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Fri, Mar 13 9:00am · Anxiety with IBS in Digestive Health

@caj we are not doctors so cannot diagnose; however, we have experience in dealing with stress. Your doctor states that you are healthy. He is probably stating a physical diagnosis. Stress may cause many problems. Also it is possible that your doctor has missed a physical problem. It is always possible to get a second opinion. As for your stress, have you thought of getting some counseling on how to deal with stress? For me I find putting things off makes my stress worse. I need to deal with something right away. Keep us informed on what is happening with you. We do care and understand what you are going through.

Fri, Mar 13 9:00am · Anxiety with IBS in Digestive Health

@caj I can certainly understand how confusing it must be. Many places the doctors work seperately but some places like at Mayo Clinic work as a team. Thus you can get an evaluation of what all the doctors are saying as a total summary making it more understandable. Have you given any thought to obtaining some form of counseling for dealing with stress? We all can use that.

Wed, Mar 11 9:15pm · Finding a reason in Depression & Anxiety

@santolina I believe the question is not what religion does, but what can we do to serve God. We are imperfect, thus our activities are imperfect. However, we can all work together to help one another. That is one of the things I believe God wants me to do. I will not give a perfect answer to posts, but at least I try. Depression is not a motivator. It takes away any desire to do something, anything at all. Sometimes struggling is all we can do, so that is what we work on. There are times in my life when I wanted to give up. One time I stayed in bed for a week. I finally came out and went to the doctor for help. I struggled for decades and still kept on. I ended up on disability for 10 years. After I was 67, my doctor figured out how to treat me. It took a doctor willing to keep trying until it was working. Thank you for keeping on even though your depression says no. Please continue to let us know how you are doing.

Mon, Mar 9 9:14am · Seroquel and side effects in Depression & Anxiety

@lisalucier thank you for sharing that much needed information on kratom.

Mon, Mar 9 9:07am · Numbness All Over: My story... in Brain & Nervous System

@tigernike1 the hepatosplenomegaly is what you said you were told by the doctor. It is an enlargement of the liver and spleen. Since the liver is important to you then I would think that would be important enough to look into. I am not a doctor so cannot say it should be, but I would think, like suggested by others, a second opinion would be good. Thank you for keeping us updated, and thank you for not giving up on finding an answer to your questions.

Fri, Mar 6 10:30am · Numbness All Over: My story... in Brain & Nervous System

@tigernike1 thank you for your reply. I am glad you at least got out of your apartment. You did more than I can do. I cannot walk that distance or go the stairs. Hopefully they will find something that is causing your problem. Please keep trying and keep on keeping us informed. We are still here rooting for you.

Tue, Mar 3 9:07pm · Numbness All Over: My story... in Brain & Nervous System

@tigernike1 which Mayo Clinic told you they would not accept Medicaid from Arizona? Was it the Phoenix location or Rochester, MN, or the Jacksonville FL clinic?

Tue, Mar 3 8:02am · Mild Cognitive Impairment (Mild Neurocognitive Disorder) in Brain & Nervous System

@flind Clonazepam is one of the benzodiazipines. Medical information for doctors is to reconsider use of benzos for the elderly as they may cause some problems. It is not an order, but something for doctors to consider when deciding what to prescribe. Your doctor or pharmacist should be able to tell you more about any possible side effects.