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Oct 30, 2016 · Severe TBI in Brain & Nervous System

My son was on his way home from working at a golf course. Work was cancelled early due to rain so he headed home. With the help of surveillance cameras, a woman leaving the casino was shown behind him. She had been out all night and was assumed under the influence. My son was stopped on the highway to make a left turn when she rear ended him and sent him into on-coming traffic, which happened to be a pick-up truck, he was t-boned and rolled. He suffered a severe diffuse axonal injury that left him unable to walk, talk or eat. The woman left the scene and abandoned the car she was driving since it was not hers. She then called for a ride and had the nerve to drive right by the scene of the accident. By the time police got a search warrant, she was not under the influence. Unfortunately she lived on a reservation and the search warrant took days. After a year she finally pled guilty and only received one year of jail, of which she will do eight months. And my son gets to live the rest of his life with disabilities.

Oct 28, 2016 · Severe TBI in Brain & Nervous System

My son suffered a diffuse axonal injury in August 2015. After being told he wasn’t going to survive we were devastated ,but we didn’t give up. After 13 days, he woke up from his deep coma. He was a 3 on the Glasgow coma scale when he was admitted to the ER. After 60 days in rehab and not much progress, we were told to bring him home to”wake up more”. We really don’t know what was meant by “more”, but it has now been 14 months and all he is receiving is a few hours each week of PT, OT and speech. In the beginning when he had PT, he was taking steps on the parallel bars with the assistance of three people. Then the vomiting started. This is the problem that I am seeking any information anyone can provide. Six months after the injury, he had a baclofen pump implanted. Approximately 3-4 months later, every time we put him in his standing frame, he would vomit. This would start anywhere after 5 minutes to 60 minutes. It varies daily. This is making his recovery very difficult. We don’t know if the baclofen pump is the cause, if he is dizzy, if there’s an inner ear problem, etc. He has had every test and scan possible, all show nothing. A lumbar puncture shows low pressure csf, not high. Has anyone ever heard of this being a tbi symptom and what is the solution? Thanks!