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20 hours ago · Flu shot over 65 strength in MAC & Bronchiectasis

@mrf5629 My doctor has me get one in September or October and then again in the new year (January). I just let my doctor make the two appointments. irene5

21 hours ago · Soda And Bronchiectasis in MAC & Bronchiectasis

@mrf5629 My husband uses a wedge with a “My Pillow” on top. That has been helpful for him for a long time. irene5

21 hours ago · Flu shot over 65 strength in MAC & Bronchiectasis

@mrf5629 It is possible to get two flu shots. My doctor recommends that for me. Then you are covered for the whole season. irene5

1 day ago · Flu shot over 65 strength in MAC & Bronchiectasis

@rits There is now a high test quad flu shot for seniors! ( over 65) irene5

2 days ago · Bronchiectasis and Gerd in MAC & Bronchiectasis

@clpc If you have been diagnosed with MAC through a culture that grew that organism, then you have MAC. I think the confusion with a “gut” issue comes from the fact that many people with MAC have GERD (acid reflux basically). Also, people with nodular MAC have nodules because of the infection. If the nodules grow bigger than a certain size ( some doctors vary on what size) then it will be biopsied to rule out cancer. An endoscopy can tell if you have any esophageal inflammation or erosion. Then, based on symptoms a doctor can tell you if you have Gerd, even the silent type. I’m sorry you are receiving vacillating opinions. I am sure you are frustrated. irene5

2 days ago · Flu shot over 65 strength in MAC & Bronchiectasis

@sueinmn That is correct. It is not advisable to have a flu shot while on prednisone for the reasons you stated. Other types of steroid injections are ok – Ex. Steroid back injections. I have been a “frequent flyer” for steroid shots although not more than the recommended number per year. I had to get approved from my ID doctor at Vanderbilt. Prednisone goes internally as an oral med. Steroid shots are given as an epidural medication which targets a specific area. irene5

3 days ago · Cholesteatoma in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

@bttacampbell My son Yu Xia who we adopted from China when he was six and weighing 25 pounds had a cholesteatoma. He also had cleft lip and palate and is deaf in the that ear. He had it surgically removed in Boston by a top surgeon (Dr Volk)sp who has probably since retired as Yu Xia is 30 now. It was quite large and extensive as it was wrapped around major blood vessels. It was a lengthy surgery. I am happy to say he had a good recovery and has had no recurrence of the cholesteatoma. irene5

4 days ago · Rifampin discontinued due to side effects. Looking for feedback. in MAC & Bronchiectasis

Oh good. Mine wasn’t permanent either, and I was on azithromycin for ever! I don’t know about the stats or studies concerning clarithromycin and tinnitus compared to azithromycin and tinnitus, but I am on it everyday. It does not upset my stomach either. Again I am thrilled for you! Irene