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4 days ago · Alzheimers: When should someone not be left alone? in Caregivers

Thank you. That is very helpful. It just sends me into panic mode to think of the future of my sister who is very healthy. We did manage to have the driving talk with her and she admitted that she didn’t need the car since we go everywhere together. My husband talked to her from the financial aspect that it was an 11 year old car and she would never get a better price on it than now while it was in good shape. Our niece was looking for a car and offered the Bluebook price for it and my sister jumped on it to help her out! It was all legitimate but slightly staged by having the whole thing worked out before we started the talks. She was sad to have it pull away from the house but she was genuinely relieved that she didn’t have the upkeep on it to worry about and had all this money in her bank account. God was in it ALL. So I guess if she becomes confrontational or violent we shall depend on Him again. Plan B is to sell the house, split the money and get her in somewhere nearby where my husband and I can live separately from her. The only new thing with her is that she sleeps SO much. Thanks for talking with me. I feel so much better and calmer telling you the car story and remembering that it may all work out to the positive too. Thank you.

4 days ago · Alzheimers: When should someone not be left alone? in Caregivers

Thank you for the first half of the story. Was he diagnosed with Alzheimer’s? Do these outbursts happen to most Alzheimer’s people? This scares me. So far my sister is quiet and compliant. She has had dementia for about 7 years. Is this something my husband and I need to watch and prepare for? Sallysue

Thu, Feb 28 9:24am · I badly need your help!! Father refusing to drink water in Caregivers

I appreciate your post and thank you for being so honest. I was greatly encouraged on my path with my sister.

Tue, Feb 26 10:26am · Caring for someone with dementia / Alzheimer's in Caregivers

I use a baby monitor. It’s just audio but I can tell if my sister is up and moving around. It is not expensive and needs zero upkeep or installation. It does not however, connect to my phone. I plug it in at my bedside at night and then carry it with me to whatever room or outside during the daytime. I’ve never run out of battery.

Mon, Feb 11 7:27am · Weary in Caregivers

WOW! I never knew others could treat caregivers so badly. Scott I’m so sorry. And after all you so lovingly did for your wife. You are one of my heroes. My struggles are still with getting used to my sister’s limitations. She is still so mobile after a hip replacement and is a “go-er”. I am a “happy at home” person. Nothing compared with you guys. Most of us just keep on keeping on .

Fri, Jan 11 10:17am · Caring for someone with dementia / Alzheimer's in Caregivers

Welcome aboard. I care for my older sister at our home. It works well for now and my husband is very supportive. My sister listens and does whatever he suggests. Me? Not so much but at least she is here and safe, eats whatever I cook and sleeps like a rock. You will figure out ways to make things easier. Siblings are hard to convince and I can’t count on mine either. There are lots of us on this discussion so ask your questions or solutions or rant any rave. We will understand.

Sep 26, 2018 · Caring for someone with dementia / Alzheimer's in Caregivers

I’m interested in the pedaling thing too.