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1 hour ago · How You Experience Autism in Autism (ASD)

@ginger, yes, I did ask her why I shouldnt have said anything.
She said no one would be interested in our family.
After that, I just didnt say much. It still doesn't make much sense.
Other people can talk about whatever they want, but apparently my family, my little bits of information, are not acceptable.

Is it because they dont know them?
I didnt know the people my friend talked about.
It feels like we are there to serve others, make them feel good, laugh at their jokes, but we do not have the same rights.

I honestly dont get it.

I need to move on. And learn more. Maybe I will find some answers.
Love and light,
Mamacita Jane

10 hours ago · Meet others living with autism: Come say hi in Autism (ASD)

Brother!!!!!! Welcome back!!!
So glad you are here…..
We will have some interesting chats here..
My cataract surgery went well. I have no restrictions any longer.
Looking forward to meeting new people here and sharing our stories.
You are a sight for sore eyes.
Love and light,
Mamacita Jane

11 hours ago · Meet others living with autism: Come say hi in Autism (ASD)

@gingerw …..when you are vulnerable, please think of me. I am your sister across the country who shares a way of thinking and feeling that most people around us don't.

Remenber me when you experience burnout. I survived, and so will you.

When you are this close to a meltdown, do not forget that you have fought many battles to get where you are. That meltdown is a wake-up call that lets you know we need a big healthy dose of time and space and self care. Whatever that is for you, I send huge doses of love and peace your way.

Healing prayers and loving light, always, always to you, my friend. We have been given a mission and sometimes we get tired.


You do not fight alone.

We are all here for you.

And we are here for you who read this message. We are better together.
Love and light,
Mamacita Jane

23 hours ago · Meet others living with autism: Come say hi in Autism (ASD)

I agree with @sirgalahad. The concept of autism spectrum at the very ground level is simply this: we who are Autistic function from a differently wired brain.

We see the details others miss. Often.
We hear the sounds no one else hears, often.
We smell the fragrances so one else does. Often.
We feel the scratchy individual fibers on the tag behind our tee shirts. Often.
We taste the awful bitterness no one else does. Often.

The only Always in our makeup is that we always look for our tribe who is like us and when we find it we rejoice.

Do you know someone who is like this? I do.
I am someone like this.
Living in this Neurotypical world is hard.

If you know someone like this, know this.

They think and love and cry and dream and play and learn…..
With the best of us.

We are not less than.

Read Neurotribes with me.

Love and light,
Mamacita Jane

1 day ago · How You Experience Autism in Autism (ASD)

@gingerw ….
My daughter and I went to what I refer to as a Wild Woman Sisterhood weekend in Gatlinburg, TN.

She told me I should not have talked about a former relative who is active in restorations and preservation in a neighboring town.

It embarrassed me.

I could not understand how my comment was not relevant or interesting.

My bestie had brought up old houses in Ohio. She had shown pictures of several old homes that were restored.

I was proud of our former relative who has also written a book about the history of that town, and many of the old homes there. She goes to elementary schools snd distributes coloring books to the kids. They learn about the history of their city, thanks to her.

I still dont get it.

I am not boring.

At least I dont think so.

I left rhe room and went to my bedroom.

I tried to figure out what I had done wrong.

Shame. Confusion. It comes and goes.

Love and light,
Mamacita Jane

1 day ago · How You Experience Autism in Autism (ASD)

@as a child, I did not know I was on the Autism Spectrum.

But I cried every time I returned from the home of a certain relative.

I was too sensitive and she was very demanding of me.

She was unaware of how her simple requests tormented me.

She was an older cousin with her own family. My Father must have felt her instructions were good for me.

But when I would stay there for a week in the summer, I would call home and they would come and get me. My Father respected my boundaries. My Mother did not understand. But she stood up for me

Complicated. Musunderstood. Sensitive. Gifted. Kind. But lacking in understanding of unwritten social skills.

My life as an Autie. To this day I cringe if criticized. It hurts me deeply. I can feel and have felt like an utter failure.

I understand logically that this is not how others want me to feel when they need to point something out to me.

I understand it logically, but it still makes me feel like a bumbling nincompoop.

I am getting better at that.

I really am.

Love and light,
Mamacita Jane

1 day ago · Extreme Swelling in the Hand in Bones, Joints & Muscles

@JustinMcClanahan , thank you for responding. We went back to the PA yesterday.

Stuart is being treated "as if" he has gout.
He will have an MRI on Tuesday to rule out any structural abnormalities that might be blocking normal blood flow.

X rays did not show anything amiss.
PA repeated blood tests to see if bacterial count is higher.

He has a low grade fever now. Still on two strong antibiotics.

The doctors are puzzled. He was not bitten.
He did not injure his hand. At this point, I am clueless.

Hopefully the MRI will give us some clues.
They do not believe it is Lymphedema. It is possible that it could be some kind of aftereffect of meds that he routinely takes.

We will get the new test results this next week. If we still dont get any news that makes sense, he will be sent to a specialist.

Still, it helps to have Mayo Clinic Connect pulling for us.

Thank you for your support,
Mamacita Jane

4 days ago · Extreme Swelling in the Hand in Bones, Joints & Muscles

What would cause extreme swelling in the hand, pain for a solid week, no significant bacterial level, xrays show nothing. My husband is supposed to go back to his PCP this afternoon if the two antibiotics have not significantly reduced his swrlling and pain level. I'm wondering if it is a circulatory system blockage. His doctor said nothing about any such thing. I am very concerned.

Anyone have any thoughts? @Colleen Young, do you have any advice?

Mamacita Jane