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Sat, Apr 13 12:06pm · Adults On The Autism Spectrum in Mental Health

Autism and I go way back. As far as I can remember. And I can remember as far back as my infancy. Can any of you Auties remember before you were a year old? I would love to have you tell us your story.
Steps. So many steps. And Neurotypical people wonder why we Auties burn out, seem antisocial, and have melt downs. My youngest daughter, who just had a baby a month ago, was explaining all she had to do in order to prepare for the baby. The list went on and on. I was tired before she finished. "So many steps!"

I couldn't help but think about how ironic that statement was. She was explaining my life, everyday, with that statement. And she is not Autistic. She is ADHD, and does have a few traits from her beloved Mama. That is to be expected, of course. Everything I do, every day of my life has so many steps. It is exhausting.

Learning how to present as Neurotypical in this society is exhausting to us Auties. We hate small talk yet we must learn a bit about it or we are perceived rude and uncaring everywhere we go. That's just the way life is.

Some situations can be life threatening, if not approached properly. Witness the shootings of persons who could not follow a police officer's directions. Delays in language or auditory processing, can appear to be defiance and endangerment to an untrained law enforcer's eye. The end result can be deadly.

My challenge today is to simply show up at an ER and present my shingles, which advanced precariously close to my eyeball during the night. The eyelid itself is red, my cornea is scratchy, and it looks a bit red in certain areas. I want to be proactive and go ahead and go before it gets any worse. That's what the nurse practitioner told me to do. Go at the first sign of irritation on the cornea.

Going to the emergency room is like going to the police station to me. I feel intimidated. I feel like they have all the power over me. And if I make one mistake they will throw the book at me. I feel judged. But I have learned so much from all of you. I have been encouraged to be strong, and to do self care. I have been told that I am good enough, that I am worthy, that there is a greater purpose going on here and I am part of it.

I feel loved and supported. I feel like I have friends and family here. It gives me hope that I can slay the dragons in my path. You all are amazing. And if I can ever do anything for you, I'm your girl. Can I ask you for responses about this dissertation? Do any of you have major concerns about going to the ER? Please let me know.

Fri, Apr 12 6:53pm · Adults On The Autism Spectrum in Mental Health

Ahoy, mateys. Captain Jane from the Good ship Mamacita, here. Just dropping in to say that the Plagues of Egypt Fairy has yet another surprise for me. I have shingles. All over my scalp, on my forehead, and on one eyelid. So I am fully prepared to go to the ER at any time. If it gets actually into my eye, I am at risk of losing sight in that eye. An ophthalmologist will have to treat me to prevent that or glaucoma. Chants, prayers, good vibes and anything else would be greatly appreciated. I will keep you posted. Love you big! Oh….and here's a thought. Can you imagine how it feels to be Autistic, an introvert, sensory sensitive, and anticipating a midnight right to the ER? Yep. Fun.

Mon, Apr 8 1:56pm · Adults On The Autism Spectrum in Mental Health

@mamacita here, back from the dead, so to speak. Went to my youngest daughter's home in GA, and was there for a month. Lovely,tiny Grandaughter is thriving. Oldest daughter is in a rehab facility, recovering from surgery for a badly broken foot. Thank you everyone for holding the fort, as I have been going through a rough patch. I have been sadly absent from the place I hold very dear, here, with you.
My Fibromyalgia flares have intensified to the point that I am open to just about anything that will give me just even a reasonably decent quality of life. Sitting at my doctor's office right now, waiting to see him, to tell him how devastating the latest flares have been. Any medicine worth it's salt renders you unable to operate machinery. Or drive.

Love you all. The doctor is about to come in.

Thu, Feb 28 12:46pm · Adults On The Autism Spectrum in Mental Health

Thank you so much! Nothing better than a grandchild. Love and light!

Thu, Feb 28 12:43pm · Neurontin and Cymbalta combo.. new for me and awful.. feedback? in Mental Health

@jeanmnyc , hello! How are you today? I saw your post and said to myself "I just have to tslk with this girl!"
My story is long and complicated. Suffice it to say, as an Autistic person without a diagnosis until late in life ( my fifties) this girl here has been through her fair share (Is there anything fair about depression?) of stress, verbal abuse, anxiety, and depression.
I somehow managed until my thirties but was put on medications so strong I had to crawl to my bedroom to go to sleep. The instructions said "Take right before bedtime." Well, I did. But then I waited twenty minutes or so. Uh oh. I could not put one foot in front of the other. I was swaying back and forth, fearful that I would end up fslling down the stairs.
Thus began my love/hate affair with medical treatment. I hate taking pills. I hate everything about it. Some are lifesaving. Those are important. I don't mess around with them. Others are negotiable. With my Fibromyalgia, I only take the really Big Gun drugs during a severe, and I do mean severe flare. I have informed my angel of a doctor that they make me stupid. Mama dont like stupid. Give me the pain. I'd rather have that than make stupid decisions because I cant think straight.
Now here we have Neurontin and Cymbalta. I take both. Low dose of Cymbalta helos keep rhat nasty old depression at bay. Helps manage Fibromyalgia, too. Neurontin? Here again, it has its advantages and disadvantages. I try not to take too much, because I need to lose weight, not gain weight. My Arthritis Specialist gives me a fairly high dose, but he knows I will only take it if my pain level is a 14.
I have tried anti depressants that made everything worse. Wellbutrin was added for me, because I was having some breakthrough depression, and even suicidal ideation. I do very well with that. I am active in my church, my community, I homeschool, play instruments, and I read everything I can get my hands on about Autism, Depression,Anxiety, and Health. My special interests are important to me.
I have people in my various groups who encourage and support me. The people here are wondwrful. It is like a second family to me. If you see something on these pages that you think might help you, talk with your doctor. Dont take our word for it. Everything we say doesnt work for everyone. But you can see if any of it helps you and thats what we want. To help you.
Sorry this is so long! Take good care and I hope that you will start to see some improvements. You are worth it and you deserve it.

Thu, Feb 28 11:57am · Adults On The Autism Spectrum in Mental Health

Hello, Mayo Connect friends. How are you doing today? I am covered up with sunshine in beautiful Southern Georgia, waiting for our third grandchild. She is not due yet. But we are hoping she will decide to srrive a bit early. We had lunch at my other Grandchild's school yesterday. I am in love. They are loud, funny, quirky, and the best thing since sliced bread. Some are not loud at all, but silently raise their hands to get a teacher's attention. Assistance is needed with the Cheezits. Help does not arrive until at least fifteen minutes have passed. I attempted, of course. But my results failed,as well. Too much time has passed between me and Cheesit dispensing.

I hope I snuggle a newborn better than I open snack bags. Wish me luck. I am blessed.


Mon, Feb 25 6:17pm · Adults On The Autism Spectrum in Mental Health

I am back. Sort of. I am exhausted from the day's travel. Two flights and one long drive. Grandbaby coming any day. Been reading some of your posts and looking forward to talking with all of you later. Love and light.

Wed, Feb 20 9:11pm · Adults On The Autism Spectrum in Mental Health

@sirgalahad, I am so sad about your loss of two precious kiddos. There are three here that we are following. They all are seriously ill but have hope. They are all three little boys, quite young. Thank you for your caring heart and skillful hands. You work so hard to help others.