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Thu, Oct 31 2:54pm · Ideas for Dinner / Evening / Bedtime Schedule Challenges? in Caregivers: Dementia

I may have posted wrong. I’m not too computer savvy. I’m the one that suggested she could wipe counters which always need to be done. How about sitting and giving her a newspaper if you get one. Sometimes the habit of reading newspaper comes back even though they aren’t reading. My sister can not tell you one thing she has read but pages slowly through a newspaper in the evenings. She also has a book of really easy sudoku puzzles. She can’t do them but she looks up the answers in the back and fills them in. It’s a little funny but hey it occupies her.

Thu, Oct 31 2:23pm · Ideas for Dinner / Evening / Bedtime Schedule Challenges? in Caregivers: Dementia

My sister will wipe the counters especially after meals and even before. It takes her a long time.

Thu, Oct 31 7:45am · Meet fellow Caregivers - Introduce yourself in Caregivers

Yes! Colleen keep me in the dementia care givers’ group.

Mon, Sep 9 2:58pm · Hygiene issues in Caregivers: Dementia

I’m interested in any and all responses as I have this same trouble with my sister. Please give me something that works.

Mon, Sep 9 8:23am · Protecting patient from getting infections from me & others in Caregivers

Brush them. We had one and we brushed her everyday and she never caused dirt trouble inside. We taught her the command “wait” and told her to wait outside the door while we brushed her or wiped her feet in the case of rainy mud. And then said “free” and she would go calmly inside. They are a super intelligent breed and love to learn commands and perform. Our daughter taught her “search” and “basket” and every night before bed she would search the house for her toys and put them away in the toy basket for us. Nice!!!!!

Thu, Jul 4 8:54am · Caregiving: I’m frustrated and exhausted. in Caregivers

That’s OK. Probably most of us speak autocorrect. I do and enjoy reading your posts.

Tue, Jun 25 3:47pm · Caring for someone with dementia / Alzheimer's in Caregivers: Dementia

That was an amazingly thoughtful thing to donate your husband’s stuff to such a center. What a great model you are for the rest of us.

Thu, Jun 20 2:15pm · Caregiving: I’m frustrated and exhausted. in Caregivers

When I first joined this care givers group several years ago now, my sister was in the middle stage of generic dementia. I was so frustrated with her and myself and we kept backing into a corner of no win situations because she was confused and i wasn’t observant enough to know what was confusing her. The advice I got from someone in this group is that when you are in a tense/non communicative/ almost combative situation, use the 6 magic words. “I was just trying to help”. I used them within the first hour that I learned of them without any further commentary or explanation. and THEY WORKED. She diffused the firecracker temper, calmed down turned and walked gently away. That was all it took. I use them rarely but they have diffused an explosive situation many times. Maybe it would work for some of you.