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Fri, May 10 3:31pm · Lost Hope, Last Resorts... in Mental Health

Robbie I too have had depression all my life and I am 67 now. Unfortunately life is not easy, but I am living proof you can make it through. Actually you may be coming to a better time in your life. If your depression is related to your brain not working to get you feeling good at times, then your brain may work better without the strain of growth and when your brain reaches it's full growth. Your brain develops until age 30 so you still have time to get better. Have you tried therapy? Studies show therapy with antidepressants works the best. Even if you don't have issues that caused the depression, therapy can help you deal with the depression by finding ways to cope with it. I am resistant too. The doctors at Mayo have concluded that if you have tried a number of antidepressants and they do not work, you may need a very large dosage. I take about 4 times the normal dosage. A genetic test can show if some antidepressants do not work with your genes and what they are. Otherwise trial and error works too. If you have tried something at a high dosage and it does not work, then it probably means it will not work for you. Have you tried different doctors? Another doctor may have a different idea of what to do. Be aware that Klonopin can cause depression and tiredness as side effects. I was much better without it. Do not stop any medicine without talking with your doctor and getting his approval.
Please know that I am here with you on this. It is not easy, but it is possible to get through. We are all here with you to let you know we care and are ready to talk with you about your depression. I am praying for you too.

Fri, May 10 3:05pm · Starting Wellbutrin in Depression & Anxiety

Everyone is different in how they react to medicine. Wellbutrin is different from other antidepressants as it is not an ssri. It is for mild to moderate depression. Since it is different from the ssri antidepressants, it is sometimes used to avoid the side effects of the ssri antidepressants. I had severe depression so the Wellbutrin did not work fully for me. Antidepressants can take a while to take effect. Some feel better after a week while others can take up to 6 weeks. If it does not work after 6 weeks, you certainly should talk to you pcp, if not sooner.

Wed, May 1 9:28am · Glucopril in Neuropathy

According to Mayo Clinic you should email businessrelations@mayo.edu for information on any claim by a business on support for a product. Mayo states on their website they do not endorse a company or product.

Sat, Apr 20 7:34am · Anxiety or Heart Issues? in Depression & Anxiety

I have dealt with chest pains and wondered if it was heart or anxiety. For me @libby93 I use the method of sliding my finger down my chest while applying some pressure. If the muscles hurt then I know the pain is coming from anxiety.
That said it is possible to miss a heart problem. My mother had tests done and nothing showed. Then her heart went into afib and the doctor ordered a echocardiogram with dye that showed heart damage from scarring due to childhood disease.
So be aware that anxiety can cause chest pain, but it can also have other causes. So please keep seeing a doctor and get a second opinion if you feel it is necessary. Please keep us informed on your progress towards solving this

Fri, Apr 12 2:04pm · ~ Need Input on Falling Asleep Whenever I Sit Down ~ in Sleep Health

I do not know some of them. Klonopin can cause drowsiness. Also have you considered sleep apnea? Have you had a sleep study? Also there is a sleeping sickness, but that is rare. I would suggest a visit to your doctor to have his medical wisdom to discern the cause. There are many reasons for being sleepy during the day.

Fri, Apr 12 12:28pm · Living with Neuropathy - Welcome to the group in Neuropathy

I am also not a doctor but the way nerve regrowth was described to me is that nerves can repair some damage. However the complete death of a nerve is final and cannot be regrown. In other words if you still have some feeling then if the cause of the loss is removed, the nerve can repair and restore. If the feeling is completely gone then the nerves are gone and will not be able to recover.

Tue, Apr 9 8:03pm · Tapering off clonazepam (Klonopin, Rivotril) in Depression & Anxiety

@fluffykitty I did not taper off real gradual. I just went from .5 to nothing and then did take one after several days, but that was it. My body does not seem to digest medicine as well as others so the 1.5 mg I took was not much for me. I believe that everyone is different in how they react to their meds so you may be different. I have entered my info to encourage others that it can be done if the doctor wants you to go off the clonozepam.

Wed, Mar 20 6:02pm · How to reduce my events while using my Cpap in Sleep Health

The upper part of your mouth is what collapses so sitting up to sleep helps gravity to pull down your upper mouth and close off your throat. Even a short nap can cause your heart to stop and thus cause blood clots that can cause heart attacks and strokes. So you should use your CPAP for even short naps. That said I must confess I do not always do so.