothyroxin for my thyroid for over 20 years so by taking the hormone daily ,its not part of my problem.

Tue, Apr 16 4:11pm · Long term memory loss in Depression & Anxiety

Besides a doctor who specialises in arthritis who i have been seeing for 30 years,i have only ,been seeing 3 different neurologists and one suggested klonipin for 30 days,the other suggested i re instate my lorazapam. I tried one small dose klonipin and i could not take it ! Where i live on Merritt island we dont have too many doctors and its too hard to go 50+ miles to Orlando.i am hoping someone on her has a good suggestion! Thank you.

Tue, Apr 16 11:59am · Long term memory loss in Depression & Anxiety

If anyone has found any medicine ,OTC or prescription that helps at all PLEASE ,put in down as i dont think i can be like this much longer!

Mon, Apr 8 2:26pm · Long term memory loss in Depression & Anxiety

My neurologist is clueless when it comes to protracted acute benzo withdrawal,(PAWS) so my GP should not be expected to know more,- he is dumbfounded and has witnessed my uncontrollable shacking ,has to help me in & out of his place,so if he could help ,i think he would.Other than family and a few close friends,i dont think anyone including my doctors think anything but its a mental thing as no one that i have met in real life knows about what a cold turkey from a strong benzo can do to a person.

Mon, Apr 8 9:55am · Long term memory loss in Depression & Anxiety

When i saw another neurologist,he had a what i actually thought why not try it as it was "go on klonipin for 30 days and that will fix your issues then stop it as you can safely stop it if you only take it for 30 days" WRONG.

Mon, Apr 8 9:46am · Protracted Benzo withdrawal in Depression & Anxiety

My doctor is a neurologist and should not be allowed to prescribe a benzo as he gave me every medicine in the book in my first year of PAWS ,to help me and not only diid none of them help,i am sure thats why i have never improved,,only got worse in the last 6+ years !

Mon, Apr 8 9:19am · Long term memory loss in Depression & Anxiety

My neurologist told me " its there,you just lost access to it" seemed like his way of dodging the issue as he is responsible for my cold turkey and the never ending suffering that just gets worse every year. ( anyone know the difference between losing ones long term memory or losing access to it?